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If you like to travel in the car, and you like to travel with your child, you definitely need a child seat. A child seat protects your children in the event of an accident. Depending on the age of your child, you will need a different child seat, so there are infant carriers, reboarders and child seats.

With our Recaro child seat test 2022 we want to help you decide on your child seat. We have tested for you and show you the features you should look out for when buying. You can find out which child seat suits your child best with our advantages and disadvantages list.


  • Recaro offers child seats from birth to 12 years. So there is something for every child who needs a child seat.
  • With the new i-Size regulation, a child seat must be purchased according to body size. Recaro always specifies several factors in their models to find the right one.
  • They offer different types of child seats so that children can still ride backwards even when they are up to 4 years old.

The Best Recaro Child Seat: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Recaro child seat

What distinguishes Recaro child seats from other manufacturers?

Recaro has been producing high quality, elegant child seats with very good safety concepts for several years. They are a German company that besides child seats also produce many other seats such as office chairs, car seats and aeroplane seats. They have a lot of experience in producing comfortable chairs and seats made of pleasant and breathable materials.

type age
infant carrier birth - 18 months
reboarder birth - 4 years
child seat 9 months - 12 years

Recaro child seats always achieve good results in safety tests. They have also produced several test winners as a result of their many years of experience. They offer child seats for all ages and have a wide selection, so there is something for everyone.

What accessories can I buy for a Recaro child seat?

For a Recaro child seat, you can buy a new cover or a seat protector for some models. For their reboarder and infant carriers, they offer rain covers, footmuffs and a few other parts. There are also adapters that allow you to combine the reboarder and infant carriers with their buggies.

Recaro Kindersitz-1

With an adapter you can also connect your Recaro baby car seat to one of their buggies and thus go straight from the car.
(Image source: Felipe Salgado)

In addition to their own website, their accessories are also sold at other online shops. The rain and insect protection are especially practical for the baby seat, so you can lift your child out of the car protected.

At what prices can I buy Recaro child seats?

Recaro child seats are priced in the average range. You can buy a nice and safe child seat for a good price. The cheaper models start at 100 Euros and the more expensive ones end at 600 Euros. The reboarder and baby seats are more expensive and the child seats for older children are cheaper.

Baby seats are from birth and can be used for a child up to 18 months. They are mid-range in price, but do not start at the same prices as child seats. These start at 100 euros and end at similar prices.

Type Price
Baby seat 160 Euro - 220 Euro
Reboarder 240 Euro - 600 Euro
Child seats 100 Euro - 280 Euro

Reboarders can be the most expensive. You can use them for a very long time, from birth to 4 years, so they are a bit more expensive. But in the long run you can save money.

What are the alternatives to Recaro child seats?

Recaro offers just about every type of child seat, so they have something for almost everyone. However, they do not have booster seats without side and head restraints. If your child or you would rather just have a booster seat, you will have to look at other brands.

Decision: What types of Recaro child seats are there and which one is right for you?

Recaro child seats can be divided into different types, which are mainly determined by age and size. For the optimal type and size, you should measure your child before buying.

Depending on the type, the child seats are differently priced and can also cost different amounts. For example, there are child seats that grow with the child or reboarder seats that can be used as a baby car seat.

The seats can be divided into these types:

  • Baby seat
  • Reboarder
  • Child seats

With the different types, there are several ways to fasten the seat in the car. We want to help you choose a Recaro car seat that suits you, your car and most importantly your child.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Recaro infant carrier?

Recaro infant carriers can be used from birth to 18 months. They are all rear-facing and have the TÜV seal of approval for flight safety. So you can take your baby with you on the plane.

  • Can be mounted on a buggy
  • Suitable for aeroplanes
  • 2-fold use
  • Can only be used for a short time (birth - 18 months)
  • Heavy to carry
  • More money spent in the long run

Are also very comfort-oriented, so that your child can always lie comfortably in the car seat. The infant carriers are easy to remove and reinsert due to the simple mounting system. You can also integrate the Recaro infant carriers into the pushchairs.

Unfortunately, you can only use the infant carriers until your child is 18 months old. So you have to buy a new car seat and spend more money. In addition, infant carriers that weigh more than 3.5 kg are relatively heavy together with the child.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Recaro reboarder?

The Recaro reboarder can be used from birth up to 4 years or 105 cm body height. You can save a lot of money because you can use the product for a long time as it grows with your child.

The 360° swivel allows you to easily lift your child out of the seat. Because you can let your child ride backwards, he or she is always well protected in case of an accident.

  • 360° rotation
  • Protected by driving backwards
  • Can be used for a long time (birth - 4 years)
  • Cannot be mounted on the buggy
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for all cars

There are fewer models that can be used as a baby car seat and these are also more expensive. Because all reboarder seats can only be installed with an ISOFIX base, they are not suitable for all cars.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Recaro child seat?

Child seats or booster seats are suitable for older and taller children, those from Recaro are from 9 months to 12 years, or 100 cm to 150 cm tall. All child seats are forward facing so you can always watch your child in the rear view mirror.

Almost every Recaro child seat can be secured with just one belt, so you can use it in any car. This is especially practical when grandparents want to take the grandchildren out for a drive.

  • For older children
  • Can be easily secured with a belt
  • Child can be observed in the rear view mirror
  • Forwards only
  • Only a child seat with Isofix
  • Not for children under 15 months

However, it is prescribed that children are only allowed to drive forwards from the age of 15 months. Furthermore, it is generally recommended that children drive backwards until they are at least 4 years old, so that they are better protected.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate Recaro child seats

In this section we will show you the different criteria you can use to compare your Recaro child seat. This way you can find the child seat that meets your requirements.

The most important criteria are listed below:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what the individual criteria are and tell you which child seat makes sense for you.


The child seat should be suitable for the size of your child. If the seat is too big or too small, your child will not be properly protected and could be seriously injured in an accident.

Recaro Kindersitz-2

To find the right child seat, you should measure your child beforehand and also ask in a shop if you are unsure.
(Image source: Carl Figuracion)

Recaro specifies the age and, above all, the weight and height of most of their seats. You should definitely buy a child seat according to your child's height. This is also required by the i-Size regulation.

Some of the child seats also adjust to the size of the child, so you can use it for longer. Some of the baby seats can also be used later as reboarders by adding an inner shell.


This is especially important so that nothing happens to your little one. In the event of an accident, your child should be well protected. You should find out more about each child seat before you buy it. This way you can make sure that your child can be transported in the safest child seat possible.

To know how safe a child seat is, you can look at the test results from the ADAC or Stiftung Warentest. They give you more information about safety and harmful substances. The child seats are also graded in other categories according to the school grading system. This makes it particularly easy for you to find out which child seat is good.

  • ADAC rates child seats according to safety, harmful substances and workmanship & cleaning
  • Stiftung Warentest evaluates accident safety, handling, ergonomics and harmful substances

Recaro child seats always achieve good results, especially the reboarder and infant carriers. However, always pay attention to the test results and inform yourself before buying.


The Isofix is a way of securing the child seat in your car. It holds the seat very firmly in the car seat. Unfortunately, it cannot be used in every car. Therefore, you should find out whether your car is suitable before buying.

In addition to the Isofix, there is also the simple seat belt. With this you can use your child seat in every car. This means that grandparents, for example, can also transport the children, regardless of which car they have.

The child seats from usually have the normal seatbelt fastening. However, the infant carriers and the reboarders are mostly with Isofix, and some can also be used with the belt lock. This is especially handy for switching between different cars.

Driving backwards

Not all child seats allow your child to drive backwards. However, it is required by law in Germany that children up to 13 kg and/or 15 months must ride backwards. It is also strongly recommended that children up to the age of 4 years should ride backwards to ensure that they are well protected.

This is because children have large heads compared to their bodies. If they brake abruptly, they can injure their necks because their muscles cannot yet hold their heads very well.

Recaro Kindersitz-3

In the car, your child must ride backwards up to the age of 15 months so that the head is well protected.
( Sharon McCutch)

Recaro's child seats are almost all designed for backwards driving. However, there are some models that are already designed for children under 4 years of age to drive forwards.

If it is important to you that your child can drive backwards for as long as possible, you should pay attention to this when buying.


Depending on the child seat, there are different accessories. For example, the following articles are available:

  • Insect, rain and sun protection is available for the infant carriers and also for the reboaders.
  • Adapters are also available for infant carriers and reboaders to connect them to the in-house buggies and prams.
  • There are also seat protectors available to protect your car seat from being pushed off by the Isofix base. For a few infant carriers, this station is also available separately so that you can also use it with child seats for older children.

If these items are important to you, you should find out what is possible with which Recaro child seat before you buy. Some items are also independent of the child seat model, for example a baby car seat footmuff or the changing bag in the matching design.

Facts worth knowing about Recaro child seats

Should I buy a Recaro child seat used?

Normally it is not advisable to buy a child seat used. This is because you cannot always know the history of the child seat. This means that you may not know about previous damage and your child will be less protected.

If you know exactly how the child seat was handled before and you can rule out an accident with it, you can safely buy a used child seat. However, if possible, you should buy a new child seat so that you can transport your child in it without worrying.

How do I attach the Recaro child seat correctly?

Depending on the type of child seat, there are one or two ways to attach the Recaro child seat. Either through an Isofix base or through the seat belt. For each of the child seats, Recaro has uploaded a video on YouTube that demonstrates the optimal attachment of the child seat.

For these videos you can either go to the manufacturer's page and click on the child seat you have purchased or search for the model online. You should be able to find the video quickly and then securely fasten your child seat.

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