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Puppies are cute, playful and fill any environment with joy. But for them to grow up healthy and strong several cares are necessary. Food is one of them. It is necessary to provide quality food for these small pets, so today we will talk about the puppy dog food.

Puppy food needs to contain all the nutrients needed to ensure that they stay full of energy and health. If you have one of these in your house then stay with us. In this article we will show you all about this product and at the end of the reading we will teach you exactly how to choose the best for your pet.


  • Every puppy food should be composed of protein, minerals, fat and vitamins. These are key components for a healthy growth of the pet.
  • A puppy can be fed three to four times a day and the correct amount of feed is determined by its weight and size.
  • There are wet and dry puppy food options.

The Best Puppy Food: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Every animal has its food needs and when talking about puppies it is essential to provide a feed of high nutritional value. This food will be responsible for ensuring that the pet grows and develops in a healthy way. That is why the feed for puppies is so important. In it are found all the fundamental nutrients for the dog to become an adult full of health and energy. In this buying guide we will show you all about this type of feed.

Na foto um casal segurando um cachorro Shih Tzu no colo.

Increasingly, dogs are considered family members. (Source: Helena Lopes / Pexels)

What can not be missing in the feed for puppies?

The nutritional needs of a puppy are different from those of an adult or elderly dog. Therefore, the rations are made specifically for each age of the pet. The period in which a dog is considered a puppy goes up to 12 months of life and this is a determining stage for the health and development of the animal. To ensure that all this occurs in the correct way is essential that the food has some essential components.

A feed for puppies must be composed of protein, minerals, fats and vitamins.

It is very common to find dog food containing beef and chicken meat, since these are the two types of protein most accepted by pets. The most essential minerals are calcium and iron, which act directly on bones and growth. Fats usually come from the meat itself, while vitamins can be as diverse as A, B and E.

Why should you use the puppy food?

All puppy food is formulated so that it contains all the nutrients necessary for the animal to grow healthy. These components are not the same in food for adult or senior dogs. That is why it is so important to provide this type of feed for dogs that are less than 1 year old. It is also worth mentioning that in addition to meeting the dietary needs of the dog, this feed still brings other benefits to animals.

It is common to have options that prevent tartar, decrease the feces, improve the coat and more. The feed for puppies is also produced with grains that have the size and softness ideal for the teeth of these animals. Thus, there is no risk of dental problems occurring. The downside of this type of food is that it usually has a slightly higher value than the adult feed.

  • Has all the necessary components for the growth of the dog
  • Some options improve the feces, coat and prevent diseases
  • Has grain size and softness ideal for puppies
  • Has high nutritional value
  • Has a slightly higher value than the feed for adult dogs

How should a puppy be fed?

A puppy can feed three to four times a day, depending on the availability of the tutor. If the feed is given three times a day, then the recommended is to do it in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. If the choice is to divide it into four portions is included a meal in the middle of the afternoon. It is at this age that the animal's eating habits will be created.

Therefore, it is important to create a correct routine. If the ration is placed and the animal does not eat in about 10 to 15 minutes it should be removed and only offered again at the next feeding time. Besides teaching the pet to feed at the correct times, this prevents the nutrients of the feed are lost.

What is the correct amount of feed for puppy per feeding?

The amount of feed for puppy that should be given to the pet is measured from the size of the animal. Thus, it is common that small dogs eat less than the large ones. All feed manufacturers put on their packaging the recommended daily amount according to the weight of the dog. This total amount should be divided by the number of meals that will be given to the animal.

Wet or dry puppy food: Which is better?

There are two types of feed for puppy: the wet, also known as sachet, and dry. The wet is often used as a treat for dogs, since it is tastier. However, it is common for this type of food to have a higher fat content. This, associated with a more pleasant taste, can cause the animal a bad weight gain. On the other hand, the wet feed is a good option for dogs with whimsical appetite, ie, that do not accept well the dry feed.

Buying Criteria: Choosing a puppy food

Now it's time for us to help you choose the best feed for your puppy. All you need to do is take the following factors into consideration:

Below you will find a detailed explanation of these topics.

Puppy size and breed

Each puppy food is made for a specific size of the animal. So there are options for mini, small and medium or large dogs. There are also some brands that manufacture specific food for some breeds. When choosing between one of them it is worth opting for the feed that best suits your pet. If he is of large size, then you must give acquire a specific feed for dogs of this size.

With regard to the races, it is worth knowing that giving a more specific feed can be interesting and a good choice. There are breeds that have predisposition to some diseases. Knowing this, the foods aimed at them are made with ingredients that seek to prevent these disorders.

Na foto um cachorro filhote em uma praia.

There are options of feed for puppies of different breeds and sizes. (Source: Pixabay / Pexels)

Regular, premium or super premium

The feeds are divided into three main categories: regular, premium or super premium. The regular options are also called combat feed. These are the ones with the lowest nutritional value and are produced with low quality ingredients. On the other hand, their price is very low.

Premium feed can be considered a good quality intermediate.

Premium feed can be considered a good quality intermediate. It appeared in the 1980s and has higher nutritional levels than the combat type. This type of feed is also more palatable and has superior quality control and raw materials. The super premium versions are the most suitable. These have ingredients of high nutritional value and receive supplements that add even more quality. This is the most expensive type of feed, but it is also the best.


The ingredients of a feed are the most important part of it, since they are what will nourish the animals. So it is crucial to choose a feed that has quality components in its formulation. Many cheaper feeds usually do not have the protein itself in its composition. In them you can find flours made with animal innards, such as chicken, for example. This type of ingredient has a lower nutritional and protein value.

Besides, nowadays there is a tendency for feed to be as natural as possible. Because of this, there are options made with fruit, without preservatives or colourings. These are an excellent option, especially for allergic animals. Thus, read the label what is in the composition of the feed for puppies and choose the one that contains the best and purest ingredients.

Na foto diversos cachorros próximos a um pote de ração.

It is essential that the puppy food is produced with high quality ingredients for him to grow healthy. (Source: Teerasuwat/ Pixabay)

Pack size

Puppy dog food is sold in different types of packaging. There are both bulk and sealed options in sizes ranging from 1 to 15kg. Bulk versions are the least recommended. This type of food is exposed for a long time, which causes its nutrients to be lost. Thus, the indication is always by a ration acquired in closed packaging. As for the size, you should choose the version that best fits your reality.

Many times, financially speaking, it pays to buy a bigger bag. Regardless of this, it is essential to keep the feed always closed and in a dry place away from the sun. In addition, you should only open it at the time of feeding the pet and close it immediately afterwards.

Image source: jagdprinzessin / Pixabay