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You work out regularly in the gym and want to make sure you gain maximum muscle mass afterwards? Then you should ensure a sufficient protein intake with a protein shake. Where can you buy a protein shake and at what price? Is a protein shake also suitable for you if you do not train? What different types of protein shakes are available for you to buy?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here in the big protein shake test 2022. We introduce you to various high-quality protein shake products to help you make your purchase decision. In addition, you will find helpful tips and tricks in our guide on how much protein your body needs and which alternative foods you can feed your body to optimally cover your protein needs. No matter whether you choose a milk protein or a vegetable protein, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the different nutritional values.


  • A healthy nutritional balance is essential for sports enthusiasts. With the right protein shake, you can increase your protein intake and significantly improve your training effect. A basic distinction is made between multi-component protein powder, milk protein powder, whey protein powder, casein protein powder, egg white protein powder and vegetable protein powder.
  • The quality of the product is important. You want to avoid harmful ingredients and find a suitable ingredient for you.

The Best Protein Shake: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying protein powder for your protein shake

Where can you buy protein powder for a protein shake?

You can get protein powder for a protein shake in many shops in your area. As it is only a food supplement, it is available over the counter. You can get it in supermarkets, drugstores or online.

Offener Shaker mit Pulver

If you work out a lot, it may be a good idea to take protein shakes to build up your muscles. (Photo source: / 38729282)

If you want specific advice on different products, you should go to a specialist shop for sports nutrition. They will tell you everything you need to know about how to use them.

How much does protein powder cost for a protein shake?

Protein powder can vary greatly in price. A higher price does not automatically indicate better quality ingredients and a higher protein intake. The price range for protein shakes is between 10 and 60 euros.

Of course, the manufacturer's brand also plays a role in the price. The various manufacturers specialise in different ingredients. Even inexpensive products do their job. In any case, you should check the list of ingredients before use and get expert advice.

Product Price Quantity
ESN Designer Whey Protein 21,59 Euro 1,00 Kg
Weider, 80 Plus Protein 23,98 Euro 0,50 Kg
Optimum Nutrition Whey Gold Standard Protein 20,82 Euro 1,00 Kg
Peak Soy Protein Isolate 16,11 Euro 2,35 Kg
Scitec Nutrition Whey Protein Professional 30,24 Euro 0,50 Kg

Do I want a protein shake for weight loss, muscle building or weight gain?

One purchase criterion is the purpose for which you are buying your protein shake. If you want to watch your figure and reduce your weight, it is best to choose a protein shake that is low in fat and carbohydrates. You drink it when you get a craving and replace an unhealthy snack.

For intensive muscle building and as an endurance athlete, choose a Whey product that provides your muscles with the protein they need.

If you want to gain weight with the support of a protein shake, you can do so by consuming more protein than your body can use. Excess protein is converted into energy and ends up as fat on your hips.

However, this is a very unhealthy option and is strongly discouraged.

Are there vegetable-based protein powders?

There are also protein shakes that are plant-based. If you do not want to do without animal products, but do not want to do without an intensive supply of protein, there are shakes that are produced on a natural basis that you can easily integrate into your diet.

When choosing a product, you should consider whether you want to buy a protein powder based on rice, peas, hemp or soy.

Is a protein shake suitable even if I don't do any sport?

If you do not exercise, it is not advisable to drink a protein shake. Your body absorbs enough protein through your balanced diet. Only for people who train hard does extra protein make sense.

If you do take protein in the form of powder, it is advisable to dose it according to your body weight.

What alternatives are there to protein shakes?

One option is a varied diet rich in carbohydrates. This includes foods such as wholemeal bread, pasta and rice, as well as plenty of fruit and vegetables. Fish, lean meat, cottage cheese, hard cheese, pasta and bread also provide a varied alternative to artificially added protein.

The advantage is that natural foods contain no artificial sugar and are easy on your wallet.

You can also easily make your own protein shake. Mix milk, quark, fruit for flavour and a little agave syrup to sweeten.

Decision: What types of protein shakes are there and which one is right for me?

There are different types of protein powder, each with different purposes. It is not simply a question of "better" or "worse" - it depends on the intended use.

Basically, all protein powders are supposed to have the same function. They should build muscles and supply the body with sufficient nutrients.

No matter what type you are. Whether you want to build muscle, gain weight or lose weight. It should be the right protein shake for your body. The most common protein shakes are:

  • Multi-component protein powders
  • Milk protein powder
  • Whey protein powder
  • Casein protein powder
  • Egg white protein powder
  • Vegetable protein powder

These protein drinks have special characteristics and are each particularly suitable for specific types of training. We will show you these in the following.

What is the multi-component protein powder particularly suitable for?

Multi-component protein powder is suitable for all types of training. Athletes who pay attention to high fat burning and people who pursue the goal of intensive muscle building can use this powder.

  • Supplies the body throughout the day
  • Helps build muscle
  • Supports fat burning
  • There might be cheap ingredients in it
  • Unnecessary ingredients
  • Dosage needs to be adjusted to the body

The protein shake is often a mixture of casein protein, whey and egg protein, which creates a complete amino acid profile and thus provides the body with a constant supply of protein throughout the day.

What is milk protein powder particularly suitable for?

Milk protein powder is suitable for anyone who does not have an intolerance to lactose. Health-oriented athletes should take this powder because it contains natural substances that support the immune system. It is not recommended for competitive bodybuilding.

  • Fewer artificial ingredients
  • Helps build muscle
  • Good protein supply
  • Cheap products included
  • Not for athletes with lactose intolerance
  • Not for competitive bodybuilding

The protein powder consists of 80 percent casein and 20 percent whey.

What is the whey protein powder particularly suitable for?

Whey protein powder is particularly suitable for recreational and amateur athletes. Competitive athletes and people on a diet should not use the product because of hidden calories from carbohydrates and fats.

  • Suitable for recreational and amateur athletes
  • Low priced products available
  • High protein content
  • Not suitable for competitive and dieting people
  • Possibly cheap ingredients
  • Possibly cheap manufacturing process

The protein powder can be obtained cheaply because of the cheap manufacturing process.

It contains up to 90 percent protein, which ensures quick absorption.

What is casein protein powder particularly suitable for?

Casein powder is particularly suitable for people who want to maintain their muscles and specifically build muscle. It is very easy to build up mass through intensive training and the intake of protein powder.

If taken before going to bed, the muscles can be optimally supplied and regenerated overnight.

  • For muscle building and maintenance
  • Suitable for dieting
  • Slowly absorbed
  • Not suitable for lactose intolerance
  • Mixture of different ingredients
  • Possibly high sugar content

The powder is ideal for people on a diet, as the muscles are supplied with protein despite a calorie deficit. The protein shake can be used as a meal replacement and has a long-lasting effect because the protein is absorbed slowly.

The powder is composed of whey protein and egg white protein.

What is egg white protein powder particularly suitable for?

Egg white protein powder supports muscle building and muscle regeneration.

It does not enter the bloodstream as quickly and is therefore a medium-term protein supply. This protects the muscles from degradation and stimulates protein synthesis.

  • For muscle build-up and regeneration
  • Suitable for dieting
  • Is utilised medium-fast
  • Not suitable for vegans
  • Possibly added ingredients
  • Possibly high sugar content

The protein is obtained from the white part of the egg and therefore contains many carbohydrates and little fat. It therefore provides essential amino acids and can be digested well.

What are vegetable protein powders particularly suitable for?

Vegetable protein powder is ideal for athletes who want to build muscle intensively. It also maintains and regenerates muscles. It is also suitable for people on a diet.

  • For muscle building and regeneration
  • Suitable for dieting
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Less essential amino acids
  • Taste takes some getting used to
  • Consistency takes some getting used to

One disadvantage is that the plant-based protein powder provides fewer essential amino acids than its animal-based competitors.

It has a natural taste and consistency.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate protein shakes

Do you want to buy protein powder for a protein shake? In the following, we would like to show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate protein powders. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a certain product is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • The intended use
  • The price
  • The ingredients
  • The dosage

In the following paragraphs you can find out what the individual purchase criteria are and how you can classify them.

The intended use

Depending on whether you are looking for a protein shake for muscle building, weight loss or weight gain. The intended use will play an important role in your purchase decision.

The intended use is important to find the right product for you and to provide your muscles with optimal nutrients.

If you want a protein powder that meets your body's needs, you should check online or with an expert to find out which protein is best for you. You can also get and compare protein shakes quickly and easily in many drugstores and supermarkets.

Apart from that, there are also many test sites and forums on the internet where you can read detailed reports, including the opinions of independent testers.

The price

Protein shakes come in different price ranges. You can get them cheaply from discounters or buy them expensively from specialist shops. A higher price does not necessarily mean better performance.

Before you buy a protein shake, you should compare different retailers and their products. There are often big price differences for the same product.

If you are unsure about your choice of protein powder, there are various forums where you can get information from buyers. This way you can judge whether a food supplement meets your body's needs or not.

The ingredients

Before you decide on a protein powder, you should find out about the ingredients. Do you want to buy a product without artificial ingredients? What other ingredients might be of concern?

Often the list of ingredients on the packaging is very incomprehensible for laypeople. Here, too, forums on the internet can help you shed light on the matter. Sites like Codecheck describe the ingredients and analyse them for their safety.

If you want to completely avoid additional ingredients and animal products, you can opt for plant-based protein shakes to which no ingredients have been added.

Did you know that protein overdose can be just as harmful as protein deficiency?

The possible consequences of long-term overdose include damage to organs, osteoporosis, rheumatism and gout, as well as hyperacidity of the body. In the short term, too much protein can lead to headaches, nausea, a drop in blood pressure and digestive problems.


Another aspect that should be important to you is the dosage. You should ask yourself how much extra protein your body really needs.

Your body size, weight and the intensity of your training play an important role.

Note that too much protein can damage your body in the long run. However, if you take in too few nutrients but exercise intensively, your body may take protein from your muscles, causing them to lose mass.

You should also ask yourself whether your body needs protein in the form of a protein shake at all, or whether the daily food intake is not already sufficient.

Facts worth knowing about protein shakes

What are proteins?

Proteins are proteins that body cells, enzymes and hormones are made of. Proteins are made up of long chains called amino acids. The body cannot make some amino acids on its own, so it needs to get these vital essential amino acids from food.

What does the body need protein for?

Proteins are one of the main nutrients that the body needs as a source of energy, along with carbohydrates and fats. Proteins are needed as building materials for cells and tissue, for example muscle fibres, organs and blood. Enzymes and various hormones, such as insulin, as well as antibodies of the immune system also need the essential amino acids.

Did you know that a long-term protein deficiency can lead to considerable health impairments?

The first signs of malnutrition can be seen in symptoms such as hair loss, eye circles, premature wrinkling and weight loss. In addition, muscle weakness and a reduction in muscle mass in general can occur. If, despite training, you do not notice an increase in performance, but perhaps even a decrease in performance, you should definitely check whether you are supplying your body with sufficient protein.

Are protein shakes harmful to the kidneys?

For a healthy person, too much protein in the diet is not fundamentally harmful. Excess protein is converted into urea and broken down by the kidneys. People with kidney problems should therefore refrain from increasing their protein intake.

Actually, protein intake from food is completely sufficient if you eat a balanced and varied diet. It is even claimed that people in western civilisation can count on a protein surplus from food and that protein shakes are therefore not necessary.

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