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There are plenty of safety glasses on the market. You don't need to buy the most expensive productions to get the best. It's just as well not to buy just anyone and expect the highest quality.

You will be surprised to understand that there are different types of safety goggles. With this text, you can also learn other important things like average prices, where to buy and the best criteria for comparing offers.

The most important

  • IN-OUT safety goggles are suitable for use indoors or outdoors at various protection levels.
  • Colourless safety glasses in the simplest version are useful indoors in average lighting conditions.
  • The goggle version with grey lenses is useful for use in well-lit outdoor environments.

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Buying Guide

Every day, there are new people willing to buy safety goggles to do the work in their own homes. Perhaps you seek this production for this reason, or perhaps you are a professional who needs this safety.

Take a look at our Buying Guide, complete with useful information so that you can learn all about them and not regret your purchase.

Um homem de cabelos grisalhos usando óculos de proteção e segurando um capacete com a mão direita.

To buy goggles the right way, it is advisable to read the buying guide. (Source: voltamax / Pixabay)

What are safety goggles?

Goggles are known as one of the most popular Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). With these accessories, workers prevent some damage that can happen on a day-to-day basis at work.

The product needs to be worn on the eyes to prevent occupational diseases, protect the eyes from debris from work and even UVA or UVB rays.

Eye protection is the main purpose of safety glasses. When correctly fitted to workers, it prevents impact damage from abrasions or objects damaging the eyesight.

Preserving eyesight and avoiding the development of future problems demonstrate why safety glasses are indispensable for domestic or professional work.

Do safety glasses protect against the sun's rays?

Legally, any safety glasses on sale in Brazil must not only be resistant to scratches, flying particles and impacts, but must also protect against intense light.

When it comes to protection against the sun's rays, goggles should filter out 99.9% of UVB or UVA rays to the point where there is no visual distortion whatsoever.

When to wear safety glasses?

Safety glasses should only be used after an occupational safety technician or safety engineer has given their approval. This type of professional needs to carry out a detailed analysis of the environment to understand if it is necessary or not to wear glasses.

The tasks performed by the workers and the type of environment in which the work activities take place to define when it is necessary to wear safety glasses.

Sawmills, woodworking workshops, construction sites, chemical plants, mechanics' workshops, low-light environments — in short, any work that poses a risk to workers' eyes requires the use of safety goggles.

What are the advantages of goggles?

Are you still in doubt whether goggles are the right product to use for your domestic or professional work? Knowing the advantages and disadvantages makes it easier to understand whether it is worth buying the product.

Looking on the positive side, it is a highlight that there are several design and price versions. Without much difficulty you can find a product from a reliable brand while spending little money.

Uma mulher com equipamentos de proteção falando ao celular e lendo um papel que segura em suas mãos.

The goggle is a very affordable product. (Source: voltamax / Pixabay)

The problem is that there are different types of lenses, with each one serving to do specific jobs. This can cause some confusion to the point that unsuspecting consumers buy the wrong productions according to their work needs.

Safety glasses need to have an adjustment system to fit the different types of faces of workers. This is positive news for those who wish to buy a piece of equipment that must be used by many people.

However, the great part of the versions has only 3 centimeters of distance to the adjustment. Modern productions are known to offer a nasal protection. This is useful if workers do not feel uncomfortable when using the product.

Keep an eye on the overview of the advantages and disadvantages of safety goggles:

  • There are quality options with cheap prices
  • Size adjustment available
  • There are several design options
  • Nasal support
  • Removable rods
  • Anti-fog system
  • The different lens options confuse consumers
  • There is a maximum of 3 cm to adjust sizes in most versions
  • There are productions with low resistance to impacts

What are the different types of goggle lenses?

Many people look for goggles more for style than functionality. Such as buying a version just because you like the colours of the lens.

It turns out that in goggles the colours are not present for the sake of style, but to suit certain types of work. To better understand this, let's learn about the functionality of the different goggle lens colours:

  • Goggles with yellow lenses: These medium-priced goggles in the market are suitable for performing work in places that have dim lighting. It is an excellent choice to defend the view from impacts and certain welds.
  • Safety goggles with colorless lenses: These versions work in a qualitative way when the work is carried out in places with low light intensity. It is important to follow this indication of use so that the workers' vision is not impaired during the work.
  • Safety goggles with grey lenses: It is worthwhile wearing safety goggles with grey lenses, whether the work is carried out during the day in the open air or in bright light. To be able to see objects more clearly, it is necessary to remove the accessory from time to time.
  • Safety glasses with green lenses: This is the ideal choice if you have to do welding work or work with infrared, which is harmful to workers' eyes. Green goggles are very common among welders.
  • IN-OUT Goggles: These goggles have a slightly mirrored finish and clear lenses, they adapt to different environments. Therefore, a worker can use the product indoors or outdoors without feeling discomfort in the eyes due to the variation in luminosity.

Let's take a look at the comparison table to know the differences and similarities between safety glasses:

Yellow lens Colourless lens Grey lens Green safety glasses IN-OUT
Use Poorly lit environments Medium brightness Brightly lit environments outdoors Welding work Indoor and outdoor environments in different levels of illumination
Ease of seeing objects Medium High Low Medium High
Price Medium Low Medium Medium High
Comfort Medium to high Medium Low to medium Medium High
Anti-fog system Medium Medium Medium Medium High

How much does it cost?

When shopping, it is possible to find goggles ranging in price from 10 GBP to 30 GBP. Tinted lenses cost more than clear versions.

IN-OUT models are the trendiest and most expensive models, precisely because of their level of protection.

The presence of special features such as antifog systems, nose rests, dust-blocking foams and other features make safety glasses more expensive.

Purchasing criteria: points for comparing safety goggles

There are some details that sometimes confuse when it comes to buying, especially when we don't know many details about the type of product. Below are a few criteria that can help in your search for worthwhile goggle offerings:

  • Regulation
  • Foam
  • Anti-fog
  • Colour

Read the definition of each criterion below:


A maximum fit of 3 centimetres is standard on most productions. But, there are versions that have a more intense adjustment, ideal to be used by people of different face types.

Especially if the safety glasses are worn by different people, it is worth investing in a more comprehensive adjustment.


The best versions have foams that serve to prevent the entry of particles, which favours the safety and comfort of the workers. Cheaper products sometimes do not have this feature.

It is worth pointing out that the foam is not merely a luxury in the sense of comfort, it is a plus in terms of safety.

Uma mulher com equipamentos de proteção sorrindo com uma prancheta na mão.

Comfort and safety are essential items in the goggle is a very affordable product. (Source: voltamax / Pixabay)


Have you ever thought how uncomfortable it would be to have your work interrupted all the time because your glasses fog up? Not to mention that it becomes dangerous since it prevents visibility.

To have work with fewer problems in vision, is recommended to buy only the versions that do not fog up during the executions at work. Check this requirement before choosing your goggles.


There are many varieties of colours and styles. When it comes to the colour of the frame, the shades are less important in technical characteristics.

However, the choice of tint can serve as a great tie-breaker criterion for two offers that are identical in technical requirements.

Now if we take the colour of the lenses into consideration, it is worth remembering that each one is indicated for a certain type of work, as mentioned above.

(Source of the highlighted image: Voltamax / Pixabay)