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Who wants maximum quality in photography or filming, whether for professional purposes or not, needs to understand the importance of lighting - the entry of natural or artificial light in the lenses directly influences the quality of images. To correct and adjust the lighting, you need the best ring light.

The ring light is just one of the pieces of equipment that can correct photographic lighting, but also one of the preferred ones, either by delivering uniform lighting, in different shades or by not costing a fortune. Read on to find out more about this equipment.

The most important facts

  • A ring light can have a set of conventional lamps or LED lamps. Among the advantages of LED lighting is the control of light temperature and intensity, the durability of lamps, and lower electricity consumption.
  • You can find different models of ring light: selfie light, ring light with table tripod and ring light with adjustable tripod. Depending on the support, the ring light can be small, medium or large.
  • The ring light is used to adjust the lighting and can be used in photographs and videos, both professional and amateur.

The best ring light: Our picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the ring light

Have you ever noticed the details in well-produced photos and videos for social networks? Those who pay attention to detail will notice that the eyes of the person in the center of the video have a white circle which is nothing more than the reflection of the ring light, the subject of this buying guide.

Imagem de uma mulher ajustando um ring light.

The ring light is the ideal equipment to adjust the lighting. (Source: Anete Lusina/

Is the ring light the best option for you?

Although there are other excellent lighting equipment, the ring light may be the best option for a number of factors.

The first is the possibility of finding models in different sizes, being the small used in photos and videos recorded close to the photographic subject, medium and large models used with a little more distance.

Another advantage of this equipment is the possibility of controlling the lighting temperature, i.e. changing the tone of the lighting, leaving it whitish or yellowish.

We cannot forget the price variation. You find ring light models with different prices, in general, the equipment is cheap.

What can I use a ring light for?

You can use the ring light for different purposes. The small model is ideal for those who want to take selfies and videos for Facebook or Instagram, there are even models that fit directly into the mobile phone camera.

The ring light can also be used by YouTube content producers, either for those who want to record a regular video or a vlog. For this purpose, we recommend buying a ring light with an adjustable tripod and support for smartphones and DSLR cameras.

For professional photography and filming, the ring light is also an excellent addition, especially the large model with an adjustable tripod.

Imagem de uma mulher utilizando um ring light.

The ring light is an accessory widely used by content producers. (Source: cottonbro/

What is the best mobile ring light?

If you are looking for a ring light suitable for smartphones, we suggest buying a clip-on selfie light. This ring light dispenses with the built-in flash of the phone, producing photos and videos with a more natural result.

You can fit the mobile phone ring light on the front camera, rear camera, or computer webcam. This ring light has light intensity control, but no temperature control.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a ring light?

In addition to helping you create the highest quality photos and videos, the ring light is a functional and very versatile accessory. Learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of this equipment:

  • Most models are adjustable and work with smartphone or DSLR camera
  • Dispenses with the use of flash and diffuser
  • You can control the temperature and intensity of light
  • Models in different sizes
  • The ring light does not harm the vision
  • Options in different price ranges
  • Models with incandescent bulbs do not offer temperature adjustment
  • Does not offer good adjustment of lighting in open environments

How to use a ring light?

Before you start photographing or filming, it is necessary to adjust the ring light. First of all, check whether the equipment is charged or the power supply is connected to the socket. Then adjust the framing and check that the camera angle is correct.

If you decide to use a tripod, check the stability of the equipment. The accessory should be well-adjusted so as not to let the mobile phone or camera fall.

What are the different models of ring lights?

There are different types of ring lights and each has different characteristics and purposes:

  • Portable ring light: this model is quite simple, ideal for selfies and videos for social networks. It measures 8.5cm in circumference, has intensity and temperature control, ranging from 5000K to 7000k.
  • Ring light with articulated tripod: as the support is articulated, you can adjust it in different positions. The ring measures 16cm in circumference and the temperature can be adjusted from 3500K to 5000k.
  • Table ring light: this model has the advantage of allowing the mobile phone to be fitted and positioned in 360º, increasing the possibilities of use. The accessory measures six inches, the illumination is in LED and has three tones.
  • Ring Light with adjustable tripod: it is ideal to fix a DSLR camera, although it has support for mobile phone. This tripod has 360º adjustment support and reaches 2.10m in height.
  • Ring light RGB: this model has as differential the variety of colors - there are up to nine shades, 26 effects, and three temperature variations. It also has a tripod with an adjustable height of up to 2.10m.

Buying Criteria: How to compare different models of ring light

Available in different models, sizes, and adjustments, finding the best ring light is not an easy task, thinking about that, we prepared this shopping section with the information that should be analyzed so that you find the ideal model.

Ring light size

You will find models in small, medium and large sizes. The choice will depend on the purpose of use: the smaller the circumference of the equipment, the closer the photographic subject should be placed to the center.

The medium and large models are used with professional cameras and generally by photographers or video producers and are ideal for larger scenarios, open or closed.

Imagem de uma mulher ajustando a câmera em um tripé com ring light.

You can find ring light models in different sizes. (Source: Anete Lusina/

Conventional or LED bulb

The lamp used in the ring light should also be evaluated. The incandescent lamp does not allow power and temperature variation, and the subject must be placed close to the equipment.

On the other hand, the LED lamp offers continuous lighting with controllable intensity and temperature, as well as lower energy consumption.

Lighting temperature

The temperature of the lighting reflects directly on the tone of the illumination, which can be white or yellow, depending on the graduation of the lamp, which ranges from 3200K to 6500K.

When a lamp has a lower temperature, close to 3200K, the tone is more yellowish and provides a cozy feeling. Higher temperatures, close to 6500K have a white tint, providing a feeling of energy.

The choice will depend on the expected result for the photography or filming. Who seeks versatility and wants to change the lighting temperature according to the goal, should invest in a model with LED lamp with adjustable temperature.

Imagem de uma mulher gravando um vídeo com o auxílio de uma ring light.

The lighting temperature control increases the versatility of the ring light. (Source: Liza Summer/


Some ring light models come with a tripod with adjustable legs in different sizes, which may reach 2 meters high, depending on the circumference of the ring light itself.

We suggest buying a ring light with a retractable tripod, especially if you frequently carry the equipment. This feature is interesting because a ring light with a 2m tripods can be a few centimeters when folded.


Now that you are an expert on the subject, you can find the best ring light for you. Our recommendation is that you analyze and compare the criteria we have listed and detailed, that way the chances of a successful purchase are better.

Also, analyze the equipment we put on the list of best ring light models, surely one of the models offers everything you are looking for in the equipment. Any questions, leave a comment below.

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