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There is almost nothing better than the feeling and smell of clean laundry. Due to the high demands of work or other everyday obligations, time sometimes comes too short. With a dryer, you can not only get your laundry dry but also save time. Samsung is a world-renowned brand that not only strives for a digital future but also a sustainable one. A Samsung dryer also offers additional beneficial features, such as sensor-controlled drying of the laundry.

Furthermore, Samsung offers different variations of dryers. In our Samsung dryer test 2021 we want to give you a closer look at this appliance. With the help of our test article, you have the opportunity to find the optimal Samsung dryer for you. Through our research, we have found out the advantages and disadvantages of the different Samsung dryers and would like to make your decision easier.

The most important facts

  • Basically, Samsung offers different types of dryers. You can choose between a heat pump dryer and a condenser dryer.
  • The different combinations of functions make the Samsung dryer ideal for the modern household.
  • Samsung dryers have different program functions. For example, Samsung offers extra functions such as Outdoor, AirWash and XXL laundry.

The Best Samsung Dryer: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Samsung dryer

There is a wide choice of tumble dryers with different variations and features. Before you buy a Samsung dryer, you should take a look at this information.

Samsung Trockner-1

The main goal of any dryer, regardless of the brand name, is to effectively dry wet clothes faster.  (Image source: / Alyssa Strohmann)

What makes Samsung dryers different from other manufacturers?

The Samsung company follows the motto "Vision 2020". This is about creating a better digitally sustainable future with Samsung products. To this end, the following points, for example, can be mentioned that support Samsung in realizing its goal.

Noise reduction

Dryers and dryer-like appliances usually have a loud noise level. Samsung attaches great importance to keeping the decibel level of its products as low as possible. The lower the decibel value (dB), the quieter the appliance.


It should also be noted that the design of Samsung appliances is optimal and that the selection of appliances with different designs is wider than that of other manufacturers. In contrast to other manufacturers who offer almost only white dryers, Samsung makes sure that the design has something special and also fits into special households.

At what prices are Samsung dryers sold?

The purchase price of a Samsung dryer depends on the various functions of the dryer. The more comfort functions the dryer has, the higher the price will be. So you can buy appliances for around 400€ but also appliances that are worth over 800€.

Extra purchase price
Capacity greater than 8kg purchase price from approx. 600€
Energy efficiency = A+++ purchase price from approx. 500€
Smart Home (WLAN) purchase price from approx. 650€

What programs does a Samsung tumble dryer have?

Before you decide on a dryer, it is important to know which programs a Samsung dryer offers. Of course, it's up to you and your lifestyle to decide which functions you want. To help you get an initial idea, we have provided a list of programs.

Standard Extra Extra
Wool Outdoor AirWash
Cotton XXL Wash SuperSpeed, SuperShort35, SuperQuiet
Easy Care Crease Protection Airing Warm/Cold
Delicates Iron-dry
Mixed load Drying time

Where can I buy Samsung dryer spare parts?

If you need spare parts, the company itself will of course provide you with the parts you need. Often, all you need to do is call Samsung's service department to order the missing parts. You can also order the necessary spare parts on online sites such as "Samsung spare parts" or "eBay".

What are the alternatives to Samsung dryers?

A dryer may not always be ideal for every household, but everyone naturally prefers dry laundry to wet. To get the laundry dry, there are several alternatives to the dryer.

The natural way

For students or small households, it is sometimes worthwhile to dry the laundry the natural way. For students, for example, it is not financially sufficient and for small households, it is not worth using so much electricity for so little laundry.

To let the laundry dry naturally, you only need a clothes horse, which you can put outside in good weather and at home in bad weather. But of course, it takes longer this way.

Alternative washer-dryer

For families who want to buy a washing machine and dryer but have limited space, there is another alternative. In this case, you can buy a completely different machine that achieves the same result.

A washer-dryer is a washing machine with an integrated dryer, so you not only save space but also save a little more time at the same time. In addition, your laundry dries without the hassle of hanging up and taking down wet clothes.

How do I clean the filter element of my dryer?

It is important to clean the filter regularly. This is because lint from the laundry can collect in the filter element of the dryer. To clean the filter element, first, open the door of the dryer. The filter element should normally be located between the door and the drum. When you find it, pull it up and open it. Now you can remove the lint and put the filter back into the dryer.

It is important that you clean the filter element after each operation. Too much accumulation of lint will affect the duration and consume more energy.

Decision: What types of Samsung dryers are there and which one is right for you?

There are two different types of dryers. Samsung offers both heat pump dryers and condenser dryers. Regardless of whether you choose a condenser or heat pump dryer, the main function is the same for both types of dryers. The warm air that is pumped into the drum evaporates the moisture from the wet laundry.

The difference lies in how the air is heated and discharged. The differences and the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of dryers are explained below.

What distinguishes a Samsung condenser dryer and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Condenser dryers are more suitable for smaller families, for single households, or for families who only dry their laundry from time to time. The difference with a heat pump dryer is that a condenser dryer does not use a heat exchanger and the moisture and warm air are blown into the environment.

In addition, the air must be heated more often than with a heat pump dryer. This means that such a dryer consumes more electricity and energy, but the purchase price is correspondingly lower.

  • It takes less time to dry the laundry
  • lower purchase costs
  • does not require a water drain
  • can be placed anywhere near a power socket
  • uses more energy and electricity

What are the features of a Samsung heat pump dryer and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

A heat pump dryer works almost exactly like a condenser dryer. The difference is that this type of dryer uses less electricity because it works with less high temperatures.

This is also because the air is not constantly heated, as a heat exchanger is integrated into such dryers. Accordingly, the purchase costs are also higher. However, it is also more environmentally friendly due to the lower energy consumption.

  • uses less electricity
  • does not need a water drain
  • high energy efficiency
  • can be placed anywhere near a power socket
  • Takes longer to dry laundry
  • high purchase price

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Samsung dryers

Samsung dryers are available in a wide variety of models. The individual models can be varied according to the following criteria:

  • Function
  • Performance and energy efficiency
  • Capacity


The following is a summary of some of the functions of Samsung dryers.

Name Activity
SuperSpeed drying This function results in a much shorter drying time than dryers without this function.
AirWash - Refreshing for the laundry With this function, you can remove approx. 99 percent of bacteria.
OptimalDry - Sensor controlled drying models with this function often have a better drying result and lead to lower energy consumption.
SmartControl with Q-rator - QuickDrive technology This feature allows you to switch on your dryer from your mobile phone while you are on the go.

Performance and energy efficiency

When buying a dryer, look at the energy efficiency. This has always been specified within Europe since 2013. The highest energy efficiency class has the value A+++ and the lowest D. The higher the value, the lower the energy consumption and the more sustainable the dryer is. Accordingly, the purchase costs of dryers with a lower energy efficiency class are lower.

For Samsung dryers, the energy efficiency class is usually A++ or A+++. If you want to buy a Samsung dryer with a high energy efficiency rating, pay attention to the type of dryer. A Samsung heat pump dryer is more likely to have an A+++ rating than a Samsung condenser dryer.


The load capacity also plays an important role in the decision. It can be 5 kilograms or up to 9 kilograms. This often depends on how many people live in a household and how much laundry accumulates in a short time.

Samsung dryers offer appliances with different load capacities and drum sizes. Single households usually prefer those with a 6-kilogram load capacity, while a large family tends to prefer dryers with a load capacity of 8 to 9 kilograms.

Specially filled dryers consume less energy.

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