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There was a time when, when we thought of projectors, we immediately imagined a cinema, corporate meeting environments or even remembered our school days. But today, you can have a projection screen at home.

With increasingly affordable prices, today it is possible to enjoy all the wonders of this technology and bring the atmosphere of the cinema to our living room, besides all the applications for studies and business.

So, today we will present you with everything you need to know about projection screens, whether for leisure or to take your office meetings to a new level. Check it out with us.


  • Apart from the projection screen, you also have to rely on a good projector.
  • Even with a good machine, it is essential to have a good projection screen to be able to extract the maximum quality from your presentation.
  • There are special projection screens for indoors or outdoors, so choose according to your needs for the best image gain.

The Best Projection Screen: Our Picks

Buying guide

Choosing a good projector no longer seems like a very easy task, especially if you consider that it is still essential to choose a good projection screen.

So, to get the maximum brightness and clarity for more professional presentations or to get that taste of home cinema, check out some tips and information in our buying guide.

 Imagem de mulheres fazendo uma reunião com auxílio de uma tela de projeção

Projection screens are very popular in corporate environments for project presentations. (Source: marianne stok/

What is a projection screen?

A projection screen is nothing more than a flat, smooth surface, usually white, where images from a projector are displayed. They can vary greatly in size and shape, being as large as a cinema screen or smaller, ideal for small presentations.

Today it is possible to find fixed or movable models, some even with electric functions, where the screen rolls up by itself to avoid damage and dirt when it is not being used.

Imagem de sala de reunião com uma grande tela de projeção

Many schools and colleges have started to adopt projection screens in recent years. (Source: stux/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a projection screen?

Projection screens have their advantages, after all they are cheaper than a television. Most models are lightweight and easy to transport and you can still opt for fixed or retractable models.

But there are also some disadvantages to be aware of. Firstly, they are useless if you do not have a good projector. Some models are not suitable for outdoors and larger screens are difficult to clean and require more maintenance.

  • They are cheaper than a television
  • Most models are light and easy to carry
  • You can choose between fixed or retractable models
  • A good projector is needed
  • Some models are not suitable for outdoors
  • Larger screens are difficult to clean and require more maintenance

What are the different types of projection screen?

Leaving aside the large variation in sizes, we can classify projection screens into three main categories. Fixed screens are the most common, perfect for the home environment as they are always ready for use. Another advantage is their price, as they are the cheapest models.

Retractable screens are perfect for the corporate environment, as you can store them more easily when not in use. They can be found in an intermediate price range.

Finally, we have the acoustically transparent screens. Although they are the most expensive models, they allow sound to pass through more easily, making them ideal for large auditoriums.

Fixed screens Retractable screens Acoustically transparent screens
Indication of use Ideal for the home environment Perfect for corporate environments Developed for large auditoriums
Benefits They are always ready for use You can store them more easily Thinner, they allow the sound to be installed behind the screen
Price They are the cheapest models on the market These screens are in an intermediate price range They are among the most expensive models

Where can I put a projection screen?

Another great benefit of projection screens is that they can be installed almost anywhere. And if you're thinking that a wall would solve the problem, be prepared to lose out on image quality.

Regardless of which format you choose, fixed or retractable, they are perfect for schools, churches and for business meetings where you can use a presenter to highlight important topics.

Some screens are designed especially for outdoors, but here it is worth remembering that the image quality also depends a lot on the technical characteristics of your projector.

Dark or low light environments are the most suitable, especially if you intend to use one in your games room or to turn your living room into a private cinema.

Imagem de sala de aula com uma tela de projeção

It's not new that projection screens have become a fever among educational institutions, replacing the old blackboards and chalk. (Source: escolaespai/

Buying criteria: What to consider when buying a projection screen

Regardless of the size or model, a good projection screen is indispensable in many sectors, whether for educational, corporate purposes or just to ensure high quality entertainment.

But to get the most out of your projector, you need a screen to match the quality of your projector. Check here some topics and specifications that we have separated to help you choose.

After checking each one of these items, you'll be more than ready to incorporate a projection screen into your daily life and enjoy everything they have to offer.


To ensure a good image quality, in addition to the projector, the material of the projection screen should be of good quality. Nowadays, most models are produced in natural or synthetic fabrics. The factor you should really focus on is the colour.

White screens, such as those produced with Matte White, offer more clarity and brightness, while grey screens are better suited to achieving better colour contrast.

The border is also important to help you get a better frame, so give preference to models that have a black border of 5 to 8 cm.

Imagem de sala de eventos com várias telas de projeção

Don't worry so much about the edges. Once the image is broadcast, your eyes quickly get used to it and ignore this factor. (Source: chuttersnap/


Another factor you should pay attention to is the dimensions of the product, and here the options are almost endless. You can opt for square models, rectangular models and even models that simulate high-definition televisions.

The considerations here are quite practical. First of all, make sure that the screen will fit well in the space you have available. And, remember, to get high resolutions on larger screens, you need a projector to match.

 Imagem de planetário com enorme tela de projeção

Have you ever been to a planetarium? They're basically a giant projection screen. (Source: rajta/


In this regard, there are two main categories of projection screens, fixed and mobile. While fixed models are a great option for home environments, in your company or for event planning, mobility is essential.

So, opt for tripod models or models that can easily be hung from a ceiling or wall. Before purchasing, make sure the screen has a good carrying case or arrange for one, as carrying it unprotected can cause stains and tears.

Imagem de garoto sentado em exposição ao ar livre com uma grande tela de projeção

Projection screens are a great option for outdoor presentations. (Source: rebel1965/


Finally, we're always on the lookout for versatile products, so this is no different with projection screens. And manufacturers are paying attention to this, offering electric models that can be powered with the click of a button.

Or the tripod screens, ideal for smaller environments, perfect for classrooms or meeting rooms. With so many models available, do a little research to find which one will best suit your needs.


You should pay attention to is the dimensions of the product, to make sure that the screen will fit well in the space you have available; regardless of the size or model, a good projection screen is indispensable in many sectors. We recommend to use them in dark places to get the most out of them.

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