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Thank you for always being attentive to our new deliveries. Welcome to Monederosmart. We know that for you entertainment is of great importance to unwind from the day to day, which is why today we will be talking about science fiction movies, which are by far the best in the world of cinema.

Not only for their fantastic effects and the excellence of the stories, science fiction movies have wonderful features that any lover of the genre would love to know before making the purchase of one of them. That's why today we're going to bring you all the information you need.

We will also mention which are the most popular ones around the world, as it could be of great help to you in case you are in doubt, because it is important to us that you feel completely satisfied with your purchase.


  • Science fiction cinema is a film genre in which you can find different representations of non-existent or unproven phenomena, such as aliens, time travel, superhero movies, futuristic cities. This is considered one of the best genres of cinema around the world.
  • At the time of your purchase you should know that there are many ways to watch the best fiction movies, which are DVD, Cinema and digital platform. These can be differentiated according to different aspects, which are the price, the playback medium and the extras you can get.
  • Although it is a medium of entertainment for everyone, you have to take into account a variety of aspects, such as rating, duration, among others. This will help you to know which is the most convenient choice for you.

The Best Science Fiction Movies: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about science fiction films

Buying a science fiction film is really simple, since you only need to know which one you want to buy, however, it is never too much to know what are the characteristics that are part of them, in order to make a good choice.

The science fiction genre is considered one of the most watched genres around the world. (Photo: Tatyana Iko/

What are science fiction films and what are their advantages?

Science fiction cinema is a film genre in which you can find different representations of non-existent phenomena, such as aliens, time travel, superhero movies, futuristic cities, among others. It is one of the most popular genres in the film industry.

Over the years science fiction films have had a noticeable change, not only with regard to the effects of each film, but with the dedication in terms of production and direction; this achieved that the genre was finally positioned in the first place of most viewed genres in the world.

One of the biggest advantages that this genre offers to the viewers is the fact that their imagination develops in an artistic and dynamic way. That is why children always enjoy superhero movies, because they inspire and enrich them with their wonderful visual effects.

  • Consume leisure time
  • Increase creativity
  • There is something for all audiences
  • Some can be aggressive
  • If they come on DVD, they can deteriorate

Science fiction films on DVD, cinema or in digital format - what should you look out for?

We can find a wide variety of ways to watch fiction films; of course, users who enjoy good cinema are always a bit hesitant about which is the best way to watch their favourite films.

Sci-fi movies on DVD: One of the most common ways to watch movies. You can buy your fiction film on regular DVD or Blue-ray, it all depends on your preferences. If you want to watch the movies you want from the comfort of your home this is the best option for you.

Sci-fi movies in the cinema: It is clear that the best way to enjoy a goodsci-fi movie is to watch it on the big screen, where we are sure that no details will be skipped. This is the most popular and one of the most fun ways. But it depends on the availability of your local cinema.

Sci-fi movies in digital format: There are a variety of digital platforms where you can watch the best sci-fi movies in the world. This way of watching them can also be done from the comfort of your own home, which many people enjoy.

Sci-Fi movies on DVD Sci-Fi movies in cinema Sci-Fi movies in digital format
Price Medium High Medium
Playback medium Television, computer or laptop Movie theatre Smartphone, tablets, computer, laptop or SmartTV
Additional Extra scenes Extra scenes and movie memorabilia None

Purchasing criteria

It is of great importance to be fully informed about the products we wish to purchase, especially to know what aspects should be taken into account before making the purchase, as this will ensure that the purchase is completely successful.


When purchasing your science fiction film, you should evaluate very well who in your home will see it, since there is a classification level that protects the youngest members of the household from seeing some scenes that may not be to their liking and may be traumatic for them:

AA and A rating: considered the all-ages type of rating. If the film you are about to buy has this rating, you can feel at ease and let your little one enjoy the film.

B Rating: This is mostly aimed at teenagers and adults, as these films have a content that the youngest children in the household may not be able to grasp or may find boring.

Rating C: The C rating is specifically aimed at adults, as the films may contain scenes in which there is a high level of violence or explicit sex scenes.


This aspect is also very important to consider, since if you don't have too much free time, it is best to buy a science fiction film that does not have such a long running time, although, these are mostly known for being excessively long, however, there are exceptions.

Long movies: The longest sci-fi movies can be around 4 hours long. It is clear that if you are a super fan of them, it will be no problem for you to take all that time to enjoy them without interruption.

Short films: As we mentioned, in the science fiction genre it is common for films to have a long duration, which is why the ones that are considered short within the genre have a minimum duration of 2 hours. These are ideal for those who do not have much free time.


Although many people tend to ignore this point, you should know that it is one of the most important to take into account, since there are two types of productions in science fiction films can make them have characteristics that differentiate them in a quite noticeable way.

Independent production: This type of films are made with a much smaller budget than Hollywood films, since they decided to work on their own because they do not follow the ways of the big film industries or prefer to go it alone. Many of them have been extremely popular and others have been forgotten.

Industry production: Of course, industry sci-fi films are some of the most watched around the world; not only because of the budget that is invested in them, but also because the brands make the majority of viewers much more attracted to consume their releases.

Extra scenes

There are a variety of films that have extra scenes, which help many fans to better understand the story or to enrich their knowledge of each of the characters.

If you consider yourself a fan of sci-fi movies, you should make sure to watch the extra scenes that they contain; we assure you that you will feel that your purchase was more than satisfactory.

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