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Do you feel that life circumstances are overtaking you? Do you want to improve yourself? From Monederosmart, we want to show you a tool that will help you do all this: a self-help book. These texts deal with different topics, so you will always find the support you need.

Self-help books are texts, both essayistic and narrative, whose central objective lies in the following: to show the reader a set of difficult circumstances and then explain the steps to take to overcome them. Sometimes the author draws on his or her personal experience to address the issues.

We want your purchase to be a success, so throughout this article we focus on making a ranking so that you can compare prices and features, keep in mind the criteria you should consider when choosing your product and the advantages of buying it. We believe this will be of great help to you.

The most important

  • A self-help book is a text that aims to make people better emotionally or financially. Therefore, such writings usually include tips and techniques that help people solve their problem.
  • There are two types of self-help books: essayistic or narrative. The former present a specific problem and provide the necessary tools to solve it. The latter, on the other hand, try to promote self-improvement through novels and short stories.
  • When you decide to purchase this product, we suggest that you take into account the following purchasing criteria: author, plot, presentation and dimensions. Remember to choose the one that best suits your needs.

The Best Self-Help Books: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about self-help books

With the aim of becoming your guide, we have written this section, where you will find a group of factors to consider when making your purchase, as well as the advantages of choosing the product you want.

Self-help books will make you feel better about yourself. (Photo: Yulia Koltyrina/

What is a self-help book and what are its advantages?

A self-help book is a text whose aim is to help the reader improve specific problems in his or her life. Therefore, it is common for these books to deal with self-improvement, improvement of personal habits and techniques that help to relate to other people.

Before buying a self-help book, consider the following: they do not offer magic formulas, so you will have to do your part to make them work. Be aware that there are books that are more in the realm of methods and tasks. Choose the one that best meets your immediate needs.

  • They are easy to find
  • They make you feel good
  • The prose is pleasant and easy to read
  • They always contain topics of interest
  • They are often available in digital and physical format
  • The covers of the books are often soft
  • They can be expensive
  • Some are poorly translated

Essay or narrative self-help books?

Deciding between an essay or narrative self-help book will depend on the following: the problem you want to solve. From there you will know whether you need a more practical book (tips and advice) or one that looks at your problem from a different perspective.

Essayistic self-help books. This type of text deals with topics that can be classified and solved through specific steps. The content of these books usually has an introduction of the author's experience in relation to the topic of the writing and the methods that can be used to solve it.

Narrative self-help books. Such books break down a particular problem through the format of a novel or short story. Because they are denser books, they often talk about self-belief and how important it is to be positive in the face of life's circumstances.

Essayistic self-help books Narrative self-help books
Readable Somewhat denser
Tasks Often presented Not presented
Thematic Specific Varied

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare different models of self-help books

Choosing a self-help book can be difficult, as there are many books with different themes. As we know how complicated it is, we invite you to review this section. Here you will find the criteria you should keep in mind when purchasing your self-help book.


The author makes the text possible. However, when talking about a self-help book, the experience of the writer is very important. This is because these books try to offer the necessary tools to cope with certain difficulties. Therefore, the life of the author will dictate whether he or she has the power to do so or not.

Self-help books with experienced authors: This type of text was written by someone who has suffered from the problem that is discussed in the book. Therefore, if the book is about anxiety, in the introduction of the text the author will make it clear that he/she is interested in explaining the method he/she used to heal.

Self-help books with inexperienced authors: These books were not written by people who suffered from the problem, but from their observation of it. Most of them were written by psychologists. Therefore, they are still a reliable source.


This is one of the most important aspects to consider before buying a book. If you buy a text whose plot is not in line with your problems, you will have wasted your money. To avoid this kind of confusion, try to read the synopsis of the text calmly.

Personal self-help books: These books deal with topics related to emotional and psychological well-being. In this way, they can delve into aspects related to love, insecurities or emotional intelligence. Select these texts if you want to read about something that makes you grow as an individual.

Self-help books about elements of everyday life: These texts talk about personal growth, but from a more dynamic perspective. Therefore, these are ideal for those who want to improve their finances or want to become entrepreneurs.


A book should not be judged by its cover, that is true. However, this should not be forgotten: a reputable publisher will take care to make its covers look decent. A lowly one, however, will not. Remember that the more careful the editing, the more likely it is that the text will be good.

Self-help books with memorable presentation: This type of text is characterised by illustrations and typography related to the subject of the book. In addition, the colours match perfectly. This results in a totally harmonious product. Such dedication reveals the quality of the editorial selection.

Self-help books without memorable presentation: These books usually do not have personalised pictures or typography. Therefore, book covers are often reduced to this: pictures covering the entire cover and titles with indelicate lettering. The quality of the text is often poor, which is why we invite you to check it carefully.

These books always contain powerful phrases. (Photo: Soulmemoria/


Paying attention to the dimensions of a book is important. From these you can determine whether or not it will suit your lifestyle. Keep in mind that the important thing is to read comfortably.

Regular self-help books: This type of book is ideal for those who don't go out much. Such a gadget can be read from the comfort of your desk, bed or back garden. So, if your day-to-day life is light, this type of format is ideal for you.

Paperback self-help books: Do you need to get up early every day, or do you keep a lot of things in your bag? If your answers are yes, buying a paperback is for you. Such a book will not mean another burden in your bag and you can read it on public transport or at work more easily.

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