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Today we want to talk to you about a product that we are sure you have heard of but not perfectly, that's right, we are referring to the push up, a garment that will become your best ally when you want to enhance your bust and improve your posture. Because it is not only a garment that helps us to look better, but also has different models and designs that we want to let you know, so that when you make your purchase you feel completely sure of which one will suit you best to improve your day to day.

We will give you the best information to make the purchase of your new products a total adventure and today will certainly not be the exception, because we will also tell you which are the best push up that you will find in the market.

The most important facts

  • A push up bra is a type of bra created with the intention of keeping the breasts firmer and giving them a much larger appearance. They come in a huge variety of designs and can be made of different types of fabrics that are suitable for all types of people.
  • There is a great variety of push ups in the market, but without a doubt the best points of comparison are made between the conventional push ups and the adhesive ones, which can be differentiated according to their price, type of fabric with which they are made, among other aspects.
  • Of course, as with all types of products on the market, the best way to make a successful purchase is to take into account different aspects such as the type of fabric, sizes, among others, as this will allow us to have more knowledge to make the decision that best suits us.

The Best Push Up: Our Picks

Buying Guide

To be completely sure that we are making the right decision, the best thing to do is to get to know our product perfectly, as this will allow us to have the best points of comparison when making our purchase, which will ensure that it is successful.

Push-up bras can be a great help when you want to firm up your breasts. (Photo: Roman Samborskyi /

What is a push-up?

A push up is a type of bra created with the intention of keeping the breasts firmer and giving them a much larger appearance. They were invented by Louise Poirier in 1964, as he said that a garment should be created to give women firmness while keeping them comfortable.

The launch of this product really left an incredible mark on the world of women's lingerie, as it is considered a total marvel to combat the problems created by the years and of course, gravity. It is a quite comfortable type of garment as they are mostly made of cotton fabric.

What are the advantages of push-ups?

The main advantage of the push up is that they enhance the breasts incredibly and they also improve our posture so that when we wear them we look much more slender. They are considered a marvellous garment that can be used daily without any kind of problem.

Another excellent advantage that this garment gives us, is that, being mostly made of cotton fabric, they are very comfortable and soft to the touch of our skin, so we will be slender, firm and we will feel that comfort that we are looking for in our day to day. Wonderful, isn't it?

  • They enhance the bust
  • They improve posture
  • They are comfortable
  • They can be expensive
  • Some can be very tight
  • They should be hand washed to keep their shape

Conventional or adhesive push up - what should you look out for?

The push up is a very popular and widely used type of garment around the world, so the fact that there is a huge variety of models on the market is really common. Today we want you to know perfectly each of these types, so that when you make your purchase you can be sure of the product you are buying.

Conventional push up: Conventional push ups are the ones we have seen over the years. They have an excellent level of enhancement and their adjustment system is by means of clasps, which can have between 3 to 4 rows in order to provide better firmness to our breasts and at the same time, improve our posture.

Adhesive push up: Adhesive push up bras have undoubtedly become a boom in the world of women's lingerie, as they are a totally different type of garment and are undoubtedly a marvel to enhance. They are made with cotton and inside they have silicone inserts that adhere to the skin perfectly.

Conventional push up Adhesive push up
Type of fabric Cotton and lycra fabric Cotton and silicone fabric
Price High Medium
Daily use Yes No

How much does a push-up cost?

In the market we can find a wide variety of prices of push up, this is due to the fact that, as it is a very popular product, different companies are creating more and more designs that adapt excellently to the tastes of the clients that acquire them and also, that benefit them at all times.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different Push up models

The best way to achieve a completely successful purchase is to know perfectly each of the aspects that characterise the product we want to buy and also to take into account different aspects that will allow us to make the best choice, avoiding all kinds of regrets and complaints.

  • Type of fabric
  • Sizes
  • Fitting system
  • Durability

Type of fabric

The push up models usually do not have so much variety with regard to the fabrics with which they are made, however, there are some models that have different types with the intention of achieving a better result in who is using it. Today we want you to know them.

Cotton fabric: Cotton fabric is undoubtedly one of the most popular and used when it comes to intimate apparel is concerned, because being so soft, it is quite comfortable when using them, in addition, it brings much more freshness to our body.

Lycra: The push up made with lycra fabric are mostly dedicated specifically to be used at the time of physical activities, as this will allow your breasts to remain firm at all times and that with sudden movements do not lose their shape at any time.


When buying bras it is quite common that we choose the wrong size, which can be a serious problem; the best way to know which is the ideal size for you is by measuring your bust with a tape measure and with the help of the salesperson to verify which is your ideal size.

We know that in the world of bras there are different types of cups, which are A, B, C and D. Knowing this will help you to know which one will fit you best and which one will be the best for your day to day life, because if you choose the wrong size, it may not be as efficient.

Fitting system

The fit system of push up bras is the one that will help you measure which one is ideal for you, so that your breasts don't feel too tight or too baggy in any given case. There are only two types, which you need to know very well before making your purchase, so that it is totally satisfactory: Through the straps, those that have a kind of buckle that helps us to shorten the strap more in order to find the fit that suits us best.

This is the most common type of adjustment and the most used around the world. Through laces, because when it comes to adhesive type push up there is a kind of laces between the cups that will allow you to measure the fit of your breasts, if you want them to be more together or apart, it will only depend on you.


The push ups are admired because of their incredible capacity to reaffirm our breasts and posture in a very efficient and fast way, however, they can lose their effectiveness if they are not properly maintained, because yes, as crazy as it may sound, this type of garments are extremely delicate:

Wash them constantly to machine, since they can lose its elasticity and its figure, which can cause that at the moment that you use it they do not present the same level of adjustment and little by little it goes losing its efficiency to enhance your breasts.

Use too strong chemicals to wash them, because the fabric with which they are made is extremely delicate and always seeks to keep us comfortable at all times, so using too strong chemicals can turn it into a rough and less resistant fabric.

Keep them in places with a lot of dust, only when it is an adhesive type, because if they are exposed to a place with too much dust, the silicone can absorb it and then lose its effectiveness when we want to adhere it to our breasts.

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