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A screwdriver is essential for many manual tasks in the household. Whether you want to assemble a piece of furniture or need to screw around with electronics, a screwdriver should not be missing from any DIY toolbox. A screwdriver is used where a screw needs to be screwed in or out and using a cordless screwdriver would be impractical.

In the following screwdriver set test 2021 we want to help you find the most suitable screwdriver set for you. We have compared ground and unground masonry drills and want to show you the various advantages and disadvantages in the following. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • There are various types of screwdrivers, which differ mainly in the shape of the blade. This shape determines which screws they are suitable for. The most common blade shapes are slotted screwdrivers, Phillips and Pozidriv screwdrivers, hexagonal screwdrivers and Torx screwdrivers.
  • Apart from the classic screwdriver, where the blade is fixed to the handle, there are also bit holder screwdrivers, torque screwdrivers and ratchet screwdrivers.
  • Apart from using the right blade shape, you should also pay attention to the right size depending on the intended use, as well as insulation, magnetism and the presence of a striking cap.

The Best Screwdriver Set: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a screwdriver set

If you want to buy a screwdriver set, there are certainly some questions you want to have answered before making a purchase decision. In our guide below, we answer the most frequently asked questions about masonry drills so that you can find the most suitable screwdriver set for you.

What is a screwdriver set?

A screwdriver is a basic tool that no household should be without. A screwdriver consists of a handle and a blade.

Screwdrivers can be used to screw or unscrew screws.

The tool is mainly used to screw screws into workpieces or to unscrew them. In addition, a screwdriver can be used to loosen screws, tighten them or block them from turning.

A screwdriver therefore consists of a handle, which is now mostly made of plastic - but sometimes also of wood. Depending on the work for which the screwdriver is optimised, the handle can be rather wide (for coarser work) or slim (for use in fine work with electronics). This handle is connected to the blade by a shaft. Depending on the type of work, the blade is also optimised and adapted to the recess of the screw head.

Ideally, the blade of the screwdriver (also the output) engages the screw head profile (also the drive), which is designed in the opposite direction. The screw is thus turned into or out of the material by turning it to the left or right.

Schraubendreher Set-1

Screwdrivers are basically intended for screwing screws in or out. They are therefore essential tools for every toolbox.
(Image source: / Belchonock)

What are the alternatives to screwdrivers?

Apart from screwdrivers, there are other tools that serve a similar function: Spanners or powered tools, such as the electric screwdriver (also cordless screwdriver) and the pneumatic screwdriver.

Spanners, like screwdrivers, are tools that are driven by hand to turn screws or nuts into or out of a workpiece. Unlike screwdrivers, however, they are used specifically for screws and nuts with angular heads.

As the names suggest, an electric screwdriver is electrically powered and a pneumatic screwdriver is powered by compressed air. Both screwdrivers are tools for driving screws and nuts in and out. They offer a considerable advantage due to their drive, especially for longer jobs. However, they are rather impractical for more delicate work, as they can more easily damage the workpiece due to the greater force and speed.

For whom is a screwdriver set suitable?

Basically, a screwdriver set is suitable for every household, as the tools can be used for some household tasks, such as assembling boxes. They therefore form a basic foundation of a simple household toolbox.

A screwdriver set is therefore suitable for everyone.

For screwing in non-edged screws, a screwdriver - in contrast to the powered alternatives - is also the cheapest alternative for the average household.

The simple and logical operation of the tool makes it suitable for every household. Thus, no great, specialist prior knowledge is required for its use.

How much does a screwdriver set cost?

A screwdriver set of about 6-10 pieces costs between 10 and 25 euros. However, the price varies depending on the number of screwdrivers. In addition, the price often depends on whether the set consists of individual screwdrivers with their own handle and blade or of a handle and various "bit" attachments.

So-called torque screwdrivers, which perform particularly precise work, are much more expensive.

Screwdriver type price
Screwdriver set classic(6-10 pieces) 10-25€
Torque screwdriver set 40-80€

Decision: What types of screwdriver sets are there and which is the right one for me?

In the following section, we have summarised the different types of screwdrivers for you and listed their advantages and disadvantages. There are various types of screwdrivers, so here are just the most common types:

  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
    • Philips Phillips screwdriver
    • Pozidriv Phillips screwdriver
  • Other common screwdriver profiles
  • Bit holder screwdriver
  • Torque Screwdriver
  • Ratchet screwdriver

Basically, screwdrivers differ mainly in their blade shape, which is optimised for different screw heads. The most common types of screwdrivers are slotted screwdrivers and Phillips screwdrivers. As the name suggests, they are designed to screw slotted and cross-head screws respectively. There are several different types in terms of the shape of the screwdriver blade. The more common types, apart from slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, are summarised under the heading "Other common screwdriver blades".

Apart from that, screwdrivers also differ in terms of how they work. In addition to the classic screwdriver, there are bit holder screwdrivers, as well as torque screwdrivers and ratchet screwdrivers.

What is a slotted screwdriver set and what advantages and disadvantages does it offer?

A slotted screwdriver is a screwdriver that is especially designed for simple slotted and slotted screws. As the name suggests, it consists of a slotted tip that engages the slot notch of slotted and slotted screws and can thus turn them.

A slotted screwdriver has the advantage that it can also reach into cross slots and is therefore suitable for screwing the most common types of screws. However, it also has the disadvantage of a higher ejection force, as the slotted screwdriver finds less grip in the screw.

In an emergency, a slotted screwdriver can also be used as a chisel. Some slotted screwdrivers are even optimised for this dual function.

  • Can also be used for Phillips screws
  • Can also be used as a chisel
  • Has a higher ejecting force

What is a Phillips screwdriver set and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Basically, a Phillips screwdriver is a screwdriver for screwing in or loosening Phillips screws. However, there are two different types of Phillips screws and therefore two different types of Phillips screwdrivers:

  • Phillips Phillips screwdriver (PH)
  • Pozidriv cross slot screwdriver (PZ)

Schraubendreher Set-2

The cross-head screwdriver is differentiated into Phillips cross-head screwdriver (left in the picture), also abbreviated as PH or Pozidriv cross-head screwdriver (right in the picture), also abbreviated as PZ.
(Image source: / David Mark)

Phillips Phillips screwdrivers are probably the more common type of Phillips screwdriver, they fit PH (Phillips) Phillips screws ideally. Pozidriv Phillips screwdrivers are a response to the evolution of Phillips Phillips screws into Pozidriv Phillips screws. This type of PZ Phillips screws have an additional cross-slot, unlike the simple PH Phillips screws. These additional parallel flanks are intended to prevent the ejection force when screwing in or out.

While PZ Phillips screwdrivers provide better stability when screwing, PH Phillips screwdrivers are suitable for both Phillips and Pozidriv screws.

In contrast to simple slotted screwdrivers, a Phillips screwdriver generally offers the disadvantage that they can only be used for Phillips screws. One advantage over the slotted screwdriver is the lower ejection force, especially with the PZ cross slot screwdriver.

  • Has a lower ejecting force, especially with PZ screwdrivers
  • Can only be used for Phillips screws

What other common screwdriver blades are there and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Apart from slotted screwdrivers and Phillips screwdrivers, which are probably the most commonly used screwdriver profiles, there are several other profiles that are optimised for screwing other screw head profiles. Some of them are summarised below.

One of the more common types of screwdriver, for example, is the 3-flute, 4-flute or 6-flute screwdriver. It is available for both inside and outside screws. This type of screwdriver resembles an Allen key (for internal square-head screws) or a socket spanner (for external square-head screws), but they have a standard screwdriver handle.

Another common type of screwdrivers are Torx screwdrivers. This type of screwdriver has the shape of a 6-pointed star (six-round profile) and is used for the Torx screws of the same name. They are marked with the abbreviation TX.

Here you will also find a list of other screw heads and the tools needed to screw them in.

What is a bit holder screwdriver set and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A screwdriver set with bit holder offers the advantage that you can insert different bit attachments in one bit holder. Accordingly, a bit holder set requires less space and is also often cheaper than screwdriver sets with individual handles.

However, such a set also has various disadvantages, such as a higher risk of breakage. For example, some screwdrivers where the blade is also continuous through the handle can withstand stronger pressure and, for example, loosen a stuck screw by hitting the handle with a hammer. Since the blade attachments of bit holders are not continuous, this is not advisable with such a screwdriver.

  • Takes up less space
  • Often cheaper
  • Not suitable for loosening screws with hammer blows, higher risk of breakage

As this Instagram user shows, there are sets in which the bit holders are practically stowed in the handle, for example.

What is a torque screwdriver set and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A torque screwdriver is characterised by its precise work. The integrated measuring scale and the deviation (preferably less than 5%) make up the precision of the tool. Torque screwdrivers are especially popular for cars and bicycles. The precise screwing in of the screws can lead to a longer service life of the workpiece.

However, this higher accuracy of the torque screwdriver also has its price. A screwdriver of this type is many times more expensive.

  • More precise screwing in of screws possible
  • Can increase service life
  • More expensive

What is a ratchet screwdriver set and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A ratchet screwdriver has the advantage that it performs the function of a ratchet and you don't have to keep reaching around when screwing. It therefore runs empty in one direction, and changing the barrel is not difficult.

Similar to bit holders, ratchet screwdrivers also have the advantage that you can use different bit attachments.

  • No need to constantly reach around when screwing
  • Different attachments can be used
  • Slightly more expensive

Purchase criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate screwdriver sets

In the following section, we will show you some factors that you can use to decide on a suitable screwdriver set. These criteria include:

Blade shape

The shape of the screw head determines which blade shape is needed.

As already explained in the previous chapter, screwdrivers differ mainly in the shape of the blade. The type of blade determines what type of screw they fit and therefore what they can be used for. Therefore, when buying a screwdriver, you should first and foremost make sure that you use the appropriate screwdriver profile.

For most household tasks, a simple set with the most common attachments should suffice. For specific jobs, however, you should take a closer look at which screws are used and which screwdriver is needed.


As with the blade shape, the size of the screwdriver should be adapted to the type of screw. A slotted screwdriver is not necessarily suitable for every slotted screw.

There are special screwdriver sets for particularly small screws, such as those on laptops or smartphones. These sets are available as so-called precision mechanic sets.

Here, for example, an Instagram user uses a precision mechanic screwdriver set to repair his girlfriend's Bluetooth mouse:

You should also make sure that the handle is the right size. There are screwdrivers for people with smaller or larger hands. A screwdriver that is the right size is much easier to use in the long run. In principle, however, at least a screwdriver with a smaller handle is recommended for working in tight places.

So the size of the screwdriver determines the size of the blade and the size of the user's hand determines the size of the handle.

Number of bits

A good screwdriver set consists above all of different blade shapes or bit attachments. Above all, it should contain the most common types of bits. In any case, a slotted and a Phillips screwdriver (PH and PZ), as well as a hexagonal screwdriver and a Torx screwdriver. Furthermore, a balanced set should also contain a number of different sizes of these common screwdriver bits.


Insulated blades can prevent electric shocks.

It is advisable to use insulated screwdrivers, especially when working with electronics. These screwdrivers have an insulated blade and can therefore isolate the current when working on live parts so that you do not get electrocuted.

A useful code for electronic work is the VDE verification. It indicates that a screwdriver has been tested for mechanical and electronic safety.


Another advantage can be a screwdriver that is magnetic. It facilitates the insertion and removal of screws due to the magnetic tip, which prevents the loss of screws.

As an alternative to screwdrivers with a magnetic tip - which may be impractical in a chaotic toolbox - there are also screwdrivers with a mechanical device to prevent this.

Impact cap

A screwdriver can also have additional features that can be useful for certain jobs. For example, in some jobs you may want to apply more pressure to the screwdriver in order to loosen a screw that is stuck. Screwdrivers with impact caps are best suited for this. On the one hand, the continuous blade and on the other hand, the special cap make them suitable for hammer blows.

This function is often given especially with slotted screwdrivers, so that they can be used as so-called screw chisels.

Facts worth knowing about screwdriver sets

Now you know what you need to consider in order to find a screwdriver set that suits you and maybe you have already bought one. In the following, we have summarised some useful tips on how to use screwdrivers and typical problems.

How to use a screwdriver correctly?

  1. Choosing the right screwdriver. The shape and size of the screwdriver should be matched to that of the screw. In addition, an insulated screwdriver should be used when working on electronics.
  2. Check functionality. Check that the blade is tight and not brittle on the handle. Also check whether the tip is deformed. Such screwdrivers should never be used again, as it is easier to injure yourself and damage the screw.
  3. The tip of the screwdriver should be placed as low and straight as possible on the screws. If it is placed at an angle, there is a higher risk of slipping.
  4. The screwdriver is then turned while force is applied to the screws. It is screwed in to the right and out to the left.

How can you unscrew a screw that is stuck?

It happens quickly: You want to unscrew a screw and it is stuck so tightly that it cannot be turned and after trying for a while it is completely worn off and the screwdriver cannot find a grip.

How should I store my screwdriver set?

There are different ways to store a screwdriver set. In the following, three possible variants are compared so that you can find the most suitable variant for you. Screwdriver in ..

  • Screwdriver cases,
  • Screwdriver pockets and
  • Keep the screwdriver in screwdriver cases, screwdriver pockets and screwdriver holders.

A screwdriver case is often included with a bit holder set. Classic screwdriver sets without a bit holder, on the other hand, sometimes include a holder for mounting and storing on the wall.

While a case offers the advantage that larger sets can be stored together. This is more difficult with screwdriver holders, as they take up a relatively large amount of space, even if only on the wall. Screwdriver holders, on the other hand, offer the advantage, especially for smaller sets, of having the screwdrivers within easy reach.

Screwdriver pouches are bags that are worn around the waist and in which the screwdrivers are openly inserted. They are very practical, especially for mobile work, as you can quickly have another screwdriver blade at hand with one hand, even during work.

Schraubendreher Set-3

A holder for screwdrivers can be very practical to have them quickly at hand. There are holders like the one in the picture, into which the screwdrivers are inserted, and magnetic holders on which the blades are held.
(Image source: / Free Photos)

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