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Are you looking for the perfect shower head for your bathroom? The choice can often be confusing as there are countless ones on the market. What if we told you that with the right choice, you can create your own personal wellness area in your bathroom? Are you ready for a whole new and unique shower experience?

With a rain shower head, it's possible and "digging too deep into your pocket" isn't necessarily required. We have conducted the rain shower head test 2021 to help you find the right rain shower head for you. We looked at different models and researched what to look for in rain shower heads. We then tried to discover and list all the advantages and disadvantages of the products.


  • With rain shower heads, more air is added to the water and distributed over a larger shower head area. This creates a light jet of water that is similar to rain.
  • Although rain shower heads are considered an absolute luxury item, they do not always have to be expensive. The classic rain shower heads are already available for a small budget.
  • Rain shower heads are either mounted in the ceiling or on a rod. You should therefore take a look at the spatial conditions before purchasing to see which type suits your bathroom better.

The Best Rain Shower Head: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for rain shower heads

There is an almost unmanageable number of different rain shower heads. Therefore, it can be a bit of a challenge to find the right one for you among this multitude.

These criteria can be useful when buying:

The individual criteria are therefore described in more detail to ensure a better understanding.


The decision for the right material of the rain shower head is not an unimportant one. After all, this is an important quality feature and not least a decisive factor that contributes to the aesthetics of your bathroom.

High-quality materials ensure durability.

Most rain shower heads are available in stainless steel, brass or copper.

The quality of the shower head material is of course a question of price. However, care should be taken to ensure that it is made of the materials mentioned, as the shower head is constantly exposed to water and must therefore be robust.

Moreover, most rain shower heads have a chrome finish to prevent corrosion. In addition, almost all shower heads have nubs on the glands, which is important to prevent a lot of limescale from forming and to make it easy to remove.


Rain shower heads come in many sizes. What can possibly be confusing is that some are given in inches and some in centimetres. This depends on the manufacturer. Whereas German production companies, such as Hansgrohe, Grohe and Hansa, indicate the size in centimetres, imported goods are often written in inches.

How big the rain shower head should be for a shower varies greatly. The size depends on your preferences, but it is also a question of price, as larger shower heads often cost more than smaller ones.

The minimum size of rain showerheads is 20 cm (equivalent to about 8 inches). However, this is relatively small for a rain shower head.

To be able to completely surround your body with water, a shower head with a size of at least 30 cm should be purchased. Even better are the sizes 40 cm (about 16 inches) and 50 cm (about 20 inches). With this large surface area, there is enough space for many glands.

However, there is no limit to the size, as there are also rain shower heads in the form of panels that can extend over several metres.


The installation of the rain shower head can be a little more complicated than with conventional shower heads. This is because they are often installed in the wall, or ceiling. Therefore, it is not advisable for a layman to take matters into his own hands. It is better to hire a professional to do it.

If only the shower head needs to be mounted on an already installed bar, this can easily be done by yourself. However, the instructions for the model should be consulted beforehand.


A rain shower head is available in various shapes. You will mainly find round or angular variants.

Basically, there are round and angular rain shower heads.

In terms of function, there is no difference between the two shapes, it's just a matter of appearance. So you should see which shape fits better into your bathroom décor.

The classic round rain shower heads may be more suitable for a curved shower shape. Whereas angular rain shower heads probably fit more into a rectangular shower. However, this is always very much an individual decision as to which shape fits better in the surroundings and depends not least on your own preferences.


Rain shower heads are available in different colours. However, the most common colour is silver. This colour is followed by black and white. There are also some with a retro look that are available in gold or bronze.

So if you want to create a very extravagant and interesting highlight in your bathroom, a rain shower head in these colours is definitely a hot tip!

If you have opted for a classic, silver rain shower head and still don't want to miss out on some colour accents in your bathroom, there is another option: many rain shower heads can be equipped with an LED light, which can create a pleasant and exciting atmosphere.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a rain shower head

If you have decided to buy a rain shower head, you probably have some questions. So that you don't have to spend a long time looking for the answers, we have picked out the most frequently asked questions and answered them.

What is special about a rain shower head and what advantages does it offer?

A rain shower head provides a whole new showering experience. The added air and the many glands with silicone nubs make the water jets gentle and soft.

With this process, the shower head simulates a warm rain shower. The water jets patter lightly and pleasantly on your body and, depending on how big the shower head is, they can cover a large area.

Type Description
Rain shower head Features a gentle water jet and is also available in an XXL version
Classic shower head Has a harder jet and usually a smaller shower head

In addition, rain showers are not only functional and pleasant, but also look very nice and can be set as a highlight in your bathroom.

What types of rain shower heads are there?

Basically, a distinction can be made between exposed and concealed fittings.


Choosing the right rain shower head is not easy. Therefore, you should make sure that the style of the rain shower head matches the rest of the bathroom furnishings.
(Image source: Andrea Davis / unsplash)

With a surface-mounted fitting, the shower head is mounted on the pipe, which is attached to the wall. The concealed fitting is inserted directly into the ceiling so that it forms an almost level surface with the ceiling.

Rain shower head on the ceiling

This is a rectangular or round plate that is mounted in the ceiling. It usually has a large surface area, allowing the entire body to be covered by the fine raindrops.

  • Is luxurious and modern
  • Suitable for people of all sizes and does not need to be adjusted before use
  • Models can be slightly more expensive
  • Assembly is complicated

Rain showers integrated into ceilings are considered a luxury item par excellence and can shine in terms of extreme modernity. So if you attach great importance to these aspects, this is certainly a good decision. Since the rain shower head is attached to the ceiling, anyone, no matter how tall or short, can stand upright under it without any problems.

However, as already mentioned, it should be noted that the installation is a bit more complicated and retrofitting can also be a challenge.

Furthermore, these models are usually not the cheapest. However, those who put up with these factors will certainly not regret the decision, as they are almost impossible to beat in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

Rain shower head for wall connection

This type of rain shower head is similar to the classic shower head. It can also be installed easily and by yourself. The shower head is mounted on a shower rod. When mounting the shower rod, it is important to observe the sizes of all users, as this cannot be changed later!

  • Easy assembly
  • Already available for a reasonable price
  • The size must be included, cannot be changed later

The rain shower head for wall connection is certainly a good alternative to conventional shower heads. Especially since they are in the same price range. So it's definitely worth a try.

Who is a rain shower head suitable for?

A rain shower head is suitable for anyone who wants to have a special shower experience and wants to afford a small spa - area in their own four walls.

A rain shower head is suitable for true luxury lovers!

However, you don't necessarily have to dig deep into your pockets. It is also recommended for people who find the jet of a conventional shower too hard and prefer a gentle, light water jet.

Moreover, a rain shower head offers the possibility to give the bathroom a modern and elegant touch.

How much does a rain shower head cost?

Especially compared to a conventional shower head.

As has already been mentioned, the cliché "a rain shower would only be something for people with a lot of money" is not correct. Although there are luxurious and therefore very expensive rain shower heads, the classic rain shower heads start at a very low price.

Type Price
Conventional shower heads from around 9 euros
Classic rain shower heads from around 20 euros
High-quality rain shower heads from around 80 euros
Luxury rain shower heads from around 1000 euros

The prices for rain shower heads vary greatly. The price is made up of several factors, such as quality, material, size and design. The cheap models start at 20 euros.

However, there are many rain shower heads that are a lot more expensive. The prices of most Grohe and Hansgrohe rain shower heads start at 80 euros, with the average price being around 400 euros.

However, there are real luxury versions from these brands, and also from others, such as Dornbracht. Several thousand euros are required to purchase such a luxury item, and professional installation must also be taken into account!

What is the best way to clean the rain shower head?

From time to time, of course, it can happen that the rain shower head gets a little dirty from the lime-laden water. This can be easily remedied: Simply clean the rain shower head with a bath cleaner and a cloth.

Furthermore, the holes of the rain shower head may also be blocked due to the limescale. In this case, the shower head can be dismantled and placed in a descaling agent. However, the manufacturer's recommendation regarding cleaning should always be read first.

In the case of a shower head with silicone nubs, it often helps to run your finger over the nubs and press them in lightly to clear a blockage in the glands.


Anyone who decides to buy a rain shower head will certainly not regret their decision. It is not only extremely modern and spices up the bathroom, but also offers a completely new showering experience. For all shower connoisseurs and luxury lovers, this innovative shower head is the ideal investment.

Since the variation of rain shower heads is very large, you should thoroughly inform yourself about the different models. Rain shower heads are available in different colours, materials, shapes and sizes. Which rain shower head best suits your bathroom needs to be carefully considered. One thing is certain, however: you will certainly be delighted with your new shower!

Image source: Vesalainen / 123rf

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