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The prune or dried plum is, as the name suggests, a dried fruit. The prune, which is also known as the Zwetchge in some parts of Germany, was probably discovered by Alexander the Great on his campaigns and brought to Europe.

Today, the plum enjoys great popularity here and is enjoyed pure, dried or processed. Dried plums are particularly suitable for cooking and baking. Hence the name prune.

In addition, prunes are considered a natural home remedy for constipation.
In this article we will introduce you to some prune products and tell you how healthy they really are and where their reputation as a natural laxative comes from.


  • The prune has a healthy overall package of nutrients and vitamins.
  • The prune is suitable as a natural energy supplier due to its high fructose content.
  • It can also be used as a natural product to stimulate digestion.

The Best Prunes: Our Picks

In the following section, we have highlighted the best prune products for you so that there is something for every taste and need. You are sure to find the right prune product for you.

Buying and evaluation criteria for prunes

We have summarised how to find good and tasty prunes and what you should look out for when buying them on the basis of some criteria. This should help you to identify good prune products:

Now we explain what to look for in the criteria so that you can make a well-informed decision.


The plums should remain natural. Make sure that they are sulphurised and unsweetened. The natural sweetness of the plums is quite sufficient and the plum's own flavour should not be masked by a sulphur or sweetening process. This way you can also use the plums for baking or cooking.

The plums should be pitted, however, so that you can use them directly and don't have to pit them all yourself. You can afford this little comfort.

Country of origin

Plums grow almost everywhere in the world. The top 5 countries for plum production are China, Romania, Serbia, Chile and Iran. So you can be sure that EU standards are met during processing. You also reduce your ecological footprint, as the plums don't have to be shipped halfway around the world.

The plum season in Germany is in summer and late summer. That means July, August and September. Some plum varieties are not even ready for harvesting until October. During this time, we recommend that you buy plums from a regional farmer.

Pesticide residues

As we have already recommended, you should make sure that your plums come from the EU and thus meet the guidelines here. This also applies to pesticide residues that may be found on plums. With prunes, it is therefore advisable to look for organic quality seals and similar quality seals.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about prunes answered in detail

In the following section, we answer all frequently asked questions about prunes. This way you are well informed when you want to buy prunes.

Plums are a good source of energy due to their relatively high fructose content and are suitable as a snack or for a picnic. You can enjoy them pure or dried. (Image source: congerdesign/ pixabay)

Are prunes healthy? What are the nutritional values of prunes?

Prunes come with a healthy overall package. Like many other fruits and berries, they consist mainly of water, but they also contain a number of other nutrients. These include mainly minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc and provitamins A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamins from the vitamin B complex.

Nutritional values of plums (fresh) per 100 grams
Calories 49
Carbohydrates 10
Dietary fibre 1.6
Fat 0.2
Protein 0,6

The fructose content of plums, which also makes up the majority of carbohydrates, makes them a quick source of energy. Compared to other fruits, prunes do not have the highest vitamin content, but they cover a wide range of nutrients.

How much do prunes cost?

The price of prunes does not vary too much. We have compiled a small overview for you:

Price range Available products
Low- to medium-priced (3 - 10 €) small to medium bags of pitted plums
Medium to high priced (10 - 20 €) larger organic packs of pitted plums

It depends mainly on how big the prune pack is and whether it is organic quality.


The prune is a healthy fruit that can be used in many ways. It is rich in nutrients and is an excellent source of energy. They also stimulate digestion and can thus be used as a natural alternative to conventional laxatives. This is especially due to the pectin and cellulose contained in plums, as well as the potassium, which cleanses the body.

The prune is not only particularly tasty due to its natural sweetness, but can also be presented in many different forms. There are delicious dried plums that are great as a snack, but can also be used for cooking or baking. There is also prune jam, nougat with prunes or prune nectar. You have an incredible number of ways to enjoy the natural benefits of prunes.

(Cover picture: pixel2013/ pixabay)