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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil, your review site on the internet. Nowadays, what is old becomes retro in the blink of an eye, and in this trend, record players have regained prominence in the hearts of music lovers. With a touch of modernity, but with the intention of keeping the nostalgia of the old days, modern record players have the quality that new technologies can offer. It is undeniable, a beautiful record player calls attention. So, if you want to bring that nostalgic air and at the same time enjoy what new technologies have to offer, check out the selection below and enter this "new" old world of music.


  • The vinyl record market is booming, and although it is not at the top of the consumption frequency, more and more artists have produced LP versions of their albums.
  • Some record player models, in addition to playing records, have USB inputs, so you can enjoy other music formats.
  • Just like in the old models, the quality of the needle directly influences the sound reading and reproduction. Therefore, invest in models with better quality needles.

The best Record Player: Our Picks

It may be your first record player, or even if you just want to buy a technological version of this old device. That is why we have selected the best record players on the market for you to enjoy your vinyl records.

Buying Guide

Who has never picked up a vinyl record from parents or grandparents and felt like listening to it? But you realized that the devices, as old as the records themselves, did not work anymore. There are very technological record players for sale. Continue with us as we explain everything about this device and the way of listening to music the old fashioned way.

Menina sentada em uma almofada no chão da sala mexendo em discos de vinil.

To rely on the technology of today's record players is to be able to sit down and turn over old records. (Source: Milan Ilic / 123RF)

What is a record player?

A music reproduction device, record players were very common in the past, when music was only sold on disc. In short, it is a device that reads the various marks contained on a vinyl record in a mechanical way, amplifying and making audible the content recorded on the LP. Over the years, with the age of digital music, record consumption has gone into decline, but vinyl enthusiasts are still there, moving the music market and keeping their turntables in business.

Why should I buy a record player from 2022?

Although we have numerous ways of reproducing and acquiring music, for music lovers, there is no substitute for the vinyl experience. This experience is so beloved by consumers that the sale of vinyl records is growing fast, and enthusiasts continue to purchase records and turntables. It is worth mentioning that today's record players are not restricted to playing records, and many are compatible with Bluetooth, USB and even CD connections. Therefore, the advantages are many. Besides being able to take those dusty records out of the wardrobe, you can still connect your USB flash drive with your playlist or even connect it to your mobile phone.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a record player?

Before deciding to make your purchase, it is important to consider some factors, which can be decisive for you to be satisfied with your purchase. The price is one of the first factors listed as negative, after all, the device itself is a significant investment. In addition, vinyl records, due to their limited production, are also more expensive than digital media. The fact is that music will never go out of fashion, whatever your favourite style. For lovers of vintage style, record players offer a true experience with music, and for many, this is priceless. Therefore, check below a comparative table with the main advantages and disadvantages of having a record player:
  • It offers a unique experience to the user
  • Many models have compatibility with other media formats
  • They become true decoration pieces
  • High cost device
  • Vinyl records are more expensive than digital media
  • Care must be taken not to damage the needle

Can I transport my record player?

Independent of the size, a record player can be transported without great risks to its structure. It is necessary some care with the needle, to avoid it to be damaged, but in general, there are no mechanical or safety impediments for you to take your record player wherever you go. On the other hand, many models are not easily transportable, either by weight or by not having handles. Therefore, if you want to take your record player with you, it is worth considering these factors before the purchase.

How much does it cost?

Because it is a niche equipment, the record players have a high value, since many people want to have their pieces as decoration items, besides wanting a good sound quality. Most models cost around £2.500 and this estimate depends directly on the quality of the material and the additional resources of the device. But certain experiences are priceless.

Where to buy?

If you want to find a really vintage model, it is possible to find excellent vitrolas in shops specialized in sound materials or in specialized thrift shops. However, if you want more modern models, with the possibility of reproducing several types of media, there are excellent options in online shops, such as and Mercado Livre, where it is possible to have access to several shops and sellers in one place. Buying online you do not need to go out looking for a record player running the risk of not finding it. And you still receive the product at your doorstep.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare record player models

Are you looking for the perfect record player to call your own? Don't worry, you don't need to become a sound engineer to choose the model that's right for you. Before making your purchase and choosing the best cost-benefit ratio, consider the points below and find out which model of record player is ideal for your environment.

  • Type of traction
  • Manual or automatic mechanism
  • Possibility to change the needle
  • Anti-impact system
  • Counterbalance system
  • Compatibility with external amplifier
  • Compatibility with other media

Check, in detail, what each one of these points means, so that you can make the best choice when buying your record player.

Traction type

The reading of the printed data on the vinyl record occurs manually, and basically, the record turns on a surface (called plate by experts) so that the needle does not read the same point constantly. The way the turntable spins can directly influence the sound quality, since depending on the mechanism used to generate the movement, there may be an extra vibration that hinders the sound capture. This can be divided into belt-drive or direct-drive systems:

  • Belt-drive: "Belt-driven" in free translation, makes the cymbal turn by the action of a belt, which works as a damper. For this reason, this system is recommended for those who want a pure and clean sound.
  • Direct-drive: It works in a simpler way, where the cymbal turns under the motor's axis, without damping devices. Therefore, record players with this form of drive suffer the effect of vibration. Despite suffering the influence of the motor, this type of drive allows greater control over the spinning speed of the record, something especially important for DJs or those who work with mixing music.

Manual or automatic mechanism

The record players read the information contained on the discs using a needle, which is a delicate piece that needs special care to ensure the quality of the sound. In manually operated record players, you need to handle the arm of the machine and position the needle delicately and precisely at the beginning of the vinyl record - besides being attentive at the end, to position the needle in the resting position. In the automatic record players, you just need to press a button and the device positions the needle to start playing the record. Generally these models have an auto-return system, which when reaching the end of the disc, automatically positions the needle in the rest position, avoiding possible damage and accidents. Although totally different, it is not possible to say that there is a better mechanism, after all, it depends directly on your experience and desire with the sound.

Imagem de vitrola manual durante a reprodução de um disco.

Manual record players allow you to have a complete experience when selecting your favourite songs. (Source: guitng / Pixabay)

Ability to change the needle

We can easily say that the needle is the most delicate and most important part of a record player, after all, it is the friction of the needle with the marks on the record that generates the music. When you buy a record player, it usually comes with its own capsule and needle, but in some models the factory kit can be replaced by another of your preference. You may want to change the capsule and needle kit in some situations, for example, if you want a needle with greater sensitivity or even if your needle is damaged.

Anti-impact system

One of the biggest complaints (or one of the greatest charms) about record players is the possibility of hearing the little bounces of the needle on the disc. For lovers of high quality music, an anti-impact system, which reduces the shock between the needle and the disc tracks, is essential to get the best out of the music. However, some say that those little bounces and the drawn out sound of the needle is what makes record players a unique medium for the reproduction of their favourite music.

Counterbalance system

There is a fact to be considered when buying a record player: all its reading mechanism works in a manual way. Therefore, each type of record has a different "calibration" to generate a good performance. To make this calibration easier, a counterweight system is essential. After all, you need a specific pressure according to the type of vinyl so that the music plays without damaging the disc and the needle.

Compatibility with external amplifiers

To get the most out of your record player, you may want to connect your device to an external amplifier, after all, often the sound projected by the record player may be low or insufficient for a large room. Therefore, to connect your record player to a home theater, receiver or any other external device, it must have a connection via auxiliary or phono input. Some record players also have a preamplifier, which facilitates the connection with equipment that has an auxiliary input, and if your dream record player doesn't have one, you can buy an external preamplifier and connect it to your record player, facilitating the connection with other devices.

Compatibility with other media

Nowadays, record players have become true queens of the relaxation environment of vinyl enthusiasts. However, despite its increasing popularity, most of the music production is still made and distributed digitally, either on CDs, mp3 or virtual radios. Therefore, to make your record player a true music center, it is important that it has compatibility with other modes of music reproduction, such as connection via pen drive or bluetooth. After all, you will be able to listen to your favorite songs regardless of the media you have at hand, taking advantage of the record player's sound quality. (Main image source: Essexweb1 / Pixabay)