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Welcome to Monederosmart, the site that will guide you through your purchase. Cooking is a real art and that's why we take the time to learn everything you need to know about seasoning. This way you will be able to give a new flavour to your dishes and meals and why not even try new recipes.

We care that every time you go to make a purchase you do it well informed, so you can always count on a review to guide you. Ready to know what you will use in the next dishes you prepare? Well, get out your pen and paper and we'll make you an expert in seasoning your food.


  • Seasoning is a food flavour enhancer and intensifier in dishes. They are frequently used in the kitchen by ordinary users as well as by chefs and cooking professionals. The main advantage they have is that they give a specific flavour to dishes and are very versatile as they can be combined with any food.
  • There are two types of seasonings that you will come across when buying your own. These are those originating from grains such as salt or pepper and those originating from herbs such as thyme, parsley, oregano and mint. Each one has a different flavour that will make your dishes richer.
  • It is also important to consider some factors and criteria when making your purchase. For example, it is important to know that there are different packages with different functions. Likewise, the seasoning can come in single or combined form, either in powder, grain or whole herb.

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Buying guide: What you need to know about seasonings

Next, we will go into detail and explain what a seasoning is, what its main function is and, above all, how much they cost and where to buy them. This will undoubtedly make you an expert when it comes to cooking.

Just a touch of your seasoning to your food and it will taste different. (Photo: Dean Drobot / 123rf)

What is seasoning and what are its advantages?

Seasoning is a flavour enhancer for food and dishes that is used in both starters and main courses. It usually comes in cylindrical or square jars with small openings for distribution according to the cook's taste. It is a basic ingredient in any kitchen.

The main advantage of having Justo sazonador is the improvement in the flavour of your food, you will undoubtedly notice the difference between seasoning with salt and seasoning with condiments and spices. It is also very versatile as it can be used in any savoury combination, from soups to salads and even red meat.

  • Enhances the flavour of food
  • Variety of seasonings
  • Can be used in any dish
  • Too much of it ruins the food
  • It has flavours that are too strong for some users

Herbs or grains - what should you pay attention to?

Seasoning is mainly divided into two categories, those coming from herbs such as thyme or oregano and those coming from existing grains and minerals. Depending on the type of seasoning you have, you will be able to cook all your dishes better.

Herbal seasoning. As the name implies, this type of seasoning comes with herbs such as thyme or oregano. This type of seasoning usually has an intermediate taste, that is to say, it seasons the food altering the flavour without changing it completely.

Grain seasoning. This type of seasoning is the most popular and the most used by users, as the grains used, such as salt and pepper, are the most basic when it comes to cooking. However, care must be taken when seasoning food as the whole grain has much more flavour than the powdered version.

Herb Grain
Seasoning names Thyme, oregano, parsley Salt, pepper
Use in dishes Pasta, grilled meat, fish, poultry Virtually any food

Seasoning will make any fish taste much better. (Author: Heinz Leitner / 123rf)

Buying criteria

Finally, we are going to explain the different factors and criteria you need to consider before buying seasoning. This is of utmost importance as it can be the difference between being satisfied with your purchase or regretting it. So pay attention, take note and continue with us.

Type of packaging

Although the content is what matters most, it is very important to know what kind of packaging our seasoning comes in, so you need to consider this before you buy yours. It generally comes in two types, the traditional square jar with a lid and the cylindrical jar with a crusher. Below, we explain them in detail.

  • Traditional canister. This type of container is the most widely sold and busiest, and is usually approximately 10 cm x 10 cm square in shape. It has a large mouth to allow you to insert a spoon or even your fingers to scoop out the seasoning. Many have a perforated lid to gradually release the contents and control (seasoning).
  • Cylinder with grinder. We often buy seasonings in a cylindrical container with a very strange black wheel at the bottom. Well, that's because it's a grinder that, as it turns, grinds the grains that will season your food. It is very popular with people who like to spice up their food.
    Did you know that spice seasonings have been sold for over 4,000 years?

Number of seasonings and spices

Have you noticed that when you buy seasonings there are some packets with many types of herbs or grains included? Well, this is because it is customary to sell the product in a multiple or singular form, i.e. in one pack there are about five seasonings or spices combined in one pack and in others there is only one.

  • One seasoning or spice. If you want to give a defined flavour to your food or you don't like strong flavours then it will be perfect for you to have a pack with only one seasoning or spice. For example, just having salt or pepper at your disposal will ensure that, no matter what the dish, it will have the same defining flavour and spice.
  • Multiples. If you like to dabble in gourmet food or enjoy elaborate flavours then we recommend getting a pack with multiple spices included. For example, have you seen the famous fine herbs or salt, pepper and oregano blends? No doubt a touch of this to your food and it will taste delicious.


Finally, it is important to consider the presentation of the seasoning. Why? Because it will determine how easy it will be to use in the kitchen to prepare your dishes. If you look closely, there are two types of presentation, ground powder and whole spice. But how does this affect my seasoning? We'll tell you now.

  • Ground powder. Also known as the processed version of seasonings and spices. It's basically having the different grains and herbs already ground into a powder for distribution in your food. This will make your preparation easier as you only have to worry about pouring in a little bit for seasoning. Pretty handy, don't you think?
  • Grain or whole herb. On the other hand, you can also get seasoning in its natural state, i.e. without physical alterations. This is something that people with a lot of cooking experience prefer to buy because it gives them the opportunity to have more control over the flavour they want to give to the food. So now you know, the next time you go to buy your seasoning, remember what you learned in this review and use it as a guide. We say goodbye, but not before inviting you to continue reading our other posts. Have a happy shopping and see you next time!

(Featured image source: Victoria Shibut / 123rf)