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A roller shutter cupboard is a chic all-rounder for storing objects and creating order. You will always find roller shutter cabinets, especially in the office and kitchen areas, because their unobtrusive appearance makes them flexible to use. If you are looking for a good alternative to conventional shelves and cupboards, a roller shutter cupboard is an excellent choice.

With our roller shutter cabinet guide, we want to show you how a roller shutter cabinet works, what variations there are and how you can integrate a roller shutter cabinet well into your home. We weigh up the advantages and disadvantages and present our product favourites. We hope that we can support you in your purchase decision.


  • A roller shutter cabinet offers you the possibility of storing objects and documents in an opaque and dust-free way. With the help of a tambour door, you can store your contents easily and quickly.
  • Tambour door cabinets are sold most often because they are the mother of all tambour door cabinets. The transverse roller shutter cupboard as well as the filing cupboard are extensions that have evolved from it.
  • Roller shutter cabinets exist in various designs with different functions. Depending on the model, the price also varies enormously.

The Best Roller Shutter Cupboards: Our Selection

Roller shutter wardrobes: Purchase and evaluation criteria

Below we present you with several criteria to look out for before buying a roller shutter wardrobe. These criteria include the points:

Now we will explain to you what is important in each of the criteria and how you can use them to buy the most suitable roller shutter wardrobe for you.


The size of a roller shutter cupboard varies depending on its use. Generally, roller shutter wardrobes are 1 to 2 metres high and up to 1.50 metres wide.

In terms of design, there are narrow roller shutter cabinets and those that are aligned crosswise. It is important to decide what space the roller shutter wardrobe should and can take up in the home and what its exact function is.

So before you buy, you should think about how you want to use the roller shutter cupboard, how much space you have for it and what storage space it should have. Then you can orientate yourself on sizes that come into question for your wishes.


A roller shutter wardrobe can be made of different materials. The most commonly bought roller shutter cabinets are made of either oak, beech, maple or metal.

For the blinds, you should opt for a metal material.

Blinds made of metal are often more durable than those made of plastic and therefore also involve lower wear and tear costs. In addition, metal blinds are easier and more effective to clean than plastic blinds. It is also important that you look for high-quality handles and sturdy shelves.

On the one hand, this reduces the risk of injury and, on the other hand, you ensure that the roller shutter cabinet remains functional even with increased material weight.


The colour of a roller shutter cupboard can vary greatly. Your roller shutter cupboard can be decorated with a wood look, a metal look or even a pattern.

It is advantageous to choose a colour where dust or dirt cannot be seen easily. This avoids the need to clean the roller shutter cupboard often.

When choosing a colour, you should consider where your roller shutter wardrobe will be placed and how it will blend in with its surroundings. A pattern can quickly become unpopular or out of fashion.

With wood or metal, you can ensure that your roller shutter wardrobe is timeless and that you can use it in different rooms.


A roller shutter wardrobe can be used in different areas. In the kitchen as well as in the office, bathroom or workshop.

Before you buy, you should think about where the roller shutter cupboard will be placed. This will lay the foundation for all the other features that are essential for your roller shutter cabinet, depending on where it will be used.

Finally, you should also choose the right colour and matching material based on the use.

If you use your roller shutter wardrobe in the office, it should have very stable shelves to be able to successfully carry files and folders. In the kitchen or bathroom, several compartments are advantageous in order to be able to store products in a versatile way.

In the cellar, stable shelves are also important, as are hooks for neatly storing tools.

Number of shelves

When deciding on the number of shelves, you should first consider the use and then decide how many shelves you would like to have in the roller shutter cupboard.

Think about how and where you want to use the roller shutter cabinet.

A long, narrow roller shutter wardrobe can have up to five shelves, which can be flexibly interchanged and moved.

If you decide on a transverse roller shutter cupboard, you can use a maximum of three shelves. The stability of the shelves is particularly important with a transverse roller shutter cupboard, as they are longer and thus float freely with more surface area. It should be ensured that the shelves do not sag under heavy loads and wear out quickly.

In the end, it is important to think about the use and then the number of shelves before you buy. Above all, you should make sure that the material is sturdy.


Roller shutter cabinets offer a useful storage system and visual separation as well as security for important documents.

The combination lock is easier to use, but you must remember the code and make sure that no one but you knows it or can find it out.

You can lock some roller shutter cabinets with a small lock on the blind and protect your documents from unauthorised access. The locks are locked either with a key or a numerical code.

Locking with a key has the disadvantage that you either misplace the key, lose it or it falls into the wrong hands.

Roller shutter wardrobes: Frequently asked questions and answers

Now we answer the most important questions about roller shutter wardrobes. We have selected the most important questions and answered them briefly and concisely. After reading this guide, you should know everything you need to know about roller shutter cabinets.

Who is a roller shutter cupboard suitable for?

A roller shutter wardrobe is suitable for anyone who wants to bring order into rooms of the household. Thanks to its simple appearance, a roller shutter cupboard makes it possible to combine order and aesthetics.

Whether you need storage space in your office, kitchen or bathroom. A roller shutter cabinet offers you this possibility and protects the contents from dust through the blinds. So if you like to keep your four walls tidy and don't want to clean too often, you certainly won't go wrong with a roller shutter cabinet.


A roller shutter cupboard is ideal for a kitchen.
(Image source: Creatv Eight / unsplash).

Besides the cleaning aspect, a roller shutter cabinet also offers easy handling. Secure handles and well-functioning hinges make it easy to operate. The handles should be mounted really securely to prevent any possibility of injury.

It is also important that you buy a roller shutter wardrobe with sturdy shelves. The shelves are the heart of a roller shutter cupboard and should be able to support enough weight. This way you can be sure that your items are properly stored.

What types of roller shutter wardrobes are there?

Roller shutter wardrobes can only be minimally divided into sub-categories. The largest category is the tambour cabinet, followed in second place by the transverse tambour cabinet and in third place by the filing cabinet. The tambour cabinet is the basic model, while the other two forms can be described as extensions of a tambour cabinet.

In the following, we have listed the three categories and examined the advantages and disadvantages in more detail.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Tambour door cabinet All-round use, timeless, variable in the number of shelves Somewhat more expensive than the other two types, difficult to convert
Transverse tambour door cabinet Small and robust, saves space, can be opened from the side Less storage space, larger width
Filing cabinet Especially suitable for offices, stable shelves with high load capacity, often lockable Can only be used on one side, more expensive due to the material

A tambour cabinet combines all desires with incomparable features such as stable variable shelves as well as fixed handles for easy handling. In addition, a tambour door cabinet is timeless and can be used in any room of the house. Due to its many possibilities, however, a tambour door cabinet also has its price. Moreover, once it is in place, it can only be moved with a great deal of work.

Thanks to its small and robust form, a cross-roller shutter cabinet gives you the opportunity to use it flexibly. Precisely because it is very space-saving, it can also fit into a smaller area. Another advantage is the side access through the sliding closure. On the other hand, the fact that a transverse roller shutter cabinet is so space-saving has the disadvantage that there is also less storage space available. Due to the transverse format, this form of roller shutter cupboard also has a greater width.

A filing cabinet is ideal for use in an office. The very stable shelves and the often available locking function offer a safe place for your files and documents.

If these features are so excellent for an office, they are rather useless in other rooms of the house. This is why a filing cabinet can only be used on one side and is a more expensive purchase due to its functions.

What does a roller shutter filing cabinet cost?

A roller shutter cupboard exists in different versions and so the prices also differ between them. Generally speaking, a large roller shutter cabinet is more expensive than a smaller one due to the increased use of materials.

Furthermore, the equipment plays an important role in the question of price. A roller shutter cabinet with a plastic shutter is much cheaper than one with a metal shutter. On the other hand, a roller shutter cabinet with a metal blind lasts longer on average than one with a plastic blind.

Type price range
Basic roller shutter wardrobe 50 to 120 euros
High-quality roller shutter wardrobe 130 to 750 euros

The table shows that the price range for a roller shutter wardrobe is very wide and that you should consider what functions your roller shutter wardrobe should have before you buy. Then you can look for a suitable model and compare prices.

What are the alternatives to a roller shutter wardrobe?

A roller shutter wardrobe is a very unique piece of furniture and is difficult to replace with another. Nevertheless, we have discussed three alternatives for you and present them briefly in tabular form.

Alternative Description
General household cupboard Offers a lot of storage space, can be closed by doors, can be used more flexibly, somewhat more bulky, not as elegant
General household shelf Can be used flexibly, does not take up floor space, danger of dust accumulation, easy loss of order
Roller container Can be moved variably by means of castors, drawer system, order system, less storage space, poor overview of contents

Each of the alternatives has advantages that should not be ignored. Nevertheless, none can hold a candle to a roller shutter cabinet in terms of functions. There are definitely reasons why roller shutter cabinets are so popular and can be found in many households.

How does a roller shutter wardrobe work?

A roller shutter wardrobe works in a similar way to an ordinary wardrobe. It is not protected by a bulky swinging door, but by a shutter. This is either made of metal or plastic. This hides the contents from view. There is a handle on the blind with which you can slide the cover either upwards or to the side.

Shelves are attached to the roller shutter cabinet at various heights. You can often position them as you like to adapt the order to your objects. You can lock your roller shutter cupboard with the help of a lock to keep important documents or medicines safe.

How do I clean a roller shutter cupboard?

A roller shutter cupboard does not need any special cleaning. It is sufficient to clean it first with a duster and then with a damp cloth. It is important that the cloth is damp and not wet. As with many pieces of furniture, wetness is harmful to the material.


Most roller shutter cabinets can be cleaned very easily and quickly.
(Image source: JESHOOTS.COM / unsplash).

If your roller shutter cupboard is a little dirtier, a sponge with a rough side can also be used. Use a little all-purpose cleaner and scrub over the dirty areas. After a few minutes, you can remove the cleaner with a slightly damp cloth. Then dry the surface with a piece of kitchen roll.


A roller shutter cabinet serves as a piece of furniture that stores various objects and documents in an opaque and space-saving manner. Especially in the office or kitchen, the furniture should match and not stand out due to different materials. With a roller shutter cabinet, you have the option of combining tidiness with an inconspicuous appearance. In addition, the robust material processing offers a good and solid defence against dirt and wear. In this way, the roller shutter cupboard will remain a loyal companion for years.

A roller shutter wardrobe is available in different versions and with various functions. Before you buy, you should be aware of what use you want the cabinet to have and where you want to use it. Once you have clarified these two points for yourself, look at the material and the colour and then compare the different price offers. In this way, you should be able to find the most suitable roller shutter wardrobe for you.

Image source: bubutu/ 123rf

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