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Listening to your favourite song in the morning on the way to work or at breakfast can make the whole day sweeter.

With your perfect radio CD player for your car or home, this is possible every day. Whether for children, adults, the blind or the elderly, there is a model for everyone!

With our radio CD player test 2022 we want to support and accompany you in your search for the perfect model. We have compared a wide variety of models and put them under the microscope for you. In this way, we want to make your purchase decision easier!


  • Before you decide on a radio CD player, you should pay close attention to the sound quality, the size, the available functions and the operation. We have summarised the most important information for you!
  • There are two basic types of radio CD players: radio CD players with DAB+ or FM. If you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages, you've come to the right place!
  • If you're looking for a radio CD player, you'll be confronted with a lot of possible suppliers. We have listed the most popular options for you. Let us inspire you!

The Best Radio CD Player: Our Picks

Radio CD Player: Buying and rating criteria

When buying a radio CD player, several factors play a decisive role. With the help of the buying and rating criteria we have summarised, we will try to simplify your search for the perfect radio CD player. The criteria include:

In the following, we go into more detail about each criterion and explain what matters in the different areas.

Sound quality

A radio CD player will not fulfil its promise if the sound quality is not right! For this reason, it is very important that you pay attention to this criterion during the buying process.

A sound check before buying is possible and advisable both in the shop and online!

The question is: How can you test the sound quality before you buy? If you buy your radio CD player in a shop, it's a good idea to ask the salesperson for a sound check.

This way you can be convinced of the sound quality on the spot. Then you won't be disappointed when you try it out at home.

If you decide to buy online, there are several ways to check the sound quality.

On the one hand, you can look at existing product tests on YouTube for your desired model.

We also recommend that you read customer reviews on the manufacturer's website. That way, you might discover an unwanted defect before you buy!

Functions / Accessories

A radio CD player can offer you much more than you might think possible. It is only important that you know the available functions and possible accessories so that you can adapt the available variations to your needs.

So that you are informed about all the possibilities, we have listed common functions and often available accessories for you below:

  • additional cassette compartment
  • Bluetooth function
  • Wifi function
  • Docking station for iPhones
  • USB connection
  • with microphone
  • portable
  • Headphone jack

All of these features and accessories are available when you buy a radio CD player. If you know about possible variations in advance, you can conduct your search in a much more targeted way.

In addition, you can avoid buying something too expensive because of features you don't really need!

Size / Shape

Your perfect radio CD player comes in a variety of colours and shapes. You don't have to choose the standard model. A radio CD player can also be a real accessory in your home.

We have summarised the points you should consider in terms of size and shape below:

  • Practicality: If you're looking for a radio CD player that you can take to a family gathering or party whenever the opportunity arises, you shouldn't buy a model that's too big.
  • Space requirements: Do you already know exactly where your radio CD player will fit in your home? If so, we recommend that you measure the desired location in advance so that you can adjust the size and shape of your device accordingly when buying it.
  • Optics: Are you a real perfectionist when it comes to the interior design of your home? Then you should also pay attention to the appearance of your new radio CD player. The right size in combination with the right shape can make your device a real eye-catcher!

If you go through these points carefully before buying, you can't go wrong with the size and shape of your radio CD player.


The appearance, sound and functions of your radio CD player are right. You install the device at home and the complicated operation throws a spanner in the works. This can cost you a lot of nerves when your new radio CD player doesn't work the way you wanted it to!

Complicated operation of your radio CD player can take all the joy out of your purchase!

A very important point when buying a radio CD player is that it should be easy to operate. But how can you check this in advance?

Similar to the sound quality, there are several options. If you are in a shop, you can of course put the radio CD player through its paces on the spot.

If you buy online, we recommend that you go through existing product tests. Here, the criterion of operation almost always plays an important role.

In this way, you can rule out radios with complicated operation in advance. But existing customer reviews are also often very helpful in this context!

Radio CD Player: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Buying a radio CD player often brings up a variety of questions. We have answered the most important questions for you below. After reading our guide, you will know all the important details about buying a radio CD player.

Who are Radio CD Players suitable for?

Whether you are looking for a new car radio or a suitable gift for your children, a radio CD player is suitable for many situations.

Radio CD Player-1

Radio CD players are actually suitable for everyone, as long as you choose the right model!
(Image source: Will Francis / unsplash)

For whom exactly such a device is a good purchase decision, we have summarised for you in the following:

  • Children: Children especially love to listen to music or stories. A radio CD player is therefore a very good choice to fulfil this wish. Whether in pink, blue or with glitter, a radio CD player is available for children in any colour. An accompanying microphone is also possible and can give children a lot of joy.
  • Car radio: Are you looking for more entertainment during a car ride? Then a radio CD player with Bluetooth function is just the thing for you. With such a device, you can make the one or other hour-long car journey or the way home more enjoyable. The Bluetooth function also allows you to link your mobile phone with the device.
  • Seniors: But there is also the right model for seniors. A radio CD player enables people of advanced age to listen to their favourite radio station all day long or to play old classics via the CD drive. A radio CD player can refresh everyday life and provide entertainment.
  • Blind people: Blind people in particular often have a smaller choice of entertainment options. The programme on television is rather tedious to consume and activities on the computer can sometimes cost one or two nerves. A radio CD player is therefore the perfect option for effortless entertainment.

Whether young or old, in the car or at home, a radio CD player is suitable for almost everyone. From music fans to story lovers to people who like to be up to date, the right radio CD player can provide it all.

What types of radio CD players are there?

If you want to get a radio CD player, there are two different types. We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each type of radio CD player in the table below:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Radio CD player with DAB+ greater programme variety and more extensive selection, automatic station search saves annoying station search, better sound than FM radios no nationwide coverage with stations, not all FM stations are also accessible via DAB+
Radio CD player with FM many traditional stations less programme variety than with DAB+, no automatic station search, not noise-free

So if you're thinking about buying a radio CD player, we recommend choosing one with DAB+. The advantages of these devices outweigh the disadvantages and they are state of the art.

How much does a radio CD player cost?

If you want to buy a radio CD player, you will be confronted with a very wide price range. The table below shows the price range for the different types of radio CD players:

Type Price in €
Radio CD player with DAB+ 40 to 300
Radio CD player with FM 30 to 300

As you can see, the prices differ regardless of the type of device. The prices are based much more on the accessories and the available functions. An additional Bluetooth function can quickly cost you 20-30 € more.

We recommend that you pay attention to the extras when buying your radio CD player. You can save a lot of money if you know which functions you need and which you don't need. It is important that you know your needs and requirements in advance!

What are the alternatives to a radio CD player?

If you don't want a radio CD player, there are a few other options you can choose from.

Radio CD Player-2

If you haven't found the right model, there are also alternatives. (Image source: Eric Nopanen / unsplash)

We have listed the alternatives available to you in the following table and described them in more detail:

  • Music box: A music box is a portable device that allows you to listen to music wherever you are. You can connect your mobile phone to the box via a Bluetooth function and start listening straight away.
  • Music system: A music system is the big sister of a radio CD player. It is much larger and has a stronger sound volume. In addition to CDs, you can also connect your mobile phone to the music system via a docking function.
  • Stereo receiver: With a stereo receiver, you can play your records as well as your digital music. A Bluetooth function allows you to switch between digital and analogue. You can also connect other audio devices, such as a recording device, via several audio inputs.

We hope that we have shown you a few suitable alternatives. It's best to take another look at the variants in detail before you make a final decision!

What designs are available for radio CD players?

Often, a radio CD player should not only play beautiful music, but also be a real eye-catcher in a home. But in many cases, children also have precise ideas about how their new radio CD player should look.

Radio CD Player-3

Radio CD players come in many colours, shapes and sizes. (Image source: Abe B. Ryokan / unsplash)

Now the question arises, which designs are available to you at all?

Basically, this question can be answered quite simply: everything is possible with the right budget.

Especially in the area of children's radios, models are available in a wide variety of colours. But radio CD players are also available in all shapes and colours for adults. Unfortunately, it is often the case that a fancy model also has its price.

With fancy designs, however, you should not be too distracted by the look and still pay attention to the quality! Expensive does not mean high quality!

We therefore recommend to passionate interior designers: a noble design is all well and good, but when it comes to radio CD players, quality should definitely be the priority!

Which playback formats can be played on radio CD players?

When buying your radio CD player, you should definitely think about the different playback formats. Not every model can play every format. We have summarised below which playback formats should work without problems:

  • CD-MP3
  • CD-RW
  • CD
  • CD-R

If you think you don't know what these abbreviations mean, don't worry. It is only important that you compare your CDs at home with the specifications of the radio of your choice, preferably before you buy!


A radio CD player can do a lot. Sometimes perhaps a little too much. The functions offered do not always fit everyone's needs. It is therefore important that you know exactly what your needs and wishes are during the buying process in order to avoid an overpriced purchase!

It is also important that you take a close look at our purchase criteria and pay attention to the topic of playback formats. If you follow our tips and tricks, there's not much that can go wrong with your purchase. We wish you lots of fun and success in your search for the perfect radio CD player!

Image source: Dmitry / 123rf