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In today's article we are going to help you choose an essential piece for any wardrobe: the Puma jackets.

Stylish, versatile and cool, the brand's jackets are a favourite item for men and women who like the more casual and sporty look, but without leaving aside class, style and elegance.

Follow us in this reading and check out the best options of the product, as well as the characteristics that you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of Puma jacket to enhance your look.

The most important facts

  • Puma jackets can be versatile, and cater for many different occasions. However, each model will offer a type of constitution, design and material, which may be more or less suitable for their purposes.
  • Features such as exclusive technologies, type of closure, functions, logo and prints should be analysed to define the ideal jacket.
  • The price of a Puma jacket can vary a lot according to the model, the collection and the material of the piece. It is possible to find models with values between £ 40 and £ 100.

The Best Puma Jacket: Our Picks

Puma Jacket: Shopping Guide

Whether for the practice of sports or physical activities on colder days, or simply because you find the brand's jackets stylish to wear on a daily basis, the truth is that the beauty and quality of the Puma jackets speak for themselves.

Inspired by the lifestyle of the world of Football, Running, Training and Fitness, Golf and Motoring, they are ideal for those who want to parade good taste. Continue with us to learn all about this product that is a key piece in the casual wardrobe.

Moça corre com jaqueta e calça legging Puma combinando

Most of the brand's lines have several pieces, allowing for use together and various combinations

What is the Puma jacket?

The Puma jacket is the sweatshirt with front opening signed by the German brand that is currently one of the three largest sports brands on the planet. Inspired by activities such as running, golf, football, motorsports and the fitness world in general, the pieces are full of personality and charm.

Did you know? Puma and Adidas, two giants of the sports market, were created by brothers. Adolf and Rudolph Dassler set up a shoe factory that did very well for 28 years. The fights increased, and the brothers decided to break up the partnership. In 1948 Adolf's Adidas and Rudolp's Puma were founded. Today Puma directly employs more than 11,000 people and is present in more than 120 countries.

What are the advantages of the Puma jacket?

Besides the great variety of models: with protection against rain, resistant to humidity, windproof, for mild or cold temperatures; the Puma jackets are practical and ideal to always have on hand for outings, trips or during physical activities in general. Available with slimmer versions, more daring or discreet models, they allow several combinations to create sporty or casual looks.

Although some models can be expensive, the brand delivers good quality and great style, as well as a warranty against factory defects on all pieces. Check out the table for some more advantages and disadvantages of investing in a Puma jacket:

  • Brand offers products from XPP to XXG, besides children's line
  • Partnerships guarantee collections signed by stylists, celebrities and teams like Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW
  • Products have warranty against manufacturing defects
  • There are sport and casual pieces
  • High values
  • Some models do not arrive in Brazil

Basic or special collections: Which are the best Puma jacket models?

Although it started out as a sporting goods brand, Puma today invests heavily in launching more casual and fashionable collections. The brand was the first in the industry to venture into the fashion world. Alexander Mcqueen, Jil Sander, Chris Stump, Christy Turlington, Karl Lagerfeld and Hussein Shalayan are among the great designers who have signed Puma collections.

The brand also promotes partnerships with celebrities. Rihanna, Selena Gomes, Kylie Jenner and the Teen BTS band are among the famous who have launched pieces signed by the German giant. Even the iconic Barbie doll has launched a collection with Puma in celebration of its 60th anniversary.

And the big names in sports, of course, are not left out. Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari and Porsche have several complete collections. Check out the comparison chart to help you decide which collection to choose when buying your Puma jacket:

Basic Special
Differentials They tend to be less crowded signed by stylists, celebrities or inspired by great teams, they are exclusive models and may be limited
Style Pieces tend to be more sober Bold and differentiated pieces
Price They tend to be cheaper More exclusive models, may be more expensive

How to combine your Puma jacket?

The possible combinations with the Puma jacket may vary a little according to the model, colour, fabric and details of the chosen piece. But, in general, the piece allows an infinity of productions, from the sportiest to the most casual styles, ensuring a modern, comfortable and casual look, ideal for several daily occasions.

For girls, if the desire is for a very feminine look, bet on compositions with skirts, dresses or tighter trousers, such as skinny jeans or leggings. On the feet bet on sports or casual trainers, trainers or even high heels, to give a touch more glamour.

For more casual looks, the Puma jacket and trousers matching sets are an excellent option for both boys and girls. With trainers or casual trainers, the sets are charming, besides being very comfortable. With a pair of jeans with a good wash and cool trainers, men will be well dressed for almost any informal occasion.

How much does a Puma jacket cost?

The price of the Puma jackets may vary a lot according to the model, collection, and material of the product. It is possible to find simpler versions starting at R$ 150. But more sophisticated models or with signatures of famous designers or sports teams can have much higher prices.

Moça sentada sorri para foto usando conjunto de roupas esportivas

For casual looks, the Puma jacket and trousers sets are an excellent option. (Source: Freepik/

Purchase criteria: How to compare the Puma jackets

To close this review, we will give you a little more help so that you make the right choice of Puma jacket to complement your wardrobe. Check out the list of characteristics that you should pay attention to when comparing the types and models of this product:

So that there are no doubts, we will detail each of the characteristics below:

Puma Technologies

The Puma jackets have their designs and materials full of exclusive technologies of the brand:

  • DryCell: fabric that draws sweat away from your skin and helps keep you dry and comfortable during use, while maintaining body thermal control;
  • WindCell: durable, breathable wind protection that helps keep your body at a comfortable temperature
  • StormCell: breathable, water-resistant fabric that helps keep you dry in rain and humidity;
  • U.S.P (Ultimate Sport Performance): ideal for sports, maintains body temperature and wicks away moisture leaving you dry and comfortable, as well as preventing bacteria causing possible odours;
  • 360º Reflectivity: reflective material that provides visibility in dark places, being captured by flash photography;
  • Vent Thermo R: system of ergonomic ventilation openings that provides control of thermal regulation, keeping the body ventilated in important places;
  • PWRWARM: adaptive material strategically positioned to keep the body warm and at the ideal temperature in key positions.

Type of closure

A common characteristic of the Puma jackets is the front opening. But the type of closure may vary from one model to another. The most common types of zips on Puma jackets are the zip, which can be a simple or bidirectional type, and the snap buttons. Some models also have Velcro or adjustable elastic closures, although these options rarely appear as the main closure option of the piece, but rather as adjustment items.

Fit and sizes

Although the brand does not have Plus Size collections, the clothing lines usually have a good size variation, going from PP to EXG. As the jackets, due to the proposal of the sportier and stripped style, have a looser and baggier model, the pieces end up serving a wide range of consumers.

In general the Puma jackets have an excellent fit, thanks to the technologies employed in the fabrics that ensure they deliver the proposed effect without weighing you down or giving the pieces an "ironed" look.

Logo and prints

The application and pattern of the logo on Puma jackets vary greatly from one model to another. While there is the "Big Logo" line where the classic logo - the silhouette of a feline jumping over the brand name - is the highlight in large size in the centre of the piece, there are much more minimalist applications.

Masterfully coordinating prints and cutouts on its jackets, the brand plays with the logo applications, which sometimes appears with a small and discreet silhouette of puma on the chest, or in block letters on the sleeves or back of the piece.

(Source of the highlighted image: Divulgação/ Puma)

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