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Rattan armchairs offer you a nice way to retreat and relax. Their material consists of the wood of the East Asian Rotang palm, which is very stable and robust. The artificial polyrattan is also often used, which is a more weatherproof alternative to normal rattan.

We want to help you with our rattan chair test 2022 and support you in your purchase decision. We show you what you should look for when buying and which questions often arise in this context. This way you can find the perfect rattan chair for you.


  • A rattan armchair is made of the wood of an East Asian palm tree and offers a perfect place to relax and wind down.
  • Basically, a distinction is made between rattan armchairs for indoor and outdoor use. The latter, however, are mostly made of the artificial material polyrattan, as this can better withstand the various weather conditions.
  • You can buy rattan chairs in different shapes, sizes and with certain extras or add-ons.

The Best Rattan Armchair: Our Picks

Rattan armchair: buying and rating criteria

There are many different rattan armchairs on the market, which can be distinguished by certain criteria. In the following, we have listed the criteria that might be relevant for you when buying:

In the following, we will describe the individual criteria in more detail.


The shape of the rattan armchair plays an important role in the purchase. It gives the chair a certain style, which can be selected to match the furnishings according to taste.

Rattan armchairs with special shapes are particularly modern.

In principle, a distinction can be made between round and angular rattan armchairs. The round armchairs have even more special shapes, such as the drop shape or the flower shape. According to the names, these models resemble a drop or a flower. The square rattan armchairs, on the other hand, are more classic and the most frequently purchased shape. Particularly popular here is the so-called wing chair, which has a relatively high backrest with headrests attached to the side.


When buying a rattan armchair, you should also check whether it is offered with a cushion. Some suppliers only sell the chair itself, so that you have to take care of the cushions or upholstery yourself. Before you buy, find out what fabric the cushion of your desired rattan armchair is made of.

In the case of an outdoor chair, you should make sure that the cushion is actually waterproof. If you want to buy a rattan armchair without a cushion, you should pay attention to the shape and dimensions when buying the cushion.


There are both small rattan chairs for children and larger rattan chairs for adults. The size of the chair is usually indicated by the length, width and height.

The size is often indicated as follows: Length x width x height.

Smaller rattan chairs are available from a length of approx. 65 cm, a height of approx. 60 cm and a height of approx. 80 cm. Larger rattan chairs, on the other hand, are available from a length of approx. 100 cm, a width of 90 cm and a height of up to 150 cm. The height is decisive for the size of the backrest. So you can also distinguish between rattan armchairs with high and low backrests.


You can buy rattan armchairs with various extras. While some armchairs have no other functions, certain models can be reclined and folded out. In addition to this reclining function, there are also models that can swivel. Furthermore, rattan armchairs are also available with certain add-ons. Some models are offered with a stool, footrest or even a small table.

Often, offers with extras or add-ons are logically also more expensive. When buying a rattan armchair, you should therefore pay attention to which extras or additions you need or would like to have. Sometimes a normal armchair without all the additional functions is sufficient.

Rattan armchair: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following, we would like to help you as a guide. For this purpose, we have selected frequently asked questions about rattan armchairs and answered them briefly. After this section, you should have enough information about rattan chairs to make your purchase decision.

Who is a rattan armchair suitable for?

Rattan chairs are armchairs made from the wood of the East Asian Rotang palm tree. They are not only simple and natural, but also have a lot to offer on the outside. Thus, a rattan armchair easily fits into different furnishing styles and can transform a nice little corner into a pleasant retreat.


The wood of the Rotang palm is very elastic and hard-wearing. (Image source: Frantisek Krejci / pixabay)

Armchairs made of polyrattan are also frequently offered. This is a man-made wickerwork, which is why armchairs made of polyrattan are a more weatherproof alternative and are mostly used for outdoor use. Whether indoors or outdoors, rattan armchairs are suitable for people who like to take some time to rest or relax.

What types of rattan armchairs are there?

There are many different rattan armchairs that can be distinguished on the basis of certain criteria. In general, however, one can differentiate between two broader types of rattan armchairs. There are rattan chairs for outdoor use as well as for indoor use. We will now compare and describe these two types with their advantages and disadvantages.

Use material used advantages disadvantages
Rattan armchair for outdoor use polyrattan high stability and elasticity, weatherproof and water-repellent, low weight not as robust, resource- and energy-intensive production
Rattan armchair for indoor use rattan high stability and elasticity, very robust, natural, low weight regular care necessary, not weatherproof or waterproof

The frequently used artificial polyrattan for outdoor use is very resource-intensive to produce and consumes a lot of energy. As a synthetic material, it is less robust than the natural variant, so it can bear less weight.

Nevertheless, armchairs made of polyrattan can stand out from armchairs made of rattan because of their weather-resistant and water-repellent surface. Armchairs made of normal rattan are more for indoor use and are neither weatherproof nor completely water-repellent. The wood of the Rotang palm requires regular care with certain products.


Rattan chairs offer a nice opportunity to relax and rest. (Image source: Rony Stephen Chowdhury / pexels)

Nevertheless, the naturally used material is not a burden on the environment and is very robust. It can bear a heavier weight than the artificial variant. Both types of rattan armchairs have a high degree of stability and elasticity and can be easily pushed and repositioned due to their light weight.

What are the alternatives to a rattan chair?

Besides rattan armchairs or the direct alternative of armchairs made of polyrattan, there are also many other alternatives that are offered on the market. We would like to briefly show and describe two of them below.

Alternative Description
Armchairs made of velvet These armchairs often have legs made of solid wood and velvet upholstery. Just like rattan armchairs, they offer a comfortable seating option.
Polyester armchairs These armchairs often have legs made of wood or steel and their upholstery is usually made of 100% polyester. They also offer a comfortable seating option.

There are many different armchairs, which differ in the material used for the frame, the legs and especially the upholstery. However, they all have one essential function in common, namely the ability to sit down.

Can I paint my rattan armchair?

In principle, you can paint all rattan furniture, including your rattan armchair. However, the surface must be completely dry and free of dust and grease, otherwise the newly applied paint could easily come off. Before painting, however, you often have to sand the old paint or varnish (if present) with sandpaper. This step is not always necessary.

Whether this step is necessary depends on the colour or varnish of the rattan chair.

When painting rattan, several coats are often necessary. Especially with darker colours, it is recommended to paint a white primer before painting the desired colour.

How do I care for my rattan chair?

Due to the woven pattern, dirt and other debris can often get caught and stuck in it. Especially outdoor chairs can accumulate such debris. We therefore recommend that you clean your rattan chair regularly with a small brush.


Rattan armchairs in natural colours go well with any other furniture. (Image source: Nicola Dreyer / unsplash)

For extra good care of your rattan armchair, you can also use spray wax or rattan care oil. With this you can do something good for it so that it looks beautiful and new for longer. You should also make sure that your chair is not too dry or too damp. Outdoor chairs made of polyrattan do not require such careful care with the products mentioned. However, to protect them, it is advisable to put some kind of cover over them when they are not in use.


A rattan armchair offers you a perfect retreat to relax and unwind. With a variety of different shapes, extras and accessories, you are guaranteed to find your perfect rattan armchair. They are available for both outdoor and indoor use.

Two different materials are often used. The more robust armchair made of rattan is more suitable for indoors and the more weatherproof armchair made of polyrattan is more suitable for outdoors.

Image source: Kittichai Boonpong / 123rf