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How are you? We thank you for visiting us and keep us in mind whenever you need to ask a question about the product you want to buy. In this article, we are going to talk about pregnancy pillows, a must-have item in this beautiful and delicate stage.

One of the things you need most during pregnancy is rest, especially if it is your first pregnancy, especially if you are a working mother-to-be. The body is adapting and going through many changes that reduce energy. Resting fully is a necessity for the body, so it must be given its space and time during the day and at night.

In addition to giving this task its time, it is necessary to accompany it with a suitable pillow for this stage, so you have to get down to work to make the purchase, however, such an important mission cannot and should not be taken lightly, so it is a duty to know the product thoroughly to choose the best on the market.

Most important thing

  • Pregnancy pillows are items made of some kind of fabric and filled with some material (there are different types) that give the pillow its shape. They are longer than normal and adapt to the changes that the body undergoes during pregnancy.
  • According to their shape, there are at least 5 main types of pregnancy pillows: wedge-shaped, full-body or "C" shaped, full length or straight, belly (bean) pillow and inflatable. Each is designed to meet different needs during this period.
  • Factors such as shape, size, fabric, and padding should be taken into account when choosing the best one to suit the expectant mother's tastes. Each aspect is part of the total benefit that the pillow will give to the person who occupies it.

The Best Pregnancy Pillow: Our Picks

Buying Guide

To obtain its benefits, it is not enough to go to the shops and choose the one you find, we must be aware of its function and its individual characteristics to achieve the objectives, that is why it is mandatory to know its general and particular aspects, advantages, disadvantages and all information that will enrich our decision.

Having a pregnancy pillow accompanies us in good and difficult times. (Photo: serezniy /

What is a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillows are large cushions or structures, usually of large size and thickness, which are characterized by being lined with some kind of fabric, filled with some soft or more rigid material and whose function is to provide comfort during the different stages of pregnancy.

Living this period is a great fortune, but at the same time, it is a cycle that demands a lot of attention, care, and rest. Depending on how the pregnancy flows, some moms need to take partial or total rest, and month by month the growth of the belly is greater and learning to sleep with it is a great challenge.

What are the advantages?

The third trimester is one of the most complicated, precisely because of the size of the baby and because various circumstances cause interrupted sleep. The pillow's mission is to help us get a better night's sleep, even when the symptoms of this trimester get in the way.

And that is exactly why they have been created, to help improve rest and deep sleep, at the same time as helping to achieve more suitable postures, to sleep more and better, to reduce pain symptoms, to lift the legs to reduce cramps and even to breastfeed when the baby is born.

  • They adapt to the body
  • Relieve pressure on the spine, back and hips
  • Reduce the possibility of moving around a lot
  • Help you relax day or night
  • Help during breastfeeding
  • They can be uncomfortable
  • Selecting the wrong one can cause headaches
  • You may need extra pillows
  • They are cumbersome
  • Their large size makes them difficult to handle

Wedge, full body, straight, belly or inflatable pillows — what should you look out for?

In order to choose the most suitable pillow for our needs, we need to be aware of the different options available on the market. Each one has the general objective of helping us to achieve deep rest, freeing us from discomfort and achieving better positions. Each type of pillow has particular advantages.

WEDGE. This type of pillow resembles the shape of a cheese cut. They can be triangular or moon-shaped. They are used by placing the thinner part under the mother's tummy, so that it helps to support her weight on it. They can also be used for the back or to lift the feet.

FULL BODY. These are large "C" or "U" shaped pillows. They hug or cradle the body giving support in areas such as the neck, back, stomach, feet, knees, legs. It is one of the most commercially available, as they are the ones that give the most support to the body.

STRAIGHT. This is a more elongated version of the traditional pillows. It is focused on supporting the body by supporting it on one side only. It helps to align the back by hugging it between the knees and gives support to the stomach. There are options with softer fillings, being more flexible for certain areas of the body.

BELLY. The compact pillow provides support whether sitting or lying down. Highly recommended for lower back and knees. It is an affordable and transportable option. Its design comprises two small pillows on the sides, leaving a small space in the center where mum lies down.

INFLATABLE. As you can see, this pillow inflates, which makes it adjustable to make it as rigid as you want it to be. It is an elongated pillow with a hole in the center, designed so that mums can lie face down without hurting their tummy.

Size Medium Extra large Large, Elongated Medium Large
Shape Resembles the cut of a cheese "C" or "U" shape "I" shape Bean Oval
Greater support Stomach, knees Whole body Stomach, neck, knees Lower back, knees Stomach
Benefits Supportive, compact Supports the whole body Supports one side of the body Use sitting or lying down Resting face down
Disadvantages Limited to body sections Price, bulky Takes up space in bed Limited to body sections Needs to be inflated

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of pregnancy pillows

At this point and with the information we have, we are more prepared to go out and look for the pillow we want, but we can't leave without reviewing the following unmissable points, as they will give us a more complete guide to the decisions we must make to choose the best pillow on the market.

  • Filling
  • Cover material
  • Size


The filling is a very important point in the degree of comfort and functionality that the pillow will have because depending on the material that is inside, it will be the hardness that it will have and the flexibility that it will reach to use it in different positions. There are several types:

Polystyrene foam balls. These are lightweight, easily manageable filler. This material working together inside the pillow allows the pillow to conform to the body, unfortunately, they are a little noisy when handled or when readjusting position.

Microbeads. These are very tiny spheres, approximately 1/32 inch wide. They feel like they have sand inside them and are very light, making it easy to travel with the pillow. They are strong and produce almost no noise.

Polyester. This is a quiet and very popular filling in pillows of this type. The amount of polyester it contains will determine how firm it is. Its disadvantage is that this material does not allow the pillow to breathe as efficiently as other fillings.

Memory Foam. This material is widely used in any kind of pillow, and has even been used in other areas of life, due to the comfort it provides, the fact that it adapts to the contour and weight of the body and that it resumes its shape when not in use. Pillows filled with this material are usually very firm.

Cover material

Normally the pillows are made of fabrics already recognized and used in other products, among them, we find organic cotton, cotton, velvet, polyester, etc. Some of them also have a removable cover that allows easy washing, but not all of them are included.

We suggest you choose an option with a cover, which clearly contains washing instructions, is machine washable and dries easily and if you hate your clothes getting lumpy, take care that its content is not 100% polyester.


As we have already seen, there are several types of pillows to choose from, these vary from approximately 0.50 centimeters to 2 meters. Which one is the best, will depend on what you want, how much space you have to place it in, where you will use it most often and even what your main ailments are.

So the ideal size will depend on you and your needs, just remember that in addition to pregnancy, you could use the pillow for postpartum and breastfeeding. It can even be used for family time and/or to protect your child from falling out when you leave him/her sleeping in a bed without a rail.

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