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Fitness watches have long been an integral part of the sports sector.

They track your progress, help you improve and can even provide useful functions in everyday life.

Samsung, as one of the largest electronics manufacturers, provides a wide range of fitness watches and meets with great customer satisfaction.

This guide is designed to help you find the right Samsung fitness watch for you and provides you with some product suggestions as well as a few tips and facts.


  • Samsung's fitness watches convince with high quality and functionality
  • In addition to a good price-performance ratio, Samsung can also convince with good customer service
  • Samsung can skilfully implement the wishes of its customers thanks to its extensive experience in the electronics sector

The Best Samsung Fitness Watch: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Samsung fitness watch

What distinguishes Samsung Fitness Watches from other manufacturers?

In addition to smartphones and televisions, Samsung also develops smartwatches and fitness watches that are particularly convincing due to their great user-friendliness and price-performance ratio.

Samsung watches run on the company's own Tizen operating system, which offers its own app store and many personalisation options and is also compatible with Android and Apple.

Another unique feature of the Samsung watches is the rotating bezel, which makes it possible to operate the watch via a rotating wheel, which makes it much easier to operate and is also buttery smooth.


The Korean conglomerate is one of the pioneers in the smartwatch sector,
[ / Kote Puerto)

What are the alternatives for samsung fitness watches?

Samsung's probably biggest competitor Apple offers a more expensive but still no less outstanding smartwatch with its Apple Watch, which can also be used very happily as a fitness watch.

The Apple Watch can score with countless functions in combination with iOS devices, but is unfortunately limited to use with an Iphone or similar.

Samsung is ahead of the game, because you can connect and use these fitness watches with all kinds of devices. If it is not Samsung and not Apple, the manufacturer Huawei could also be something for you.

The Chinese manufacturer also offers a wide range of good fitness watches.


The Apple Watch is probably Samsung's biggest competitor and is also very popular as a fitness watch.
(image / Luke Chesser)

Decision: What types of Samsung fitness watches are there and which one is right for you?

What are Samsung fitness wristbands and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

If you're more looking for a device that is limited to fitness features like pedometer and calories burned, then you should limit your search to fitness wristbands.

These provide you with just the right features you need to optimize your workout or make your lifestyle healthier.

During the workout you wear it comfortably on your arm and after the workout you can easily read out and evaluate the tracked data via computer or smartphone.

  • Simple and sleek operability
  • Reasonable price
  • Fewer functions

What are Samsung fitness smartwatches and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

If you want a little more and also want to use your watch in everyday life, we can recommend the Samsung fitness smartwatches.

Besides Spotify playlist management and NFC support, these watches are true all-rounders and can make your life easier in many situations.

Moreover, they usually look like sporty watches and fit any style.

  • Many functions
  • Simple design
  • Training evaluation in the watch
  • Higher price

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate fitness trackers from Garmin

App Support

With Tizen, Samsung has developed an in-house operating system for their watches. On the one hand, this means that your watch is continuously supplied with updates and apps are developed specifically for Samsung watches.

The disadvantage here is that there are not as many apps as, for example, Android Wear watches. These logically have a much larger developer base and accordingly have a larger selection.

Still, the selection of apps for Samsung fitness watches is huge and you will definitely find some very good apps.

We have compiled a selection of top apps in the Galaxy Store to give you a perfect start:

App Description
Spotify Music player you can easily control with your watch
Gear Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe for your fitness watch
Face or Cross Coin toss simulation
Stopwatch and Timer Stopwatch and countdown for your watch
Here we go Offline map package and navigation
Remote Camera Pro Remote control for your camera

Weight and size

Weight and size of the watch can be quite relevant for you when you perform special movements that should not be disturbed by a watch.

In everyday situations, as well as in sports, this is undesirable and can even lead to injuries. Moreover, it is annoying and uncomfortable, so you should make sure that you can wear your watch on your wrist without any problems.

Ideally, you try out the desired watch in a specialty store and check whether it meets your requirements.


The Galaxy Watch combines many useful functions in a small space.
(image / Emiliano Cicero)


While weaker sensors are installed in cheaper models, very good sensors are installed in higher-priced products.

In addition to useful heart rate measurements, many watches even offer GPS and localization sensors and compass to cover as many customer wishes as possible.

You can recognize good sensors by the fact that the watch does not add any additional steps when simply shaken and can recognize sports without further intervention.

IP certification

Whether the watch is waterproof and dustproof and to what degree it is protected, you can see from the IP certification.

After various tests and procedures, manufacturers can receive this designation for their devices.

You can see from the test numbers to what extent your device is protected against dust and water, and whether you can use it in the rain without hesitation.


Since the display of a smartwatch is relatively small, you don't need a high resolution to get the same results as you do with smartphones or TVs.

Nevertheless, Samsung makes it a point that their watches come with decent displays and therefore installs Super Amoled displays in almost all models.

However, not only the resolution is important, but also the scratch resistance. It is not uncommon for fitness watches to have to function under tougher conditions and take a knock or two.

Samsung has simply solved the problem with Gorilla glass. This is lighter, more resistant and also scratch-proof and is thus perfect for smartphones and smartwatches.


Although Samsung will provide you with updates long after the purchase, you should make sure that you do not buy an outdated watch.

This is because they often offer low prices to get rid of remaining stock, but this is rarely the case, which is why you don't have to pay much attention to this in most cases.


Samsung's fitness watches are characterized by their broad compatibility with other devices and operating systems.

Only in extremely unusual cases is it possible that no connection is possible. Even iPhones allow connection to Samsung's devices.

Battery life

When it comes to battery life, you should make sure that it is as long as possible.

Not only does this reduce the frequency of charging, but it's also a real boon if you ever find yourself out for a longer period of time. Most Samsung watches last an average of 2-3 days.

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