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Today we present you with crackers. A delicious snack that combines perfectly with different ingredients, so you always have a way to vary your snacks Let the Crunch ring!

Take note, because although it may seem simple, there are many factors to take into account in order to choose the best cracker. Don't worry! Here we will teach you everything you need to make this task a breeze! Enjoy.


  • A cracker is a small, flat dough, after baking it acquires a crunchy texture and a golden colour. This snack is a perfect appetizer, to accompany dishes such as soups or salads and on its own is the ideal snack. It is essential for a balanced diet and should be eaten in moderation.
  • Many people tend to get confused about the types of crackers that exist, this is due to the great similarity between flavours and textures. This is the case of crackers and soda crackers. The difference is that one is better for its nutrients and the other is recommended for weight loss due to its low calorie level.
  • Once you have decided which type of cracker you like best, you are ready to consider other factors. These are the amount of fat, the amount of sodium, the type of consumption you need and the special varieties that will make you live your unique moments with a different type of flavour

The best pretzels: Our Picks

We all know or have tasted a cracker. However, there is so much to choose from that it is easy to get confused. The following ranking is intended to show you what other users think and thus give you the best suggestions so that you can get a general idea of the product.

Buying guide: What you need to know about pretzels

It is very easy to go to any shop and buy the product you want. However, because we are often uninformed, we end up wasting money and time on something that is much simpler than we imagine. The function of this buying guide is to help you with everything you need so that you can savour the best cracker.

Crackers are an essential part of a balanced diet (Photo: Andrea De Martin /

What is a pretzel and what are its advantages?

Crackers are a very old type of snack, characterised by being a not very thick dough, baked and slightly salted. They have a crunchy texture and are perfect to accompany dishes, eat on their own or mix with your favourite dip.
They are an essential part of a balanced diet, although you should not eat more than the portion indicated according to your diet and the type of cracker.

They have many nutrients that are suitable for athletes, children and anyone who needs to produce energy, strengthen bones, reduce cravings, increase satiety, among others.

  • Low artificial sugar content
  • Aids energy production
  • Basic snack
  • Provides a feeling of satiety
  • Rich in nutrients and carbohydrates
  • High sodium content
  • Associated with cardiovascular problems
  • Not appropriate if you are obese
  • Increases triglyceride production

Pretzels or soda pretzels - what should you look out for?

Crackers are a must in any diet, whether to replace bread or as an occasional snack. There are two types of crackers that confuse people a lot because of their similar appearance and texture. Learn the differences between crackers and soda crackers.

Cracker. These are the most popular crackers, usually round, square or rectangular in shape. They are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are ideal for a balanced diet for athletes or for other nutritional needs such as weight gain. Moderate consumption is recommended.

Soda. Their appearance and texture are very similar to crackers. However, they are recommended for those who want to lose weight, as their fat, carbohydrate and protein content is much lower. Unfortunately, their nutritional value is also low, so they are not an essential food in the diet.

Cracker Soda
Ideal for Energiser and snack Weight loss
Total calories 411 kcal 35.20 kcal
Fibre 3.20 gr 0 gr
Consumption Sporadic or moderate Frequent

How much does a pretzels cost?

Crackers are basic snacks that complement well as a snack on their own, as an accompaniment to different dishes or to enjoy with your favourite dip. For this reason their prices are very affordable and by buying them in boxes, you will have plenty of portions to take anywhere you want and always have a pack available.

Crackers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes (Photo: Maksim Shebeko/

Shopping criteria

So that you don't buy a biscuit that ends up in the bin, we recommend considering these small key factors when comparing different offers. By paying attention to these details, you'll ensure a successful purchase right from the start


Fat content does not have to be a negative thing, we all need fat for the proper functioning of our body, plus it gives it that crunchy texture without being dry. It is always recommended to moderate consumption and combine it with a healthy lifestyle to avoid related problems.

Saturated fats. We know that just seeing the word fat scares us a little. As a general recommendation, prefer the least amount possible, which in this case, are crackers that are low in 1% saturated fats. They can be wholemeal, baked or low fat.

Total fat. We know we can't get rid of this word on the label. If you want to eat crackers on a daily basis, prefer a variety that contains less than 5% fat per 100g or per serving. If you prefer to eat sporadically, you can allow up to 10% total fat.

Prefer crackers that are reduced in sodium (Photo: Сергей Толмачев /


It is considered the Achilles heel of crackers. Although perfect for enhancing flavours, they can contain large amounts of sodium that exceed healthy doses for daily consumption. In general, it is recommended to avoid exceeding 160 mg of sodium per day.

Traditional. You shouldn't have a problem if you cut back on portions. However, crackers can contain between 300 and 400 mg of salt per serving from 5 to 15 crackers. Recommended only for special occasions and to complement with other salt-free foods.

Reduced. They can be considered as the best option. Their sodium ranges from 40 to 90 mg per serving. These are recommended for daily consumption, however, you should always take care of the portions according to your dietary needs.


It is important that you identify what type of consumer you are. Because this food is important for the diet, it should be chosen based on our nutritional needs; consumption for weight loss is not the same as occasional consumption for a meeting or to treat yourself.

Frequent. If you want to eat crackers daily or frequently, it is recommended to choose a variety that has a sodium content of less than 200 mg per serving. Dough made with whole grains. You should also avoid any additives, sugars and prefer organic varieties.

Occasional. This biscuit has much more taste, but may be more detrimental to health. It allows a maximum of 250 mg of salt and that one of its main ingredients is whole grain. An example is the water cracker or pretzel.

Special varieties

A great advantage of crackers is that they go well with many products and at the same time, they are suitable for all kinds of people, regardless of their dietary needs. We assure you that there is one that is right for you.

Flour. Traditionally made from wheat and wholemeal flour. Other types of flour have become very popular, such as rice flour, as they are suitable for coeliacs. We can also find lentil flour, quinoa, among others. It is recommended that they have the whole grain and avoid being refined.

Saborizadas. They are recommended to treat yourself from time to time, never as a frequent option as they can damage your health. The most popular flavours are cheese, fine herbs or some kind of ham or sausage.

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