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Especially in this space that we dedicate to fashion in the air. Yes, the one that accompanies us on our business trips, holidays and occasional getaways, and what better way to do it than with Samsonite products? Samsonite is a company known internationally for the fine and durable finishes of its products, which mainly revolve around suitcases, bags, briefcases and related luggage and accessories in general.

Today we will not only talk about each of them, but show you the Samsonite products most in demand thanks to their quality, versatility, price and usability, as well as the advantages you will have when purchasing them, where to locate them, approximate costs and much more.


  • Samsonite products tend to focus on travel equipment, mainly luggage and accessories to optimise the travel experience. You can find suitcases, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, briefcases, support cushions and the like.
  • When it comes to luggage, you can find 3 types that are the most frequent and prominent: traditional wheeled suitcases or carry-ons, backpacks and briefcases. Each of them has specific functionalities and features that suit different circumstances.
  • Before choosing the Samsonite product of your choice, you should take into account whether your needs require some of the accessories they offer, the quantity and quality of compartments included, the types of wheeled suitcases that exist (in case you need one) and the waterproofing of your item.

The Best Samsonite in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying Guide

Buying a product and taking a chance on whether or not it will be useful is a thing of the past. Thanks to the information available, it is possible to know almost everything about the experience you will have with your product, especially when it comes to a Samsonite. Here we tell you a bit more about them.

Among all Samsonite luggage models, wheeled suitcases are ideal for long journeys, thanks to their easy portability. (Photo: Jozef Polc / 123rf)

What is Samsonite and what are its advantages?

Samsonite is a distinguished line of travel and travel-related products, including suitcases, briefcases, bags, backpacks and accessories that will make your trip more enjoyable. These products have stood out not only for creating excellent suitcases and luggage for travel in general (respecting the various needs and occasions), but its line of accessories presents a complete range of items that you will surely need in your transfers, such as document holders, umbrellas or umbrellas and seat support.

  • Swivel wheels
  • Quality material
  • Impact resistance
  • Protective zips
  • Ergonomic design
  • Full range of accessories
  • Some models can be expensive
  • Wheels without brakes

Samsonite in wheeled suitcases, backpacks or briefcases - what should you look out for?

When it comes to Samsonite's luggage line, there are 3 models that are the most common: traditional wheeled suitcases (also known as carry-ons), backpacks and briefcases. We tell you a little bit about each of them.

Suitcase with wheels. Wheeled suitcases are suitable for carrying almost anyone, as you'll only need to drag it (unless you have to climb static stairs). For this reason, you can carry it to its maximum capacity without being affected. This is because the weight is not directly on you, so you only need to change hands if you feel any discomfort. Because of the use of durable materials, your luggage remains protected.

Backpack. A backpack is a great option for a Samsonite carry-on or for cases where you need to carry light to medium luggage. This will also help your back and shoulders not to suffer too much while holding it, as it will remain supported by it during your journey on foot.

On the plus side, your shoulders will receive equal weight distribution, which will prevent localised pain in one area due to excess weight. Depending on the material you choose, your belongings will remain protected.

Briefcase. The briefcase is ideal for carrying a light load, but that needs to be separated from the rest for immediate access or for greater protection, as in the case of personal documents or laptops, for example. You will need to hold it with your hands and shoulders, so it is not recommended for long journeys, unless it is a lightweight piece of luggage. Depending on the material used, it will be a good safeguard for your personal belongings, especially when it is internally padded.

Wheeled suitcase Backpack Rucksack Briefcase
Carrying Dragging On your back Held with your hand
Weight distribution Unless you lift it, it will not hold weight Uniformly on your shoulders and back One hand or one shoulder
Recommended luggage Heavy or medium Medium or light Light
Luggage protection High or medium Depends on material Depends on material

You can locate Samsonite luggage in their own shops, in travel related shops and through online platforms. (Photo: TEA / 123rf)

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different Samsonite models

If you're already convinced to buy your Samsonite, we're telling you it's a great choice! But if you still have doubts about which model to choose, take into account the following criteria to find out which option will be the best for you.

  • Accessories
  • Compartments
  • Type of wheeled suitcase
  • Waterproof


If you're not sure whether you need a travel accessory, it's time to name the most frequent and outstanding ones so that you know if your needs fit them or if they're not really important in your case.

Handbags. There is a line for men and women that will be ideal for your travels. In some cases, it is uncomfortable or complex to access the compartments of your handgrip to remove your documents or cards, so you can keep them in it without it meaning a lot of extra weight.

Sunshades. Few people anticipate unfavourable weather when travelling, and how difficult it can be to find an umbrella. If you're travelling to a place with changeable weather or constant rain, opt for an adaptable umbrella that shrinks to its smallest size to fit neatly into your suitcase.

Weighing scales. We know that the weight of luggage at airports is a delicate issue, especially when it comes to saving money. A hand luggage scale will help us to confirm that the weight of our suitcase is suitable. Use it when you plan to bring items back home.

Support cushion. If you are going to spend a lot of time sitting, such as on road trips or plane journeys of more than 2 hours, it is important that your back has ergonomic support to help keep it upright to avoid aches and pains. It's also a good option for later use in conventional chairs.

Organiser. You'll find suitcase and hand luggage organisers. Suitcase organisers will help you distribute your items, especially when they are small in size. The handheld ones can help you keep your documents, from your passport to your money, in order and close to you, which is useful on any possible trip.


After the space your luggage allows, the most important point is the quantity and quality of the compartments it contains. These can be classified as internal and external, and can be included in large luggage and some accessories.

Internal. These are located within the main compartment and function to hold smaller items that can easily get lost or spill out if not kept upright. They can consist of pockets, netting, flaps and hook-and-loop straps, and are found in suitcases, backpacks, briefcases, fanny packs and organisers.

External. These are located outside the main compartment and can be accessed without opening other compartments. They are useful for documents and items you need to access quickly, such as notebooks, pens and tissues. You can find them in briefcases, backpacks, some suitcases and some organisers.

Types of wheeled luggage

Wheeled suitcases are the ones we tend to use most often on trips where we need medium to heavy luggage, as they are much easier to move around. However, there are 2 types of wheeled suitcases that you can find, hard suitcases and soft suitcases.

Rigid. They have a hard shell because they are made of polypropylene, plastic or some metals. This makes them more waterproof and resistant, to protect the contents. They also tend to be shock resistant and heavier. They are excellent for trips to areas with strong climatic changes or with very fragile luggage.

Soft. These are usually more comfortable, flexible and lightweight, but not very waterproof due to the materials used in their manufacture, which are usually polyester, leather or similar resistant fabrics. You can use it if you need extra space, as its size will adapt better, and if you do not include fragile objects.

If your trip is destined to a humid place or with complicated climates, it is better to use rigid suitcases and umbrellas to avoid humidifying ourselves and our luggage. (Photo: lightfieldstudios / 123rf)


Waterproofing is a very important feature in case you are travelling to places where you will face humidity and adverse weather, as well as those with natural elements related to liquid, such as rivers, beaches and lakes. Some items in which you can find this feature are suitcases, briefcases, some backpacks, briefcases, umbrellas and fanny packs, as long as you have the appropriate material and protection in each of them.

Image source: adrianhancu / 123rf