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Rooibos is a plant that belongs to the category of legumes. The plant originates from the western mountainous regions of the South African province of Western Cape. Rooibos can only be found in the form of a tea in the trade, so selection forms of Aspalathus linearis (rooibos) are also planted to obtain the plant species in tea form.

Through many different suppliers, a rooibos tea can be purchased in different flavours. You can find a rooibos tea already packed in tea bags or open in a large package. Thus, the intensity of the tea can be controlled by oneself.


  • Rooibos is a plant that is refined into a tea with a few additions. Rooibos is therefore only commercially available in the form of a tea.
  • Rooibos tea is available in many different flavours such as vanilla, caramel and orange. You can choose according to your taste.
  • Before buying, one should pay attention to any additives and the certification. There is only one plant that can be used for rooibos tea, so it should be clear on the package.

The Best Rooibos: Our Picks

In the following section we have compiled our favourites for you, which can help you to make a purchase decision. There will be a tea to suit every taste and need. All products are available in shops or online.

Buying and evaluation criteria for rooibos

To make it easier for you to choose your tea, we have summarised the most important criteria so that you can find the best tea for you. You should consider the following criteria:

In the following, we explain what you need to consider in these criteria so that you can make a decision that underlines your needs.


A tea is, or at least should always be, labelled with a certification, by which you can see in which category the tea can be classified. If the product is declared as organic, an EU certification must be present.

This means that the manufacturing company undertakes that no pesticides are used in the cultivation of the tea or come into contact with the raw material. The cultivation areas are also strictly controlled for sewage sludge at certain intervals.


In the case of flavoured teas, various additives such as fruits or leaves are sometimes used to achieve the desired flavour. However, this can cause the quality of the product to fluctuate greatly.

The use of additives may be more common with fruit teas than with herbal teas. It is therefore always advisable to take a close look at the ingredients and additives listed in the table on a tea package before buying.

Caffeine content

It is rather unusual for a rooibos tea to contain caffeine. However, it can happen that different types of tea contain caffeine. The caffeine content in the tea is supposed to make any tiredness, listlessness or sluggishness go away.

If this is not desired, it is important to check the nutritional values and ingredients of the tea. Black, white and green teas all contain caffeine, whereas herbal teas such as camomile and peppermint do not.


Rooibos tea is available in many different flavours. In general, rooibos tea tastes rather fruity-earthy without any further additions and has a slightly sweetish aftertaste. If you want something stronger or a specific flavour, you should choose a rooibos with flavour.

You can choose between orange, caramel, vanilla and other flavours. The desired flavour can be strengthened by adding a dash of milk to the cup of tea.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about rooibos answered in detail

In this section, we explain the most frequently asked questions about rooibos, so that you are well informed for your next tea purchase.

Who is rooibos suitable for?

Rooibos tea is suitable for everyone. It can even be given to babies, as it does not contain any harmful substances or caffeine.


Every rooibos tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold and is therefore perfect for almost any occasion. (Image source: Aedrozda / Pixabay)

The tea is also good for athletes, as some of the necessary minerals can be taken by drinking the hot beverage. The tea has a positive effect on the body and is therefore suitable for any person at any age.

What types of rooibos are there?

There is rooibos tea and redbush tea, both are made from the same raw material, i.e. the rooibos plant, and only have a different name. There is no direct difference between the two products, only the name is different.

In German-speaking countries, rooibos tea is more commonly called Rotbusch tea. Rooibos tea can be bought in different flavours from various suppliers. Rooibos tea often has a vanilla, orange, caramel or cinnamon flavour. However, there are many other types and varieties of rooibos tea.

Is rooibos tea healthy?

Yes, rooibos tea is healthy for everyone. The high content of iron and other valuable minerals allows the body to absorb nutrients through the intake of the tea. This means that the tea can even be drunk during pregnancy without any concerns.

Athletes also benefit from the hot beverage, as minerals and trace elements are removed from the body during sweating, which are balanced out again by the rooibos tea. The ingredients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron are always good for the body and therefore healthy when taken regularly.

What does rooibos do?

Rooibos tea can have an anti-inflammatory and strengthening effect on the immune system if it contains so-called flavonoids, secondary plant substances. The tea can also have a positive effect on stomach and intestinal complaints.

The tea can also be used for babies with three-month colic, as it is just as well tolerated as fennel tea, for example. The tea can also have a positive effect on mental mood. For a good effect, however, the tea must be drunk in large quantities and regularly for this to be beneficial to health.


To add variety to your tea shelf, rooibos tea is perfect. You can buy it in the flavour of your choice or neat and is available in any supermarket or online. Rooibos tea has a long shelf life if stored in a dry place, so it can be kept for a long time without any problems.

When deciding on a purchase, you should definitely consider the preferred flavour and possibly also the intensity of the tea. If you have never tried a rooibos tea before, it does not necessarily have to be the most expensive model. Try your favourite flavour and taste your way through.

(Cover photo: Hiroki Arai / Pixabay)