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Roller blinds take more and more space away from classic curtains and drapes and add style to the room. They provide perfect protection from the sun and allow us a moment of intimacy. A roller blind can be used to darken the room or as decoration.

The roller blind makes everything easier. Without drilling, the installation of a roller blind is suitable for everyone. Whether clamped with a hook or glued down, roller blinds are ready for immediate use. In addition, the entire window is perfectly covered.


  • The roller blind without drilling! You no longer have to worry about damaging the frame.
  • Deco, privacy or blackout - the roller blinds have many different functions.
  • Flexibility, easy installation and a large selection.

The Best Roller Blind: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for roller blinds

The selection of available roller blinds does not make the choice any easier. However, it is worth investing a little more time in roller blinds without drilling. A properly selected material is not only practical, but also offers a perfect complement to the interior design of the room. But what criteria should you look for?

The most important criteria at first glance

The size

Roller blinds for windows are mainly available in standard sizes. But ordering made-to-measure is also easy today. To find out the optimal size, the width and length of the window pane is measured in the window frame.

The type function

Depending on the requirements and the selected room, the roller blinds should fulfil different functions. While in the bathroom and bedroom or children's room the selected roller blinds are more for privacy and darkening, those in the living room and kitchen are more for decorative purposes.

The material

One of the factors in the decision is the material. There are natural materials such as cotton, linen or bamboo and synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon or viscose. The natural materials are more delicate and more suitable for decorative purposes. Synthetic materials are more practical and serve as room darkening, sun protection, thermal or heat protection, but also as insect protection.


Maintenance should not be complicated. Most roller blinds are very easy to care for, only those made of natural materials are less resistant to the sun and deform due to incorrect care. The easiest roller blind to care for is pleated.

Outside and inside

Roller blinds are becoming more and more popular and are therefore also produced for outdoor use. Very suitable for rented flats. Also for windows where drilling is not possible or not desired.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about roller blinds

Many questions are asked on the subject. Here are a few of them:

Who is a roller blind suitable for?

A roller blind is suitable for everyone. So you can design your window individually and according to your own needs.

How does a roller blind work?

A roller blind is attached to the window frame without drilling. No changes are made to the window frame.


Daylight comes through the window, but so do many views from outside. (Image source: Free-Photos /

What does Klemmfix mean?

Klemmfix is a type of installation without drilling. With clamp brackets, roller blinds can be attached to windows or doors without drilling through the frame.

Can roller blinds be shortened?

The roller blinds can easily be shortened by yourself. Thanks to their flexibility, almost every roller blind can be cut to size.

What are the functions of roller blinds?

There are many fabric types and fabric colours with different functions:

  • decorative addition to the interior
  • Privacy roller blind - protects from prying eyes
  • Heat or thermal roller blind - can withstand extreme heat or cold.
  • Blackout roller blind - offers very good protection from daylight

How do I install a roller blind? Is it difficult?

It is very easy. The scope of delivery includes matching clamp brackets. These supports are attached to the window frame. The roller blind is then attached and the installation is complete.

Can I also mount the roller blind on a skylight?

Pleated blinds are best suited for skylights. It is also a great alternative to the roller blind when mounted on the frame with the clamp bracket.


The roller blinds are the best alternative for all those who need practical window decoration. Many different designs on the market offer a beautiful and drill-free addition to the window.

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