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Men's rings are more than just accessories, right? Behind these accessories lie important meanings for the gentleman who wears them. That's exactly what motivates us to talk about it in this edition of Monederosmart, especially for representatives of the male sex.

Since ancient times, men have worn rings to show commitment, wealth, achievement, religious beliefs or social status. What do you wear them for? Whatever your reasons, it is essential that you know how to make an assertive choice. After all, this little ring communicates a message to the world.

First the most important thing

  • We refer to the earrings that are placed on the fingers of the hands. They can be simple or have a decorative design to suit the gentleman's taste. They are usually worn as an ornament or symbol. Additionally, they come in various materials such as precious metals, plastic, steel and wood.
  • Distinguish between the traditional trend earrings and those made under a creative handcrafted concept. Which one do you feel more comfortable with? If you still don't have the slightest idea, we invite you to discover what each variable is about a little further on.
  • In the last section of our text, we will introduce you to the decisive buying factors. Reading them will help you to compare the current offer of the manufacturers. Materials, trend, concept and engraving are the four criteria we incorporate into the last segment.

The Best Rings for men: Our Picks

Buying guide

How to buy men's rings? You have probably asked yourself this question. Don't worry, in this section of the text you will get specific material on this particular. Clear every question by informing yourself with the best associated content. Take a look at the qualities, benefits, prices and places to buy them.

They are accessories used by gentlemen for many years.
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What are men's rings and what are their benefits?

They are accessories that have been used by men for many years. They are additionally known as hoops, rings or rings. They are usually made of resistant materials that facilitate the eventual or daily use of the accessories. In any case, they are adjusted to the customer's requirements.

Nowadays you will find a large number of models. Whether you want to add a special touch to your style or symbolise a personal belief, these objects are created to suit all tastes. The best thing? These pieces of men's jewellery are designed to occupy an important place on every finger.

Generally, their benefits are associated with physical appearance. However, we know that this goes beyond the material aspect. It all depends on the meaning they have for the buyer. Fortunately, the same model for men is multifunctional. You decide how, when and where to wear it.

  • Made with resistant materials
  • Minimalist and current models
  • Linked to a particular belief
  • Symbolise alliances and commitments
  • Designed exclusively for them
  • Can be personalised
  • They are easily lost
  • Some are of poor quality
  • Require maintenance
  • Expensive to make
  • Few alternatives compared to women's rings

Traditional or customised men's rings - what should you look out for?

There are two common types of men's rings. In this segment dedicated to men's accessories we will explain what they are. Differentiating between the qualities and contributions of both is essential before making a final decision. Consider the following to contemplate the most suitable option.

Traditional. These rings are sold over the counter in any physical or digital jewellery shop. They offer conventional rings suitable for the various occasions for which they are required. For example: engagements, wedding rings, graduations, work positions, religions, among other frequent alternatives.

They are available in inexpensive or expensive materials, with a design of common use, always maintaining the circular shape of the specimen. They are designed for the profile of a traditional or modern man, who incorporates into his life these elements of ancient origin in the present time.

Personalised. Basically, they are made to measure for the person in terms of dimensions and tastes. This feature increases the value of the proposal in comparison with those predetermined models. For this it is necessary to contact a specialist in personalised jewellery.

These rings are handcrafted according to the customer's specifications. For example, they sometimes require engravings with dates or names. In addition to this, specific modifications are made when forging the material, particular delineations and even the combination of elements that enhance the image of the object.

Traditional Customised
Concept Standard Creative
Manufacture Industrial Per piece
Engraving Laser Manual, laser
Cost Economical, medium, high High
Jewellery Commercial Handmade

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to buy and rate the different models of rings for men

We are happy to know that you are about to read one of the most important sections. From now on we will share with you unique information about the factors to consider when buying a men's ring. Read on and take advantage of this original content designed for you.


We begin our criteria segment by talking about the elements that make up your ring. Some last longer than others. They also have a direct influence on the conservation, maintenance, final finish and physical appearance of the accessory. That's why it's so important to know them.

Precious metals. Basically we are referring to gold and silver. Do you want a long-lasting men's ring? Invest in one made of these materials. But first, consider that you will need a big budget, as they are the most expensive in any physical or digital store.

Stainless steel. This is a good recommendation if you are looking for a casual accessory that matches your everyday style, and also has a long life span. Check if it comes in one or more colours and choose the right one accordingly. We advise you to buy it if you are allergic or have sensitive skin, as it won't hurt you.

Plastic. It is a modern option that gives a youthful look to the wearer. But please check the product description to see if it is resistant to knocks and scratches. After all, you don't want your ring to get damaged quickly. On the other hand, think about the possibility of changing or replacing it from time to time.

If you want to invest in a piece made of precious metals, we recommend you to consider a budget from 5,600 MXN - 15,000 MXN for gold rings.
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Past and present come together here - how? As it turns out, most rings are timeless, they never go out of fashion. We'll tell you which are the hottest trends today. It will certainly be helpful for you and make your search easier. Take a look from now on.

Matrimonial. They are the best sellers. Ask the jeweller of your choice for a traditional or personalised men's ring. In any case it will be an unforgettable souvenir representing the wedding ring you made with the person you love. Choose it in a resistant material so that it lasts a long time.

Academic. Incorporating the ring into your accessories as part of an academic achievement is a trend that has been in vogue for years. Research the specific designs that shops offer according to the degree or level of studies you are pursuing. To do this, ask for a traditional copy.

Minimalist: Is innovation part of your life? If your answer is yes, then think about getting a personalised model, designed exclusively for you by a craftsman. For this you should contact someone with experience in the field, able to offer you exclusive services in jewellery creation.


It is a fact, the piece you place on one of your fingers communicates a message. It can be personal or public knowledge. So what is the meaning of your ring? For certain gentlemen it is a deciding factor in the purchase of their accessory. Take a look at the following explanation to help you understand.

Standard. If you want standard manufactured pieces based on generic designs, this is the ideal alternative for you. Take into account that the customer's ideas are not involved in the creation of the design. In addition, this type of ring is usually less expensive because it is not subject to specific demands from the buyer.

Creative: Want to proudly wear a piece inspired by a joint creative process? Contact a custom supplier to whom you can tell what you like and how to shape it. This way you will get a ring that is different from all the others according to your own criteria. This recommendation is ideal to enhance the emotional value of the ring.

We suggest you visit a jewellery store when you buy your ring.
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Obviously the engraving of the accessory implies its personalisation. However, there are different types of engraving. Do you want to know what they are? We have summarised characteristics and suggestions for both cases. We hope they are helpful and based on them you can make a final decision.

Laser. The laser is used to modify the surface of the object. We advise you to opt for this if you want to print names, phrases, dates or symbols on the inside or outside of your product. The laser will ensure that you achieve a perfect finish, just like the example you provide to the jeweller.

Manual. For lovers of rustic style there is this alternative implemented by craftsmen. Although its scope is not as precise as laser engraving, it is suggested in case you are inclined towards implements worked with the help of a manual machine. Additionally, choose them if you trust the artist's judgement.

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