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The robot mop is a very good helper for you in the household. Although we call it a mopping robot, some robots have more functions than just mopping the floor for you. The cleaning robots available on the market vacuum for you, mop for you and also dry the floor for you after mopping.

There are many different models from many different suppliers on the market. Prices, design and functions can vary greatly and it is easy to lose track. With this article, we have provided you with a summary and some recommendations to help you decide if and which robotic mop you need.


  • A mopping and vacuuming robot helps you in the household. Most of the mopping and vacuuming is done for you. However, you must bear in mind that you have to pre-clean manually in case of heavy soiling. You only have to give the little cleaning companions further manual assistance by changing the dirty water tanks and/or suction bags.
  • Mopping and vacuuming robots are available as so-called hybrid products and as individual products. This means that the cleaning robots mop, vacuum or do both. The latter is a so-called hybrid model, but in most cases it is referred to as, for example, a mopping robot with a vacuum function or vice versa.
  • Before you buy a device, make sure that it has the functions you want. This includes functions such as the ability to vacuum a carpet. Not every model has the same features or works equally well. Read the reviews to make sure.

The Best Robot Mop: Our Choices

Robot mops: buying and evaluation criteria

In order to find the perfect household helper for you, we have listed a small overview of the criteria to consider:

With the help of these criteria, it should be easy for you to make a choice. In the following, we have explained in more detail what the criteria are.

Performance (charge and speed)

Depending on the size of your living space, you will need a robotic mop that can clean the area to be cleaned as quickly as possible. If you need to clean quickly, it can be a nuisance to wait for the robot mop.

If you want to avoid having to do it yourself, we advise you to look for a robot mop with a charging time of at least 90 minutes. In addition, the robot should be able to handle at least 150 sqm per charge.

Area of application

Where should your robot mop be used? Is it intended for the whole house or flat, or is it only for a specific room? When choosing a robot mop, it is essential that you make sure that it can handle the surface you intend to use it on. Check the description of the device to see if it is suitable for wooden floors, PVC, carpet and/or tiles.


Robot mops come with a charging station or battery charging station if there is a removable battery. Depending on the type of cleaning, you may need to fill the robot mop with water. You also need to insert a suitable cleaning cloth before using the robot.

Usually, a robot scans the area to be cleaned to be sure of the surroundings. If you want the robot to mop for you, you simply have to press the power button on most models and select a programme, which also has an associated button.


Do you plan to let the robot work for you while you are away or do you think you will be present while the robot is cleaning? If you might be disturbed by the noise, make sure to buy a quiet model.

If this criterion is not of interest to you because you will not be present when the machine is active, then you can buy a louder model. The price increases as the volume decreases.

Charging time

The charging time for a robotic floor mop should generally not exceed 360 minutes so that it can be back in use for you as quickly as possible. 360 minutes is the usual time, but if it is important to you that the robot is ready for use again more quickly, then you must make sure that the performance of the robot mop does not suffer.

The robot should be ready to use for 90 minutes before it needs to be recharged. There are mop robots with several removable batteries so that you always have a ready-to-use robot.


In addition to the wiping and vacuuming functions that common robotic mops have, there are other technical gadgets that you can use. Some robotic mops come with an app. With such an app, you can check the status of the robot and turn it on and off even when you are out of the house. Other data such as the duration of the mopping process is also recorded.

Robot mop: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following section, we will introduce you to the robotic mop and answer the most important questions you need to know about the robotic mop. Afterwards, you should be very familiar with the topic.

What is a mopping robot and who is it suitable for?

A mopping robot does the time-consuming housework for you. As you can already tell from the name, the mopping robot mops the floor for you. There are robotic mops that also have a vacuum function and there are also robots with gadgets such as an app that you can use to control the robot.


Make sure that the robot has the functions you want. Wiping or suction function? Preferably both?(Image source: Denny / Müller Unsplash)

Such a robot is best suited for people who have little time and want to spend the remaining free time doing things other than housework. Basically, however, a mopping robot is a sensible investment for everyone, because you can spend the time you save elsewhere.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a mopping robot?

A mopping robot is designed to make your household easier. The advantages and disadvantages vary from model to model, but we have tried to give you an overview below.

Advantages that a robot mop offers you:

  • Does the mopping (and vacuuming) for you
  • low noise level
  • works independently
  • Saves time and effort
  • Cleaning under furniture with flat models
  • User-friendly operation

In addition to the great advantages of robotic mops, there are also a few disadvantages that should be mentioned here:

  • Stairs and corners fall outside the remit of many robots
  • you have to do preparatory work for heavy soiling
  • Additional costs due to additional purchase of accessories
  • Possible problems with many obstacles
  • The better, the more expensive

Before you buy a robot mop, you should briefly consider what exactly you need. Once you know this, you can compare the functions of the respective products with your wishes as a precaution. This way you can avoid ending up with a product that does not meet your requirements.

What are useful functions & features for a robot mop?

In addition to the standard vacuuming and mopping functions of the robotic cleaner, you need to make sure that the corresponding functions of the robot correspond to the conditions in your household. This includes that the robot mop is suitable for your floor. Make sure that the robot is suitable for wooden floors, PVC, carpet and/or tiles.

For tech-savvy readers, we recommend the robot mops with app control.

A helpful feature is the independent detection of the subfloor. This allows the robot to work more independently. If, for example, the robot changes from tiles to a carpet during the mopping process, it recognises this and can make the appropriate changes in the cleaning process. In this case, switch from mopping mode to suction mode.

Do you want the cleaning robot to do as much of the work for you as possible? Then make sure that the robotic cleaner also has an integrated suction function. This is now the case with most models, but to be sure, you should read the product description carefully.

How do I use a robot mop?

How to use the robot can vary from product to product, but in most cases it is very user-friendly. How to switch on the robot is described in the operating instructions of the respective product. In many cases, however, it only takes one or two presses of a button. The robot detects the area to be cleaned by itself and is then memorised, so that the cleaning robot can work independently for the most part.

Be careful not to let the robot work alone too often. There is usually no danger, but electronics and water are generally not a good combination.

After the cleaning robot has done the work for you, you must empty the dirty water tank and fill it with new clean water. In addition, you should make sure to use the right cleaning agents.

These can be normal all-purpose cleaners or organic cleaners. You should avoid using other cleaning agents, as they could damage the appliance. You also need to change the hoover bag from time to time for robotic cleaners with suction functions.

With some models, you may have to take the robot back to its station, as it may not be able to do this on its own. One more thing you should know is that the robots may have problems with many obstacles, so it is beneficial to use the robots with few obstacles.

How much does a robot mop cost?

The cost of a robot mop depends on the accessories and features of the model. Here, as with any product, there are low-priced and high-priced items. The following table gives you a small overview:

Price class Price range
Low price range 100 - 250€
Medium price range 250 - 400€
High price range 400 - 650€

You will find that the more expensive models are equipped with more features and in many cases last longer. However, there are also products that can satisfy at an affordable price. It's up to you to decide how much you're willing to pay for features, extras and reliability, but if you want to get the most out of your robot mop for a long time, invest a little more.

What are the alternatives to a robotic mop?

The robot mop saves you a lot of work that you would otherwise have to spend cleaning yourself. There is only one alternative to robotic mopping: do it yourself. You won't find any alternatives to the current models. So as an alternative, you have to pick up the mop yourself.

As you already know, there are also robots that have an additional suction function. This would double the effort for you. Alternatively, you would have to do the vacuuming yourself in addition to the mopping. If you want to avoid this work, then there is no way around the mopping robot.


To give yourself a little relief in the household, investing in a cleaning robot makes perfect sense. The little helpers do the work while you can devote yourself to other things. The wiping and vacuuming robots are best suited for people who work a lot or for people who simply want to use their time differently and don't want to spend their precious free time on household chores.

When buying a cleaning robot, you need to have in mind what exactly you want the robot to do for you, so it is important to find out what functions the device has before you buy it. Once you have made your decision, you can sit back and let the robot do most of the work for you.

Photo source: Francisco Villar Gonzlez / 123rf

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