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Practical, space-saving home furnishings are becoming increasingly popular with many people. The goal is to use little living space as efficiently as possible. There is already a wide range of furniture available to help with this. In addition to customisable wall units, pull-out beds are also a popular way to create additional storage space.

Especially in the bedroom, it is becoming increasingly important to use every available centimetre. Pull-out beds are ideal for this. They make the room appear larger and create additional storage space. In our product comparison, we have compared different models and examined the most important criteria in the purchase decision.

The most important facts

  • Pull-out beds are a practical solution for space-saving living room design. They have drawers or bed drawers that can be pulled out to create additional storage space.
  • Pull-out beds are suitable for young and old. Whether in the children’s room or in the parents’ bedroom, there is a wide selection of models so that everyone can find what they are looking for.
  • When buying a bed, colour, size, features, material and weight are the most important factors. Depending on the intended use, you can choose a suitable variant.

The Best Pull Out Bed: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for pull-out beds

So that you know exactly what to look for when buying your new pull-out bed, we have put together the most important buying criteria. The following list should make your search for a pull-out bed easier:

We then explain what you should look out for in the individual criteria in order to find the ideal pull-out bed for you.


When choosing furniture, you should always pay attention to the colour. After all, the new bed should match the rest of the furniture in the house. There is a wide range of pull-out beds in many different colours. There are many different versions in the classic furniture colours of white, grey, black and brown. Even people who like it colourful will usually find what they are looking for. If there is no model in the right colour, most pull-out beds can be painted as desired.


Pull-out beds come in a wide variety of sizes. The models vary from the small sizes, such as 80×200 cm, to the large types, which are up to 180×200 cm in size. When choosing the size, you should always consider how many and what kind of people the bed is intended for.

A larger bed is usually more comfortable and helps you fall asleep better. If the bed is to be used as a double bed, a width of at least 140 cm is necessary. In general, adults should opt for larger models, i.e. at least 120 cm wide. For children and teenagers, the smaller versions are a cheaper alternative.


In the last few years, the choice of accessories for pull-out beds has improved enormously. Most accessories provide more storage space or the possibility of extending an additional sleeping place. In addition, most models are very comfortable and can help prevent sleep deprivation. For extra storage space, the versions with drawers or integrated shelves are worthwhile. Beds with a pull-out bed base, on the other hand, are particularly useful if you regularly have visitors and therefore need to prepare a sleeping place quickly.


Nowadays, pull-out beds are available in a wide variety of materials. When choosing a material, you should attach importance to good workmanship. The sustainability and robustness of the beds are also important criteria when choosing materials. Models made of wood or cardboard are particularly sustainable. If the bed needs to be particularly stable, metal is the best alternative, but the wood and cardboard versions also serve their purpose here.


Weight is especially important when setting up the bed. If you are alone, you should choose a light model so as not to make assembly unnecessarily difficult. With a little help, however, it is no problem to assemble the heavier models. The weight varies greatly depending on the material and size. Cardboard pull-out beds are already available from 17 kg. Larger models made of wood or metal can weigh up to 90 kg.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about pull-out beds answered in detail

In this section we explain the most frequently asked questions about pull-out beds. We hope that our answers will help you with your purchase decision.

What is a pull-out bed?

A pull-out bed is a practical way to make good use of the space under your mattress. Pull-out beds usually have either drawers or an entire bed base integrated under the mattress, which can be pulled out when needed. This way, the drawers can be used as additional storage space or sleeping area.

What types of pull-out beds are there?

There are different types of pull-out beds, which differ mainly in colour, size, material and features. There are also pull-out sofa beds, which can be used as a sofa during the day and as a place to sleep at night.

Pull-out beds help make small rooms look bigger and provide additional storage space. (Image source: Albert Vincent Wu / Unsplash)

Which type suits you best depends entirely on you. If you’re looking for a practical way to create storage space, pull-out beds with drawers are probably for you. If you have regular visitors for whom you need a place to sleep, pull-out beds with another bed base are a great solution.

Who is a pull-out bed suitable for?

In principle, pull-out beds are suitable for everyone. Especially people who value efficiency in their home design are likely to be enthusiastic about pull-out beds. Generally, pull-out beds are suitable for people with smaller living spaces where every centimetre must be used sensibly.

In principle, pull-out beds are suitable for children and adults. They can be used as double and single beds. Depending on the intended use, the right size for the bed must be selected.

How do I build a pull-out bed myself?

For all those who cannot find what they are looking for in furniture stores or on the internet, there is the option of building a pull-out bed yourself. To do this, you should have some manual skills and patience. In numerous DIY tutorials you can find instructions on how to assemble your pull-out bed yourself. If you are determined to build the bed yourself, you should first inform yourself properly.

You should also take some time to think about what you want your bed to have and what materials you want to work with. With enough planning and commitment, nothing will stand in the way of a self-built pull-out bed and a good sleeping rhythm.


Pull-out beds are excellent for creating additional storage space in small rooms. Their functional design helps to make the room seem larger. Due to the large selection of colours, designs, features and sizes, there is a pull-out bed for every bedroom.

Pull-out beds not only look elegant, they are also very useful because of their functionality. They can offer storage space in the form of drawers or a pull-out sleeping area. When deciding which bed to buy, it is important to consider your own preferences and the available budget.

Image Source: Pixabay / 5460160

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