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Finding your preferred reading style is the first step to immersing yourself in the story and recreating the author's narrative, turning those pages into knowledge, reflection and inspiration. For those who like romance books, choosing the "title of the day" is not always simple!

With that in mind, we have prepared this article that talks about the characteristics present in most books of this style, the authors you need to know and tips on the best sellers of today and the past. Are you ready? Get in your armchair and let's get started!


  • Romance books can be classified in different styles, from romantic to historical.
  • Reading the romance books of classical authors from past centuries helps to understand society and its changes in each era.
  • You can read romance, action and suspense books in a more economical and sustainable way through digital book readers.

The Best Romance Books: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best romance books

If you're not yet an avid reader and are looking for titles to spark your desire to read, romance books can be your gateway to literature! In this section, we will answer some questions that often arise on the internet about this style. We hope to clear up your doubts too!

Mulher lendo livros de romance

Romance books can be classified into several styles, from romantic to historical. (Source: goodluz /

What is a romance book?

Romance is a literary genre. We call works that feature a complete story, defined characters, plot and setting of the story this way. So they are usually medium to large works.

Within this literary school, there are renowned authors who marked an era and imprinted a style that became a reference for later writers. In general, they tell stories seen from the point of view of real people, which is why they generate so much identification with the reader.

What are the most common themes of this type of book?

The novel can have its plot conducted in various ways, with varied approaches and themes, always inspired by real life and - despite its name - does not necessarily involve romantic stories or love relationships.

Thus, in each type of romance, there is a more common type of approach, as we show below:

  • Realist romance - social criticism (political, family, religious);
  • Romantic novel - idealism, love and heroism;
  • Historical novel - biography, reconstruction of facts and epochs;
  • Modernist novel - revolutions, transformations, restlessness (especially social);
  • Naturalist novel - human nature and behavior.

Who usually likes romance books?

Romance books are usually longer and denser. For this reason, not all people usually identify with them, regardless of the theme (be it a detective novel or a historical rescue).

In general, romance readers are those who like to delve deeper into the stories, get to know the characters and their nuances of feelings and behaviour, follow the journey of the hero (or anti-hero) of the story.

As in a novel, the unfolding of the plot takes longer to unfold, which generates expectation and captivates some people, but turns away those who prefer the quicker and clearer outcomes.

Livro de romance escrito à mão

Reading the novels of classical authors from past centuries helps to understand society and its changes in each era. (Source: Andreja Donko /

Which are the most established authors of romance books?

The first names that come to mind are those we were introduced to in school. But they are not the only ones. That is why we have prepared a list with names from the past and the present, their style of novel and most famous book:

Writer Style Best-known book
Machado de Assis Realist Dom Casmurro
Gabriel Garcia Marquez Realist One Hundred Years of Solitude
Sidney Sheldon Suspense The Midnight Ghost
Clarice Lispector Intimate, psychological Close to the Wild Heart
Gustave Flaubert Realist Madame Bovary
Leon Tolstoy Realist War and Peace
Jojo Moyes Romantic How I Was Before You
André Aciman Romantic realism Call Me by Your Name

Is it better to read classic or contemporary romance books?

Those who enjoy immersing themselves in the human experiences, fictional or otherwise, narrated in romance books realise that behaviours, values and feelings occur in a timeless sphere.

The language of authors is usually different according to each era.

In addition, the distinction between 19th century writers and contemporary ones is basically in the transformations of society over the years. So, depending on your goal, it may be more or less interesting to opt for current authors. When in doubt, read them all!

Buying criteria: What to take into account when choosing the best romance books

Chances are, by now, you are already thinking about what your next read will be. If you are not yet in the habit of reading romance books, it is good to take a few points into consideration before choosing. We will detail each one of them now.

Author's style

We have briefly shown you the main sub-genres of this literary school that is romance. Then, you can choose a work with more action and suspense or the author who writes the best books for young people.

In the list of writers, you can check out some titles that are required reading for those who are starting in this literary style. If you don't know where to start, prefer the realistic ones. It is easier to identify with them.

Number of pages

When the story is interesting and the plot well conducted, the number of pages matters little. But at first sight, this aspect can scare, especially readers who are beginning.

If this is your case, opt for a shorter novel by the author you've been wanting to get to know. This way, you can familiarise yourself with the writing style without being pressured by the length of the story.

livros de romance impresso e digital

It is possible to read romance, action and suspense books in a more economical and sustainable way through digital book readers. (Source: Tommaso Altamura /


We've just talked about digital books and how to join this new format. If you are already a fan of this mode of reading, remember to search in your app if the desired title is available in digital version.

If it is, this may be the best alternative. Besides being, almost always, cheaper than the printed version, with the digital book you can start reading immediately. Ideal for those who do not want to waste time!


Many authors divide a story into trilogies or even more volumes. This can be an interesting way to start in the world of romance books since each part of the work is smaller and therefore easier to read.

But if you don't know the author or much about a book, research to find out whether or not the title that caught your attention is part of a trilogy, for example. If it is, look for the first volume of the series so you don't get lost in the sequence.

Evaluations and reviews

If you are in doubt about the style of a particular author, you can always look for comments about him/her on the internet. Another way to know if you will like it or not is by the publisher's review. It is not a guarantee, but booksellers usually give you a very accurate picture of what you will find inside the book.


Many people shy away from romance books thinking that they will only find dramas of impossible loves there. But the reality is quite different from that and literature can become your passion through this genre.

It was with this in mind that we prepared this article with information about this type of books and stories, we talk about past and current writers that can transform your reading experience. We leave our indications, but it is always good to remember that the sky is the limit! Take your chances!

We hope you have enjoyed this guide. Take the opportunity to browse our contents and get to know other literary styles. See you soon!

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