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Our eating habits have changed a lot in recent years and more and more people are pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Instead of fast food, more fresh and natural food is consumed. The Saladette is the right product for restaurateurs who have recognised this trend and want to keep their ingredients fresh longer and have them ready to hand more quickly. With our saladette guide, we want to help you find the right saladette for you. We have compared table salads and gastro salads with each other and listed the advantages and disadvantages. Our aim is to make your purchase decision easier and to answer all important questions.


  • Saladettes are perfect for cooling salad or topping ingredients and keeping them fresh and crisp for longer. The drawers and support grids offer additional storage space for larger quantities of food or ready-prepared ingredients.
  • The different designs and variations of the saladette offer restaurateurs a certain amount of leeway in terms of purchase. This means that the perfect saladette can be found for every kitchen.
  • Saladettes and the entire equipment can be easily cleaned with a disinfectant for the food sector. This ensures maximum hygiene and prevents unpleasant odours.

The Best Saladette: Our Picks

Saladettes: Purchase and evaluation criteria

Before buying a saladette, you naturally want to know what to look for in order to find the right product for your needs. Therefore, we have listed the important features for you here. The criteria you can use to compare different saladettes with each other include:

In the following sections, we explain which aspects are decisive for the purchase criteria.


Size plays an important role when buying a saladette, especially if your kitchen has little space and you want to leave a lot of room to move around. The Gastro-Norm (GN) unit of measurement is used for the saladette, which is a container system for the catering industry. Standard dimensions include 2.5 times GN 1/1 with two refrigerated door compartments, each of which is 1 times GN 1/1. GN 1/1 translates to 530 millimetres long and 325 millimetres wide. For saladettes with three or four doors, the GN 1/1 is therefore calculated as three or four times, but these are variations or extensions and therefore not standard sizes.

The size you need depends on your space requirements and your intended use.

A smaller version is the table salade, which has no doors and therefore does not take up any additional space. The cooling works through an integrated compressor in the base. The size of this salade is 1200 millimetres long and 380 millimetres wide.

Worktop material

Saladettes are generally made of stainless steel and often have no worktop. This means that they usually only have a lid to cover the upper cooling containers or are equipped with a display cabinet. However, you can still find saladettes with worktops, which then have an additional top for the cooling units.

An additional work surface is practical because you can quickly complete the steps one after the other.

The material of the worktop can also be stainless steel or granite. Stainless steel worktops are mainly used in catering kitchens because they are easy to clean and extremely hygienic. No liquids are absorbed and odours do not stick either. Granite is more of a product that is installed in domestic kitchens. The stone is very robust, as it is cut and scratch resistant, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, hot food can be placed on granite and it is also tasteless.

Number of doors/drawers

In their simplest form, saladettes are equipped with one door. Depending on the need, you can find products with three or, in rare cases, four doors. With refrigerated doors, there are different variations and designs where drawers replace one or two doors. The interior behind the doors is either equipped with a grid or with a pull-out rail. Naturally, saladettes with more doors and drawers are larger and therefore take up much more space. Here again, it depends on your needs and the space available.

Saladettes: Frequently asked questions and answers

Before you decide to install a Saladette in your kitchen, you will certainly have some questions about the product. In our Saladette guide, we have listed and answered frequently asked and important questions from potential buyers. This guide should help you to get all the important information about the Saladette and ultimately decide on the right one.

What is a Saladette?

A Saladette is a piece of stainless steel furniture and consists of refrigerated tubs and doors. They are very similar to a refrigerated counter and are mainly used in the catering industry. A saladette keeps salads and vegetable ingredients cool, so the ingredients are always at hand.


Cooks have all the ingredients at hand with the Saladette.
(Image source: Meran Yousof / unsplash)

A Saladette contains either three large GN containers or several smaller ones. GN is a catering measurement used to indicate litres and the dimensions of refrigerated food containers. In most cases, there is a tabletop saladette on the counter and the lower area consists of doors or drawers.

What types of saladettes are there?

If you are already sure that you want to buy a saladette, there are two types to choose between. Here we present these two and list the advantages and disadvantages:
Type Advantages Disadvantages
Table saladette keeps food cool, always ready to hand, takes up little space, saves costs has only cooling trays, no additional storage space
Gastro saladette saves costs, keeps food cool and fresh, has additional storage space takes up a lot of space

Table saladettes are perfect for restaurateurs who have little space in the kitchen and mainly serve salads or small dishes, as they often do not need an additional larger refrigerated space. This product is cooled by an integrated compressor in the base. Table saladettes usually have display cases as a cover and these can often also be used as a top for large gastro saladettes that do not have cooling trays on the surface. The large Gastro Saladette offers full storage space and refrigeration options for large kitchens. Most are equipped with tubs on top and also have doors and drawers for storage. These saladettes often have two or three large refrigerated containers or several small refrigerated containers. Table saladettes can be purchased as an attachment for refrigerated tables. Cooling is provided by a compression machine, which is either in the base or behind one of the doors. The entire unit is connected to the power supply via a socket.

What are the alternatives to a saladette?

If you are unsure whether you want to buy such a large unit, there are also alternatives to saladettes. It's hard to compare them to a saladette, but if you only use a few cold ingredients that always need to be chilled, food containers are often sufficient.


Even if it's not a saladette, you should make sure that the food is arranged appetisingly at a buffet.
(Image source: Benjamin Ashton/unsplash)

There is also the food display case, which has a compact design and can also be used very well for cooling food.

Alternative Food display case Food container
Description A food display case is often called an ice cream display case and, as the name suggests, is best for ice cream. Of course, it can also be used for salad ingredients, but it is much more expensive than a saladette Food containers are tubs in which food or salad ingredients are stored. In the catering trade, they are often used with hot dishes.

As mentioned above, it is difficult to find a proper alternative for a saladette. Every food storage device or refrigerator has its advantages and disadvantages, the important thing is that you find the right product for you and are satisfied.

How do I set the temperature of the Saladette?

Saladettes are connected to the power socket and operated with a power cable. To set the desired cooling temperature, it is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions. In most cases, you can set the temperature using a key combination. Many saladettes are equipped with an automatic temperature control.

What do I do if the saladette no longer cools properly?

With appliances that are designed to remain in operation for a long time, it can happen after a while that saladettes no longer cool sufficiently. There are various causes for this, some of which can be remedied.
If the cooling still does not work better, it is best to contact a technician.

One reason may be that the condenser is blocked by dust and therefore can no longer dissipate the heat properly. This means that the compressor of the Saladette has to work longer than normal. Check the grille behind the appliance and clean it regularly if dust accumulates more often. Some saladettes have a condenser that is also equipped with a fan to help distribute heat. This may also be covered with dust or generally defective and should be replaced in the latter case.

How do I clean the Saladette properly?

Since this is an appliance where various foods are regularly cooled and stored, routine cleaning is also particularly important. Before cleaning, it is recommended that the appliance be disconnected from the power supply and allowed to cool down. You can clean all storage grates or dividers as well as drawers and surfaces with a disinfectant suitable for the food sector. The worktop and outer door areas can also be wiped with a soft cloth.


Saladettes are an extremely practical piece of equipment for the catering sector and are very useful in any kitchen. Food can be kept fresh longer and drawers and support grids offer additional storage space for food or larger quantities of ingredients. Regular cleaning avoids unpleasant odours and increases hygiene in the working environment. Granite or stainless steel worktops provide a great surface for any work. If you have a saladette with a top that has containers for your ingredients, you can cut on the top and put them immediately into the refrigerated containers. Your salads have never been fresher and crunchier. Photo source: Diaz/