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The racket is an essential item for those who practice any sport with rackets, such as tennis or squash. In it you can store not only the racket, but also several other accessories. The racket case is also essential to protect your objects from external aggressions that can cause premature wear of these.

And the best thing is that there are options for all tastes and needs. Do you want to know the best models and understand more about the product? Then check all this and more, below!


  • Some rackets can hold up to 10 rackets.
  • In addition to the racket, it is also possible to store other accessories and personal belongings in the racket.
  • There are various models of racket cases.

The Best Racket: Our Picks

Buying guide

There are many racket boots models and even versions of the same model have different characteristics. Therefore, finding the ideal model is not an easy task. With that in mind, we have created a buying guide with all the information about this product. Check it out and make the right choice!

Imagem de um rapaz segurando uma garrafa de água, sentado ao lado de uma bolsa e uma raquete.

There are several models of rackets. (Source: FirmBee/

What is a racket and what is it used for?

The racket is a kind of bag made to measure for the storage and transport of rackets. This is because, due to the shape of the rackets, it would be very difficult to transport them in a bag that was not developed exclusively for this. In addition, some models can also be used to store other accessories related to the sport, such as socks and wrist pads.

Did you know: The first rackets of which we have records were documented in the Trattato del Giuco della Palle (Treatise on the Ball Game), written by Antonio Scaino in 1555. They were 150 cm long and were developed from a piece of plywood

What are the advantages of the racket?

The main advantage of the racket is that the racket fits perfectly inside it. They also help to conserve your equipment by protecting it from variations in temperature, impacts, dust and other factors that can result in damage to rackets. Next, we will present all the advantages that this item presents. We will also talk about the disadvantages.

  • Resistant material
  • Conservation of the equipment
  • Practicality
  • Possibility of carrying several important items for the game
  • Perfect size to accommodate the racket
  • Value a little high

What are the types of racket?

The most common racket is the one that looks like a side bag. Within this category there are variations in size as some models can hold more rackets than others. But in general, this type of racket bag has two side straps, a shorter one so that you can carry it with your hands and a longer one if you prefer to carry it on your shoulders.

There are also models in the shape of a backpack. Apparently this model is an ordinary backpack, but on the sides, where there should be pockets, there are spaces for the rackets. Some models also have internal space for the rackets.

Finally, there is a much simpler version that is a little bigger than the racket. It is a "glove" for this accessory. Because its size is almost identical to that of the racket, this model cannot accommodate any other accessory.

Racket with side handle Racket backpack type Racket shaped racket
Practice Yes Yes Yes
Can carry several rackets Yes Yes No
Can carry several accessories Yes Yes No
Resistant Yes Yes Depending on the model
Several extra pockets Yes Depending on the model No

What to take in the racket?

The main item that should be carried in a racquetrack, as the name implies, is the racquet. However, sports played with rackets also require the use of other equipment such as socks, shoes, clothing, balls and suitable racket pads.

It is also important to stay hydrated during matches, so it is essential to carry a small bottle of water. In other words, apart from the racket, there are several items that a player needs to carry and the racket case holds them all.

Imagem de uma raquete em cima de uma bolsa e ao lado de bolas de tênis.

Apart from the racket, it is also necessary to carry socks, shoes, balls and crutches. (Source: Marijana1/

Purchase Criteria: aspects that should interfere when choosing the racket

There is a wide variety of racket rackets, which is precisely why it is important to establish some criteria for choosing. That is why we have selected the main aspects you should consider when buying a racket.

Do you see how they are all related to your personal needs? That is why it is so necessary to pay attention to these topics. To make your choice even easier, we will detail each one of them below!


It is very important that you analyse the size of the racket before buying it. This is because, apart from the rackets you will also need to carry other accessories that should be used in the games and some personal items. So make sure that the racket bag really does hold everything you need.

 Imagem com várias bolsas de guardar raquetes.

It is very important to analyse the size of the racket. (Source: Leonard Zhukovsky/

Number of compartments

If you need to carry more than one racket you will need to buy a larger model, but more than that, you should opt for a version with several compartments. The amount of compartments is related to the amount of rackets you will be able to store in the racket.


As mentioned above, it is common for players to carry several rackets in their racket, accessories used during matches and some personal items. Therefore, it is necessary that the material of the product be resistant and of quality, in order to support all this weight.

Prefer rackets made of 100% polyester and finished in carbon

That is why we recommend that you prefer racket rackets made of 100% polyester and with carbon finishes. Furthermore, depending on what you intend to take with you, you should also opt for those with thermal insulation. Finally, to keep your belongings even more protected, choose waterproof racket pads.

Indicated modality

The racket is an item used in various sports, and in each one it has specific characteristics. There are small variations in width and length, but they must be considered. This is because, although most racket rackets can be used with all types of rackets, some are made exclusively for a specific type of racket. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to this detail.

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