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Quiz games are a type of board game which has been around for many years. They've become a family favourite often found in our homes because they are fun and educational. There are many different quiz games, though the best-known is undoubtedly Trivial Pursuit.

Not everyone is a fan of quiz games because they rely not only on chance but also knowledge and brain power. This also means, however, that you learn much more compared to playing other games, as they generally have questions on history, geography, art and similar subjects.

Key Facts

  • Quiz games are a type of board game where players answer questions about different topics, such as history, art, geography and nature.
  • Most are for ages 8 and up, due to their complex nature, and can be played with two or more players. The leading best seller on the market is undisputably Trivial Pursuit from brand Hasbro.
  • This pastime can be highly beneficial, not just for children, but also adults. These games are even used as learning and therapeutic tools by teachers, psychologists and speech therapists. They encourage teamwork and cooperation, contribute to cognitive development and develop concentration skills.

The best Quiz Game: Our Picks

If you're looking for a board game that is both fun as well as educational, look no further than quiz games. Below are the most popular and best-selling quiz games currently on the market which the whole family will enjoy. Choose any of these, and you're sure to have made a great choice!

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about quiz games

Deep down, everyone likes to show off. This is what makes these kinds of board games so much fun, at the same time as learning new things. If you are looking for a quiz game, check the following information to make sure you get the most out of it, as well as making the best choice for your kids.

quiz games

Quiz games are not only for children - they are also popular with adults. (Source: Dolgachov: 41728565/

What are quiz games and where do they come from?

Quiz games are a category of board game. They use cards or some other way to ask a series of questions on various topics. These are usually educational in nature, covering themes such as history, art, literature, geography or sport.

Quiz games go back to the hugely successful board game Trivial Pursuit, which was created by sports editor Scott Abbott and photographer Chris Haney. It was put on sale in 1981 and within a year was famous. To date, it has sold around 88 million copies and continues to be the favourite of its genre.

What are the advantages of quiz games?

As already mentioned, if board games are already educational for children, then quiz games are even more so. Undoubtedly, the best way for kids to learn is through playful, fun activities. Below you will find some of the many advantages to this type of pastime:

  • Develops teamwork and cooperation skills: most of these games need to be played in groups.
  • They teach kids about rules: because by their nature they only work if you follow the rules.
  • Aids with cognitive development: with quiz games, the questions are educational, meaning kids learn about a range of topics from history and geography to art.
  • They teach them about winning and losing: they come to appreciate that the important thing is to learn and have fun.
  • Improves communication and social skills: in playing with others, they need to negotiate with the rest of the group for the best outcome.
  • Increases concentration: they need to pay attention in order to understand the question and give the right answer.

For what ages are quiz games recommended?

Probably the biggest downside of this kind of game is that they are normally designed for children 8 years and over. This is because they need to be a competent reader in order to read the cards or other game elements. However, in some cases, children as young as 6 can participate.

This is the minimum age from which kids have the necessary concentration and cooperation skills. Additionally, questions are normally designed for this age range, and so if your child is younger, they may not have the required knowledge or skills to play the game.

Regine GalantiClinical Psychologist
"I often use board games as a mechanism to work on the parent-child relationship. They can also be used to increase frustration tolerance in a child".

What categories of quiz games are there?

There are a wide range of brands, models and types of quiz games. They are all fairly similar but cover different themes and topics. They are all generally designed to encourage players of all ages to learn new things. Here are some of the different types you can find:

  • Geography: You'll find questions about rivers, capitals, mountains, countries and populations, among others. For example, you might be asked: "What is the highest mountain in the world?"
  • Arts and literature: Here you'll see questions about actors, writers, painters, books, films and music. For example: "With what name did Vincent Van Gogh sign his paintings?"
  • History:  This theme covers questions about places, dates, characters and interesting events in history. For example: "How was World War I known prior to the start of the Second World War"?"
  • Entertainment: These questions will relate to movies and theatre, directors, actors, music and festivals. For example: "What movie  features the magic word 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'?"
  • Science and nature: Here you'll be asked questions about the human body, animals, meteorology and scientific inventions. For example: "On which side of the body is the liver?"
  • Sport and pastimes: Questions about football, cricket, the Olympics and athletes. For example: "What are the colours of the five Olympic rings?"

Should I play quiz games with my kids?

Of course, quiz games are not just for kids but are also lots of fun for grown-ups too. Adults will enjoy them in the same way, having fun while learning new facts. What's more, playing with your kids will mean working together in a team, improving everyone's communication and cooperation.

In this way, quiz games have many advantages, whether you play with your children or not. Buying one is sure to be a big hit at home - they are even used in schools and a range of educational and therapeutic settings.

quiz games

The best way that little ones learn is through fun and enjoyable activities. (Source: Leszek Glasner: 104289038/

What types of quiz games can I buy?

There are of course the classic quiz games like Trivial Pursuit, but over the years another of other quiz games have popped up, adding a great deal of variety to the genre by adding, for example, writing elements, electronic accessories and different categories. These various games also differ in terms of age range and difficulty level.

There are also special editions of Trivial Pursuit which have been released, each with their own specific theme. Some of the most famous are "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars" with questions relating to the movies, or sometimes the books. There are also "Disney" and "Harry Potter" editions.

Shopping criteria

Know that you know the basics about quiz games and, above all, their benefits, no doubt you're keen to go and buy one for your kids, or maybe for yourself! To find the best one which will suit the whole family in the midst of the large number of options on the market you'll want to consider the key criteria, which we have outlined below.


As already mentioned, quiz games are usually designed for ages 8 and up, so this is the first thing you should keep in mind. That being said, these games are great for adults to, so it may be something you'll buy to play with friends

The age you're catering for will help to determine which game will be the most appropriate, from "Disney" editions to Trivial Pursuit's genius or "Game of Thrones" editions. Have no fear, there is something for everyone in the family.

Beatrice Tauber PriorClinical Psychologist and Author
"Families are struggling to find the balance between digital and [real-life] connections, but board games provide a tool for that emotional connection to each other."

Categories covered

We've already mentioned a number of the categories that quiz games usually cover. However, in some cases, certain categories may be the most suitable. For example, your son may love "Star Wars" and an edition relating to this legendary saga will be the best option to entertain him.

On the other hand, if you buy a certain special edition, it may be that not everyone in the family wants to play because they lack the specific knowledge on that subject. In this case, it's advisable to opt for a family version with multiple levels of difficulty, so everyone will enjoy themselves.

quiz games

It's best if all family members get involved in the game.
(Source: Iakov Filimonov: 51765920/

Number of players

The majority of quiz games are designed for multiple players, but you should check whether they can be played with just two people, for example, so that your children can enjoy them by themselves. Next, depending on when you are planning on playing the game, such as at the family Christmas do, for example, you should also check the maximum number of players.

If you are playing a game with more people than the official number of maximum players, you can also split into teams. This could be pairs, or even teams of six or so. The most important thing is to play as a family, with all family members participating.

Game format

Even though these games are great fun and educational at the same time, children and adults who are more active and looking for greater movement may not get into them. In this case, look for quiz games which are a little more complex, with time pressure elements such as a time limit for giving answers.

In general, board games are often used by pediatricians, psychiatrists, and speech therapists because of their many benefits for children.

Gameplay time

This is a very important consideration for some, either because they are time-poor, or because they get bored with excessively long games. Unfortunately for those people, quiz games usually take at least an hour to play, depending on the number of players and how well they do.


Without a doubt, board games are one of the best ways to have fun and, above all, quiz games are the best way to have fun while also learning. They have countless benefits, including promoting teamwork, learning to win or lose graciously, and improving communication skills.

It's important to consider the recommended age range of the game, the number of players, and the categories included in the questions. There are many different quiz games, but all are successors of the original in the genre, Trivial Pursuit, which has been wildly popular since the eighties.

We hope you'll be inspired to buy one of these awesome games and enjoy playing with your kids while learning at the same time. Please share this article on social media and let us know which was your favourite in the comments below!

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