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Although many do not recognise it, romantic films have the perfect ingredients to top the box office: love, intrigue, passion, emotion, in short... a series of irresistible components not only for women... Do you like this genre? Discover it with us!

Romantic films are characterised by giving priority to feelings, particularly those of the couple. This formula seems to be infallible, as we all, to a greater or lesser extent, feel identified with some aspect of the plot of these films that aim straight for the heart of the viewers.

Throughout this article we will tell you about the most significant aspects of romantic films, so that you can get to know their main characteristics and choose the variant that has a plot according to your interests and personal preferences. Don't miss it!


  • Romantic films have the particularity of being emotional and sentimental. Most of them tell a love story with encounters, misunderstandings, betrayals, doubts, etc., which in most cases culminates in a happy ending.
  • There are different types of romantic films, among which comedies, dramas and romantic thrillers stand out. These variants differ from each other mainly in terms of subject matter, type of focus and plot style, among other relevant components.
  • It is very important that when buying a romantic film you take into account certain factors, such as the characteristics of the plot and the characters, the context, the difference between the older and contemporary variants and the age groups at which they are aimed.

The best Romantic Films: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about romantic films

The main purpose of this buying guide is to provide you with useful and relevant information about the product you are interested in buying. Therefore, we will tell you what are the most important features of romantic films, including their advantages and those aspects that are not so beneficial.

actores en filmación de escena romántica

Romantic films tell love stories full of misunderstandings, passion, mishaps, deception, etc. (Photo: Mirko Vitali/

What are romantic films and what are their advantages?

Romantic films are films whose plots revolve around the love story of their protagonists. In these stories there is never a lack of conflicts typical of the genre (encounters, misunderstandings, misunderstandings, deceptions, etc.) that almost always culminate in a happy ending.

Romantic films are considered somewhat "light" or "light", because in many cases their content is quite basic, superficial and predictable. However, there are many, many examples of extremely interesting films of this style, with deep and intelligent scripts.

Among their many advantages, romantic films are an entertaining and in many cases hopeful option. In addition, there are variants that are thought-provoking and make us identify with some of the situations or characters, making us feel part of these touching stories.

  • We tend to identify with their stories
  • They are emotional, funny and entertaining
  • They make us reflect
  • They usually leave a hopeful message
  • They talk about love and feelings
  • They encourage us to fight for what we want
  • Some are too basic, superficial or predictable
  • They can be sexist in some cases
  • The characters usually meet certain beauty stereotypes
  • The characters usually fit certain personality prototypes

Romantic comedy, drama or thriller films - what should you watch out for?

Within romantic films there are sub-genres that have certain nuances and particularities. Here we will mention the most common ones so that you can get to know their main characteristics and choose the variant that is most interesting to you according to your personal tastes.

Romantic comedies. Romantic comedies are characterised by giving a humorous approach to the problems that develop in the film. These scenes are usually quite exaggerated or grotesque for the viewer to enjoy in a relaxed way.

Romantic comedies usually combine comic (or tragicomic) situations with more dramatic or sensitive moments, so that viewers go through different states of mind throughout the film and are not subject to one overriding emotion (which could bore them).

Romantic dramas. Romantic dramas tell love stories from a more tragic, sad or serious point of view. These films, in many cases, have deeper plots and storylines than the romantic comedy sub-genres (which are sometimes too light or superficial).

Many romantic dramas are based on best-selling books. Generally the director of the film takes a certain amount of responsibility for the script and the cuts, as it is difficult to integrate the whole content of a literary work into a film (and it can be tedious or repetitive).

Romantic thrillers. Romantic thrillers are, along with romantic comedies, the most agile and dynamic variants of these sub-genres, as they interweave love stories with scenes of action, adventure, suspense, etc., which appeal to a wider and more varied audience.

Romantic thrillers bring versatility to the content, making it entertaining and gripping. Nowadays, many films can be found that combine scenes of great visual impact, with state-of-the-art special effects, and more emotional and passionate moments.

Comedies Dramas Thrillers
Main themes Love stories from a comedic approach Love stories from a more tragic approach Love stories from a fast-paced and entertaining approach
Plot style Generally more "light" or predictable Usually have more in-depth storylines More varied and dynamic storylines
Closer genres Comedy Drama Adventure, action, suspense
Main features Seek to take drama and angst out of love stories Seek to intensify the drama and (in some cases) deepen the content Seek to give classic love stories dynamism and adrenaline

Which famous romantic films can I buy and watch?

There are hundreds of romantic films that have gone down in history as the best love films of all time. Here are some of the biggest blockbuster movies for you to get to know their plots (although we're sure there are plenty left out!).

Titanic. This famous film, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, tells the story of a wealthy young woman and a humble artist who meet on the iconic ocean liner Titanic, which sank during its maiden voyage. In the short time of the voyage, the two have a passionate romance.

Gone with the Wind. It is undoubtedly one of the most watched films of all time. This beautiful film, set during the Civil War, tells a story of deep and passionate love, in the midst of a violent, hostile and distressing historical context.

Casablanca. Casablanca is considered one of the most perfect romantic films in history, due to its script, cinematography, music and performances. The entire film, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, is set beautifully and poetically against the backdrop of World War II.

Ghost. This 1990 film tells the story of a couple who are destroyed when he is killed in a robbery. But then Sam (Patrick Swayze) returns as a ghost to protect Molly (Demi Moore). A love story with a difference and very well acted.

The Bridges of Madison. This film, based on the novel by Robert James Waller, tells the story of Francesca Johnson (Meryl Streep), a middle-aged housewife who lives on a farm with her family and falls passionately in love with a National Geographic photographer (Clint Eastwood) who visits Madison County.

What formats will you be able to get?

Romantic films (like all other film genres) are available in a variety of formats. You can buy them on DVD, Blu-Ray or watch them online for free or pay. Here we will discuss the characteristics of each format so that you can choose the one that is most suitable for you.

DVD. DVD format films come on small, ultra-thin CDs that are placed in an appropriate device (such as the DVD device itself, a PC or even a Play Station). This variant, considered state-of-the-art in the 1990s, is still in use, although it is now being displaced by new technologies.

Blu-Ray. Blu-ray Disc, also known as BD, is a state-of-the-art optical disc format that allows the viewing of films in high definition (HD, 3D, Ultra HD). In addition to its excellent quality, this system has a much higher storage capacity than DVDS.

Online. Another variant to watch films is to do it through the Internet, through the online system. There are specific websites where you can watch films for free or pay (Netflix is the most important platform for series and films nowadays). You can also use Youtube, although the quality is usually not very good.

How much do romantic films cost?

The prices of romantic films depend on the type of film and the format (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.), among other aspects. Below, we will tell you the approximate values of these products so that you can have an estimated reference of the commercial costs.

In the market you can find romantic films between 150 MXN and 300 MXN, approximately, depending on the characteristics mentioned in the previous paragraph. However, most of these films cost around 200 MXN and generally come in Blu-Ray format.

"We were young and we thought we would find other loves just as intense" - Before Sunset

Where to buy a romantic film?

The days of video clubs are long gone, so nowadays romantic (and other genre) films can be bought from commercial outlets, mainly in the more modern Blu-Ray format. You can get them in shops like Liverpool or Sears.

You can also find a great variety and assortment of romantic films online, through virtual sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Linio, Mercado Libre, etc. The Internet gives you the additional advantage of ordering from home, where you can also receive your order if you wish.

pareja en cine viendo película

Romantic films take different approaches (comedy, drama, action) to tell love stories. (Photo: dolgachov/

Buying criteria

In this last section of the article we will talk about those factors that you should not lose sight of when choosing a romantic film, given that there is a great variety of cinematic proposals adapted to the different styles and interests of the spectators.

Plot characteristics

The plots of romantic films have certain characteristics that are usually repeated within this genre, with the variations of the script of each film. Below, we will comment on the situations that usually occur throughout these plots.

Chance meeting. In most romantic films, the protagonist couple usually meet through a chance encounter. This information can often be found described in the summary of the film, as it will be a fact that you will discover a few minutes after the film has started.

Love triangle. On the other hand, there is almost always a love triangle consisting of her, him and his current partner, or her, him and her current partner (or the leading couple and their respective partners). You will also know this information beforehand when you see the roles of the supporting actors.

Obstacles. There are always obstacles that stand in the way between the leading couples (e.g. third parties who are busy putting stones in the way of the lovers: current or ex-partners, family members, etc.). In romantic comedies, for example, these are usually more grotesque characters or situations.

Reunion. Despite the obstacles, misunderstandings and unforeseen events, the protagonist couple ends up meeting again, as their union is predestined. Although there are also films where the reunion is left pending for a second part to generate expectations (and you'll have to wait for it).

Happy ending. In most cases, romantic films have a happy ending, not only for the main characters but also for the secondary characters. You will find exceptions like "Titanic" or other romantic dramas, usually based on books or true stories.

pareja de actores en filmación de escena

Romantic films usually have a certain sequence of events, which characterise this film genre. (Photo: Fabio Formaggio/


The characters in romantic films vary according to the theme and plot; however, there are usually certain actors who are characteristic of this film genre. Here we will mention some of them so that you can get to know the dynamics of these films.

Leading couple. No romantic film can be without a leading couple, as the plot revolves around them. The couple will be the "central hook", since you will probably choose the film not only because of the plot but also because of your sympathy with the actors who star in it.

Third parties in discord. In most (if not all) romantic films there are third parties in discord who intercede in one way or another in the consummation of love between the protagonist couple. Depending on the genre and type of film, these characters can be obnoxious or somewhat sympathetic.

Friends/family. To give form and context to the stories, the family members (with their own characteristics for each specific film) and the accomplice friends of the protagonists cannot be missing. You will probably get attached to these characters, as they are usually good and loyal.

parea viendo pelicula en casa

Romantic films never lack the unconditional friends of the protagonists of the story. (Photo: Antonio Guillem/


Beyond the characteristics that most romantic films tend to have, the plots also vary according to the context. Below, we will comment on the different circumstances that determine the plot and development of these sentimental films.

Historical. There are romantic films that take place in the present day and there are period dramas or romantic thrillers (the historical context modifies the plot, the settings, the plot, the characters, the vocabulary, the costumes, etc.). You can choose the film according to your specific interests (wars, natural disasters, etc.).

Social/cultural. The socio-cultural context of romantic films is determined by the status, purchasing power, academic level, or racial condition of the protagonists and their environment, which directly influence the development of the plot. You will find that in most cases she is rich and he is poor, or vice versa.

Political. While the political context is not usually very important in romantic films, as they are somewhat more superficial or lighter than other film genres, you will be able to find romantic drama films where these issues play some kind of role.

Old and contemporary

Although romantic films have specific particularities characteristic of the genre, over the years some aspects have changed due to paradigm shifts in relation to various themes. Here we will mention some differences between the old and modern variants.

Older. Old romantic films (which do not necessarily have to be very old) usually have certain standards in terms of personality and the characteristics of the leading couple that have been changing (for example, in these films women are more submissive and delicate).

Contemporary. The leading couples in contemporary romantic films tend to be more realistic and less stereotypical than the versions of yesteryear, although certain prototypes (especially in terms of beauty) are still maintained. For example, the women are more feminist and there are homosexual relationships.


Romantic films are usually aimed at an adult audience; however, there are commercial variants adapted to different ages and interests. Below, we will talk about the different versions of love films and the ages or stages they are aimed at.

Children's. Romantic films are not usually associated with children. However, the classic stories of princes and princesses are variants of this genre adapted to children (which were later adapted to modern times, maintaining the naive and innocent style).

For teenagers. Romantic films for teenagers deal with themes of interest to young people between 14 and 18 years of age, approximately. They usually talk about drugs, sex, friends, music, etc., and the protagonists are always the same age (or close to it) as the viewers of the film.

Adult films. Adult films usually cover different themes, respecting the particularities of the genre. The characteristics of the protagonists and the stories are aimed at viewers of different ages (middle-aged or elderly).

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