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Whether long, short, thin or thick. Experience shows that every hair needs its own special care. For most people, blow-drying and brushing are not foreign strategies for caring for and styling the hair. But what happens when you have a hairdryer and brush in one?

What the rotating warm air brushes promise: What the hairdressing professional achieves in the salon, you can easily do at home and even save valuable time. How convincing the result is with the use of the miracle brush depends on the quality of the device. In everyday life, these brushes can be ideal companions for your daily styling. In our big comparison of rotating hot air brushes 2022 we would like to help you find the brush that is right for you.


  • Rotating hot air brushes allow you to experience your individual styling at home.
  • Each brush has different attachments to suit different hair types and styles.
  • Which one is right for you depends on your hair texture.

The best Rotating Hot Air: in the United Kingdom: Our Picks

Rotating warm-air brushes: Buying and evaluation criteria

To help you understand exactly what you are looking for, we would like to present the criteria for our selection of the preceding rotating warm-air brushes. With the help of these criteria, you can better compare the brushes with each other so that you can choose a rotary brush that exactly meets your needs.

Below we explain what the criteria really are.

Energy (in watts)

The right wattage is crucial when choosing your rotary brush. Depending on your hair type and length, a few watts too much or too little can help or hinder your desired result.

For thick hair, make sure you use a brush with at least 1000 watts. The reason for this is that your thick hair needs much more energy when styling.

For fine hair, appliances with less than 1000 watts of power are quite sufficient. Also, make sure that the appliance does not get too hot. Too high a temperature can damage the hair.

Ion technology

Ion technology works preventively against electrified hair during and after brushing. Air is sucked in by the ion brush and provided with negatively charged ions. This ultimately serves to transfer the negative ions from the hairdryer air to the hair. These have the effect of neutralising the positively charged hair.

Ceramic coating

A ceramic coating on the brush heads protects the hair when using the hot air brush. Coloured hair in particular benefits from this, which means that the colouring can be retained for longer. The heat also allows each strand of hair to be shaped as desired.

With the help of the ceramic coating, the attachments glide very gently through the hair. This brushing process with less resistance helps to achieve gentler styling.

Brush attachments

The right brush attachment is crucial for proper hair care. For each hair type, there are different brush attachments that improve the process and result of styling.

Brush heads with a diameter of 32 mm or more are particularly suitable for long hair.

These brush heads ensure more hold because they can grip more hair with integrated or hard bristles. With the help of these attachments, long hair can be shaped well.

Experience shows that brushes with soft bristles are more suitable for fine hair. Thick strands do not get sufficient traction with these brushes. For short hair, attachments with a diameter of 19 mm or more are particularly suitable; more precise brushing is advantageous for successful short hairstyles.

Adjustable temperature

Another essential feature of a rotating air brush is the adjustable temperature. Good devices usually have two to three heat settings.

So, in addition to a hot temperature setting, steps towards cooler options are also extremely important. Since the brush is in direct contact with the hair, care should be taken here.

Since not every hair type is the same, differences can also be made depending on the hair type. With thick, healthy hair, higher temperatures can be tolerated well. For fine, brittle or chemically treated hair, lower temperatures should be used.

A temperature of 150 to 170 degrees Celsius is recommended for thick and healthy hair, whereas normal hair should be styled at a temperature of 120 to 150 degrees Celsius. For fine, dry or brittle hair, temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius are recommended.

Rotating air brushes: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about rotating air brushes. For this purpose, we have selected the most essential questions which we will now answer. After reading this guide, you will know all the important information about rotating air brushes.

Who is a rotary brush suitable for?

A rotary brush is suitable for anyone who is looking for a clever and efficient way to style their hair. It even manages to save space. This is because the brush combines several functions in one.

Ein riesen Volumen an Möglichkeiten-1

The practical all-rounder is suitable for everyone who likes it efficient and practical. With the rotating hot-air brush, all styles are successful, whether straight or curly.
(Image source: StockSnap / Pixabay)

This makes hot air brushes an all-rounder for all those who like it practical. There are suitable components for every hair type that make styling gentle and quick. Please note that every hair type needs its own care and that the requirements for rotating air brushes can vary!

What accessories are available for rotating air brushes?

Rotating air brushes offer a variety of modular attachments and accessories to enhance your styling. Base your choice on your hair type! The handling is usually intuitive and easy. Below you will find a list of the most popular attachments. We will briefly describe their advantages and disadvantages.

Accessories Advantage Disadvantage
40 - 50 mm round brush attachment Volume at the hairline and sweeping movements in the hair Not suitable for short hair
30 mm round brush attachment Beautiful soft curls Not suitable for long or shorter hair
20 mm round brush Ideal for styling shorter hair, layered cuts or ponies Not suitable for long and medium length hair
Blow dry attachment Takes away residual moisture in preparation for styling Observe the right temperature for your own hair type
Straightening attachment Straightens hair while drying Beware of drying out the hair
Hairline booster More volume Not suitable for shorter hair
Paddle brush Smooth and healthy-looking hair -
Centring nozzle Precise drying of individual strands for targeted styling -

After all these attachments, a crucial question remains here.

How do you use the rotating hot air brush correctly?

The ideal starting point for using your rotating warm air brush is after shampooing your hair. Dry your hair well with a towel or let it air dry. Make sure that your rotary brush does not come into contact with wet hair!

Part the slightly damp hair into moderately thick strands using a comb. Start wrapping your hair around the brush at the ends, working your way down to the roots.

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Easy and intuitive use is followed by simple cleaning of the brush. Follow the steps in the application and shape your hair to your own liking!
(Image source: Free-Photos / Pixabay)

Now start with small temperature settings and carefully increase to higher temperatures as needed and finish with the cold setting (if available).

Position your hair as desired and fix your styling with hairspray as needed.

Clean your brush after use to loosen past hairs from the bristles and ensure the longest possible product life. To avoid germs and bacteria, cleanse your brush of sebum, dandruff and residues of care products. Feel free to use a comb for this purpose.

How much does a rotary brush cost?

There are many different models and features of rotary brushes. Therefore, the price can vary greatly. Special functions and attachments sound interesting and effective, but they are also reflected in the purchase price.

Design of rotating warm-air brush Price
Beginner 20 - 30 euros
Experienced 30 - 50 euros
Professional 50 - 80 euros

Basically, when choosing your product, you should make sure that you do not spend less than 20 euros. The likelihood that the products or hair results will be disappointing increases with a lower price. If you want several functions in one device, the purchase price can quickly range from 20 to 80 euros.

The more functions you want, the more expensive the brush can be.


Now you have gained an insight into the topic of rotating hot air brushes. Surely you have already thought about one or the other variant of such brushes. Which device is right for you in the end is entirely up to you.

Basically, you can hardly make a mistake with any brush. At all times of the day, the rotating hot air brush can be a great help and save you a lot of time.

We hope that you have been able to find your personal styling device and wish you every success in trying it out!

Picture source: schan / 123rf