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Welcome to our big PS4 accessories test 2021. Here we present all the PS4 accessories we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best PS4 accessories for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to when buying PS4 accessories.


  • PS4 accessories make your gaming experience even better, but they can be expensive. Think about where accessories make the most sense for you and are therefore worth the expense.
  • There are accessories ranging from additional controllers and headsets to special input devices for racing games, for example.
  • It is essential that you pay attention to the compatibility of your accessories in order to enjoy them.

The Best PS4 Accessories: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a PS4 accessory

Your PlayStation 4 is finally at home and you're wondering what accessories might be useful? There's plenty available, from protective controller caps to stick-on skins and virtual reality systems.

What are PS4 accessories used for?

The accessories have special features. These features allow you to optimise your gaming performance and/or experience.

Nowadays, game consoles not only have to meet hardware requirements, they also have to look good when you have them in your living room. (Image source: InspiredImages /

Some people absolutely need accessories because they want each one to enhance the gaming experience. If you're one of those people too, of course you'd be interested.

Since PS4 accessories are part of your gaming experience, you use them all the time.

Why are there any other PS4 accessories at all?

If you buy a standard Playstation 4 or Playstation 4 Pro, you usually only get the actual device with a controller, a charging cable for it, and HDMI and power cables.

The first accessories are now already coming into play to set up the console vertically rather than horizontally.

Virtual reality accessories are the latest trend for PS4 gaming.

Usually this is done for space reasons or simply because of the look of the room around the TV. Steering wheels or joysticks are used for certain games, such as racing games or aviation simulators.

They increase the fun of the game enormously because you can suddenly feel all the driving characteristics of a Maserati or Ferrari, such as the precise gearstick or the sports steering.

Then there are customisation accessories for advancing gaming skill, such as D-pad discs or triggers. A gamer headset is now standard for any user who frequently plays online with others.With the goggles and already older PS4 move sticks, you can completely immerse yourself in another world.

How much do PS4 accessories cost?

There are countless accessories on the market. Depending on the individual needs and the quality, the prices vary greatly.

When buying an accessory, the price is a factor that should not be underestimated. Depending on which criteria are important to you, the purchase can sometimes be very high.

If your gaming hobby and the fun of playing are worth it to you, the money can of course be very well invested.

Decision: What types of PS4 accessories are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, you can find different types of accessories depending on what you are looking for. We roughly distinguish between:

  • Hardware Accessories
  • Communication accessories
  • Special PS4 accessories

Below we show you what exactly falls into these categories. To see which extras and accessories make sense for you in which situations to improve your game, we will go through the categories below. Also, at the end of each section, we'll point you to the best retailers for each gadget.

Hardware accessories


The classic accessory, besides the charging cables for the controllers, are the controllers themselves. Each PS4 comes with only one controller.

That's enough for gaming alone, but most users like to invite their friends over to spend an evening competing in Mario Kart, FIFA or Virtual Tennis. In addition to the controllers from Sony, there are also controllers from third-party suppliers, such as Snakebyte.

These controllers are particularly interesting because they are cheaper than the Sony products. However, you should check whether these products also have the standard features, such as a touchpad, or whether they are wireless. The new Sony DualShock controllers have these features.

It is important to find out exactly what you are buying the controller for. Is it the 6th controller for gaming nights in large groups or the 2nd controller that will probably be used more regularly? However, the price and quality of controllers is not only going down, but also way up.

Gaming controllers are much more sensitive to touch than the conventional Sony devices. They often have special additional buttons, for example to quickly change profiles.

In addition, the housings are usually reinforced and the buttons, such as the trigger, are adjustable so that they can be pressed all the more quickly. Such controllers are often three times as expensive as the standard 50€ DualShock models.

You can buy Sony products in any electronics store. The cheaper versions are best purchased online, for example at Amazon or Geizhals.

Gamepads are mainly used on consoles like the Sony Playstation or the Microsoft Xbox. In the meantime, however, you can also use them for many other gaming devices. (Image source: Rohit Choudhari /

The online shops of chains such as Saturn and Media Markt or GameStop also have at least the Sony controllers in their assortment, as well as perhaps one or two cheaper models.

You can find the pro gaming controllers either at gaming shops in your area. In any case, Geizhals is again recommended here, as the products are searched for in many different shops and the prices are compared.


The next classic accessory is a cable. Whether it's an HDMI, power or charging cable, one is sure to break. No matter which of the above cables, you'll probably get it cheapest online.

Because there are no significant differences in terms of performance. Having touched the cable once is also uninteresting. Therefore, you should basically only look at how long the cable should be and where you can get it cheapest.

Especially Geizhals should be mentioned here, as you can get a comparison of the best prices from large online shops, such as Amazon, but also from small shops that are having a sale.

USB hubs

To keep your accessory cables neatly organised, you can get a USB hub. The simplest versions of the USB hub have 4 slots. You'll probably never need more than 10 slots for your PS4.

So think about whether or not you want to buy controllers in the near future, for example. USB hubs are more expensive everywhere than you might think.

A 4-slot hub starts at 10 euros. The online shops of Saturn and Media-Markt are recommended here, as you might be able to save on shipping costs if you order with pick-up in the store.

If there are no shipping costs, you simply have to find the cheapest price.

Charging station

If you don't want a tangle of cables around your PS4 and lost controllers, charging stations are just the thing. Here you can charge several controllers with one charging cable. There are also extended stations with, for example, a stand for the PS4 and space for your games.

Depending on the features and the number of controllers you can charge at the same time, the devices cost between approx. 8-40 euros. For the sake of simplicity, you can simply order these gadgets from Amazon or Geizhals. Retail shops don't always carry such charging stations.


To set up your PS4, you can simply get a stand. With or without charging slots for the controllers or space for games, they are always good for keeping the screen tidy.

The simplest models for setting up the PS4 are available for around 8 euros. The more advanced the features, the more expensive the variants.

The most expensive is probably a combination of a charging station for the controllers, a stand and shelf slots for games. Such a combination should not cost more than 40 euros and can be found at major online retailers.


Everyone knows it: you want to shoot or really step on the gas, but you've pressed the hash or circle so many times that it no longer works.

This is a worst-case situation in which new buttons definitely make sense.

However, it doesn't have to come to that. Even if you've been gaming like this for a while or more, it's a good idea to adjust the stick length to your fingers, for example, so that you don't have clawed hands after gaming.

Buttons are again available in different quality levels. You can get the simple versions for simply replacing the thumbsticks for less than 10 euros. Complete sets, including matching spanners and trigger replacements, are available online for about 35 euros.

Trigger stops and grip shells for extra control in your game are especially interesting for pro gamers.

The respective accessory kits should always come with the appropriate tools for conversion, so that you can simply change them according to video instructions, for example from YouTube. Such more specific accessories are best found in the wide range of products on Amazon.


Most PS4 users only use a small number of games. In these, you can usually identify particularly with some of the game's features or items. The camouflage motif in shooters is probably the best-known example.

Protective covers for your controller are available with almost every conceivable motif. That's why it's difficult to determine a price range.

From 3 euros upwards, there are no limits. The important thing is that you like the design and that it matches your controller model. You'll find a wide selection, especially on Amazon, which has the largest assortment.

External hard drives

If you run out of space on your PS4, you can simply buy an external hard drive. You can actually use any model as long as you have a USB 3.0 drive and higher and the hard drive has at least 250 GB.

Then you can decide on a size and design. Do you want a chunkier, but cheaper model? Or do you like a smart design and optimal manageability?

Prices start at around 45 euros and go up to 200 euros, depending on the size and design of the external hard drive.

The easiest place to get additional hard drives is at any major online retailer. Again, make sure you avoid extra shipping costs.

Communication accessories


Headsets are not usually intended specifically for the PS4, but can be used universally on Xbox or PC. That's why you have a particularly large product range here. However, you should always search for gaming headsets, otherwise you won't get the most important features of the products.

For example, how heavy the device is is only secondary when it comes to gaming accessories. More important is how the headset fits, that it has surround sound, is soundproof or wireless. Design also plays a role here, because you are using the device and you should like it.

  • Larger versions
  • wireless option
  • Partially expensive

It's best to get an idea beforehand of what you understand by good sound and for which games you need the headset. Do you need to be able to hear opponents from every angle, as in Call of Duty, for example, or simply hear a commentary, as in FIFA?

There are two things you can recommend when buying a headset: Either read the reviews on sales or comparison websites to understand which product gives you the best sound quality and comfort, or stop by your local electronics store and try out a few options.

Did you know that regular cleaning and care of your PS4 headset will maintain the sound quality?

Intensive use can cause sweat and other contaminants to build up. This dirt is not only unpleasant, but can also permanently degrade the sound. To prevent this, it is recommended to clean the PS4 headset at regular intervals. Proper and thorough care will ensure a longer service life, the best possible sound and hygienic cleanliness. Always use the correct tools when cleaning the headset. Never hold the headset under water!

Keyboards and chatpads

Since there are chat functions in every multiplayer game, facilitators here are a wonderful solution for communicating more quickly. Especially if the headset and co do not fit for whatever reason.

The keyboards are available either as chat pads to plug into the controllers or as individual accessories that then go directly into the PS4. Then usually as gaming keyboards. Since there are many different versions, especially for gaming keyboards, it is difficult to narrow down the price.

  • Various options
  • Communicate faster
  • Cost-intensive

Depending on your requirements, you can find a keyboard for anywhere from 10 to almost 100 euros. You can find such special gadgets at the big online retailers or comparison sites - Amazon or Geizhals.

Special PS4 accessories

Steering wheels

There are probably more different steering wheels for the PS4 than controllers. For games like Gran Turismo or Need for Speed, the AddOns are gamechangers.

With them, instead of just moving your fingers a bit to catapult you from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds, you can get a real racing feeling.

Some models even have gear sticks. Pedals are also available, of course. Various car brands also release licensed steering wheels for consoles. A Ferrari steering wheel, for example, is particularly cool. The highlight here is that it is a steering wheel like the one in a Formula 1 racing car.

All that's missing is a Nürburg Ring animation and you're ready for the sausage. Some of you may have seen gaming cafés before. In these special bars, where you can gamble with your friends or bar acquaintances, you often see racing seats that look like from Nascar.

You can also buy these models in a set with the accessory steering wheels and pedals. It would be the high-end option for your racing games. With these, you are guaranteed to have the best virtual racing experience possible.

However, if your wallet is not as bulging for such premium solutions, steering wheel-pedal sets from well-known gaming brands such as Logitech are available for around 150 euros.

Very inexpensive variants are available in the form that the accessories are simply attached to the PS4 controller and you only continue to steer, shift, etc. with your fingers. You can get such variants for as little as 15 euros.

In principle, you can buy each part, i.e. steering wheel, pedals and gear stick, separately. There is a wide range of options for each individual part. A 7-speed gear stick, for example, costs around 100 euros.

Sets, on the other hand, are the simpler options, but probably not as personalised as buying everything individually, as desired. Therefore, before you buy, you should be clear about how specific your requirements are for your racing game add-ons. In any case, you can get the accessories from the major online retailers.


Since the release of the PS4 Move controllers in 2010, there is also the option to integrate them into weapons, i.e. pistols or rifle templates. The console recognises where you are pointing via radio and thus targets can be acquired.

There are a large number of firearm types, from revolvers to machine guns.

Depending on the firearm that is to be used as an attachment, the price is determined. Simple revolver attachments start at 10 euros. Rifle attachments start at 30 euros. These accessories are available, for example, at Amazon, GameStop and Geizhals.

VR and cameras

Virtual reality entered the PS4 world in 2016. These accessories are available exclusively from Sony and allow you to completely immerse yourself in other worlds. From your sofa into the space odyssey at the touch of a button.

Virtual Reality works with its own glasses. When you move your head, your animated field of vision moves with it. At first, this is probably still a little unfamiliar, but after a short period of getting used to it, you can savour this new gaming experience.

To improve the recognition of the VR glasses movements by the PS4, you can also buy cameras from Sony as a set or individually.

With these, you can log into your PS4 account via facial recognition. However, they also recognise the movements you make with the VR glasses on your nose better and more precisely. If VR games are your thing, a camera like this suits you perfectly. You can also use the PS4 Move controllers for VR games.

If you do this, however, you should prepare the room you want to play in beforehand. Anything that you could knock over or break with simple movements or objects that you could trip over should be removed.

VR applications and game possibilities are being tinkered with intensively. Nevertheless, some people may not tolerate it well. (Image source: rawpixel /

For some VR titles, you can put the PS4 Move controllers in weapon attachments. You probably won't get the VR glasses individually for less than 230 euros. Sets with camera and VR worlds cost plus or minus 280 euros. You can get the VR goggles and sets in any major online game store.

PS4 cooler

A nagging issue that many PS4 users will be familiar with is that of the console's noisy cooling. To prevent the annoying cooling sound, you can simply get an extra and external cooler to attach or put on the internal cooling of the console.

With this additional cooling power, you avoid the annoying humming of the cooler. By simply plugging it on, you don't even have to make any major changes to your console. The add-on coolers have additional fans to supply cool air.

Such add-on coolers cost between 10 and 30 euros and are available in the large, well-known gaming retailers. Before buying, however, you should briefly go through two reviews to make sure that the cooling hum doesn't get any louder.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate PS4 accessories

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate PS4 accessories. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a certain product is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Need
  • Space
  • Type of games
  • Wireless or cable

In the following paragraphs you can read about the individual purchase criteria and how you can classify them.


Depending on what you are looking for, your options can vary greatly. It depends on what you want from your Playstation. Even if you spend time with your Playstation every day, you'll obviously have a lot of need for different accessories.

Space around the TV

Of course, the space you have plays a big role. Because these accessories usually take up a lot of space. It is also very important what the other family members say about it.

Type of games

For some games you need certain accessories. If you like to play adventure games, you need to buy a gun. If you are a racing game guy, you like to have a good quality steering wheel.

Wireless or cable

Almost all accessories on the market have wireless and wired options. A controller without a cable can make your gaming experience much easier. If you're more comfortable without a cable, it's best to choose a wireless accessory.

Interesting facts about PS4 accessories

Interesting facts about PS4

The PS4 does not have a region lock. For you, this means that games and films from other countries can be played without any problems. You don't have to worry about NTSC versions that can't be played on a PAL device with the new console.

Also new is the sleep mode, which allows you to continue playing a game immediately and from the same place where it ended. In addition, game downloads and system updates continue in the background and even in sleep mode.

Did you know that the PS4 is the number one most popular console in Germany?

For years, the awareness level of the Sony Playstation has been around 80%. In addition, around 70 million users are now active on the PlayStation Network every month. The coveted console can count on a good reputation and a lot of experience. The PlayStation has been around since 1994.

Another great feature of the Playstation 4 is that downloaded content can also be used on other PS4 consoles as long as players are logged into the corresponding Playstation account.

You can also set your own Playstation as the "base" console. All content is then available on this PS4 - also for other users. Not only games and content are shared in this way, but also the Playstation Plus subscription can be used.

Which PS4 models are available?

Even if the accessories of your choice should be compatible with all of them, there is still no single "PS4". We briefly introduce you to the different models:

Model Power consumption Hard drive Colour Weight
Playstation 4 250 W 500 GB-1 TB White, Black, Grey 2.8 kg
Playstation 4 slim 165 W 500 GB-1 TB Black, White, Silver, Gold 2.1 kg
Playstation 4 Pro 310 W 1 TB Black, White 3.3 kg

Picture source: / InspiredImages