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Dolls have always been present in the world of children, especially among girls. But in recent years, they have gained a new status with the arrival of the reborn doll, a very realistic copy of a real baby. And so, besides winning the hearts of little girls, it has also conquered adults.

If you are thinking about buying a reborn doll but are not yet sure about your choice, follow us to learn more about it and get to know the best-selling models on the market!


  • The reborn doll is a toy that imitates a real baby, most often a newborn baby, almost to perfection.
  • One of the most striking features of the reborn doll is the texture of the skin, which reproduces all the little folds of babies' hands and feet.
  • Many people have the reborn doll to eternalize the appearance of a child (or loved ones) when they were babies.

The best Reborn Doll: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the reborn doll

If, as a child, you wished you had a doll with features similar to the real thing, or if you are thinking of giving a gift to someone with a reborn doll, this section will help you.

We will answer the most common questions on the Internet to help you make the right decision. Follow us!

boneca reborn

The reborn doll is a toy that imitates to near perfection a real baby, most often a newborn baby. Source: Deborah Lee Rossiter /

What is a reborn doll?

The reborn doll can be considered as a toy for girls, since it is a doll. But it is more than that: "reborn" is an expression that means "reborn". It is an almost perfect imitation of a newborn baby.

Normally, she has the same average weight, size and characteristics such as skin texture, marks on the mouth and folds in the hands. Even the strands of hair resemble the human one!

In general, she is all handmade, with delicate and precise technique to ensure fidelity to all details that make her a perfect replica of a baby.

What is the difference between the reborn doll and the traditional one?

The manufacture of ordinary dolls is becoming more evolved every day. But even with manufacturers striving for details, there are still marked differences between conventional models and the reborn doll.

The totally handmade confection is one of the main ones. However, there are other features that make it possible to distinguish one from the other, as we show below:

Reborn doll Common doll
Confection Totally handmade Industrial
Weight The average weight of a newborn baby Much lighter
Skin texture Natural Artificial
Hair Implanted Implanted or painted

Is there a right age to have a reborn doll?

There is no ideal age to have a reborn doll. What will change is what it will represent for people of each age group. If it is a child, it will assume the role of a toy, which can be educational, helping to develop attention to care and interactions with other children.

For adults, on the other hand, it can take on other meanings. Many women use the reborn doll to overcome the loss of a child or to recreate and eternalise the features of a loved one. In this case, it can have an emotional and therapeutic character.

There are people who treat the doll like a real child. They assemble the baby's trousseau, bathe it and even take it for a ride in a pram, as they would do with a real child.

boneca reborn

One of the most striking features of the reborn doll is the texture of the skin, which reproduces all the folds of the baby's hands and feet. Source: Marina Appel /

How to identify a reborn doll?

Despite advances in the industrial manufacture of toys, it is still easy to distinguish a reborn doll from a common one. This is because, at first glance, it is possible to see human characteristics very close to natural ones.

The real appearance of a reborn doll's skin is impressive.

The texture of the skin is what brings the doll closer to a real baby. She has the baby's famous "folds" on her hands, feet and legs. The nails and hair are also noteworthy. In some cases, human yarn is used to further enhance the doll's realism, but the most common is to use sheep's wool.

Is it necessary to take specific care of the reborn doll?

Yes, the reborn doll is produced by hand in a handmade process. For this reason, it is much more fragile than a common doll. In this sense, it is important to be aware of some care and use tips on a daily basis:

  1. Be careful with small children. Some parts of the doll may come off and be swallowed;
  2. Play. It is best if the doll is used more for decoration than for playing;
  3. Cleaning. The clothes can be removed for individual washing. For the conservation of the doll itself, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

Purchase criteria: What to take into account when choosing a reborn doll

With all this information it will be easier to find the reborn doll that will delight the whole family. However, before buying, it is important to know some more factors that can be decisive when choosing the ideal doll.

Check them out:


Here, we return to that point we highlighted earlier, about who and how will play with the reborn doll. If it is for you to have as a collection item and even for a childhood wish, it is worth investing in an ultra realistic and therefore more expensive model.

But for children's games, perhaps the best choice is a simpler doll - even if reborn - so that they can play freely, without you having to regret seeing the invested amount being dragged along the floor!


Do you prefer a reborn doll with features faithful to those of a newborn baby? Or do you want one that looks older? These answers define the size and some other details of your new doll. In the market you can find from dolls with 48 centimetres of height, to the largest, with about 70 centimetres or even more.

So before you choose, check the measures, weight and particularities of the doll that can make a difference when you or the children of the house are with her in their arms.

boneca reborn

Many people have the reborn doll to eternalize the appearance of a child as a baby. Source: Andrey Kirillov /


As we have shown, all the making of the reborn doll is done with delicate materials that best mimic the natural texture, especially in the skin and hair. But there are other materials that are hidden but still deserve attention.

So, when buying, check the type of filling of the doll, the glues and threads used and make sure there are no components that may be toxic or cause allergies. If they come from sustainable sources, ecological cultivation or recycling, even better. It's one more way to care for the environment!


Directly related to the previous point, the finish of your reborn doll depends on the quality of the materials but, even more so, on the work of the craftsman. So, when choosing yours, observe every detail.

Loose threads, hair that looks badly implanted, items that can become detached... All this must pass your evaluation. If you have doubts just from the photos, contact the seller or look for reviews from other customers who have already bought. This always helps.


Regardless of size or other characteristics that we have already mentioned here, the accessories can make a difference when choosing your reborn doll. Some come with a complete outfit, from clothes to dummies, nappies and bottles.

Other manufacturers go further and assemble a combination that even includes a cradle, pram and stuffed animals. Depending on how you intend to use the doll, you will really need these items. So, although it may seem like a bigger investment initially, it can be a great option to purchase the complete kit. It is always good to remember that buying children's items is not as cheap as it seems!


There is no denying the fascination that the reborn doll exerts over people. The faithfulness to the shapes and details of a real baby is what impresses most. But for it to be so realistic, it is necessary to choose well.

Therefore, we talk in this article about how to distinguish a reborn doll from a conventional one, we show particularities about this toy and leave a selection with the bestsellers and well rated on Amazon. After choosing yours, leave us a comment here below telling us why you chose this model and take the opportunity to share with others. Thank you very much!

(Featured image source: Marina Appel /