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Exercising the mind by reading is an enriching activity. For some it is healing to read books on self-improvement and just a few pages a day is enough. This motivates us to share with you in Monederosmart some exceptional information on this subject.

When you feel inspired you enhance your ability to see yourself in a positive light. After all, consuming powerful content and uplifting concepts has a significant impact on the world around you, but above all, on your personal perception. Not to mention your positive identification with the authors' experiences.

Are you ready to make an honest assessment of your life? Be prepared to read a self-help book and apply the lessons they mention. Of course, there are varied options on the market, so don't miss out on the material we cover in this edition of Monederosmart related to these works.

The most important

  • Today we will talk about books with a narrative that provides readers with practical lessons for solving personal problems, linked to different areas of their lives. For example, they consider finances, creating daily habits and self-esteem. Always from the author's perspective and experience.
  • In a market with a high offer it is necessary to distinguish between the most assertive options. Later you will know how to choose yours according to the amateur or expert approach from which it expresses teachings to observers. After all, you want to get one that suits you.
  • Formats, sub-themes, length and resources. These are the four aspects we have set out in the last section of the article. Take the liberty to analyse and compare each of them with the self-improvement books you have in mind. This is the most valuable step before you make your final decision.

The Best  Self-Improvement Books: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about self-improvement books

Do you want to innovate projects that enhance your individual growth? Get to know the benefits of reading self-improvement books and start on the road to long-term success. In this section of the review we will show you those indispensable details to take into account when you are in search of these writings.

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What is a self-improvement book and what are its advantages?

We refer to a guide written by an experienced writer, which defines the behaviours, solutions and habits that are ideal for the assertive resolution of problems or the elimination of limiting beliefs. It is usually made up of real testimonies applied to different everyday environments.

There is no doubt that reading self-improvement books is an exercise for the mind. Especially the advantages are evident in the applications adopted by social observers. For example, it increases concentration, improves knowledge in a certain area and motivates the search for more and better results.

Today these works are part of a culture that recognises its vulnerability to certain scenarios. For this reason, they have become an additional resource to start a journey of inner knowledge, to discover how to adopt a new habit and even to have a simplistic view of reality.

  • Written by expert authors
  • They provide practical tools
  • They contextualise a situation
  • They encourage self-introspection
  • They come in different formats
  • Some teach neurolinguistic programming techniques
  • There is a lot on offer in the market
  • Sometimes they are not the solution you are looking for
  • They are an escape from reality
  • They can be boring
  • They are constantly criticised

Self-improvement books written by amateurs or experts - what should you look out for?

The writing of this material has become so commonplace that it is essential to know what the approach is before you add it to your shopping cart. Stay and read and learn the most common characteristics of each variable. We assure you that they will be of great help when making a final decision.

Amateurs. Books of this style are the product of the creation generated by someone who at some point in his life faced a deep crisis. However, he was able to overcome it successfully by following certain patterns applied to the particular situation, and today he shares his experience publicly.

This description usually includes those who have suffered from an illness, struggled against adversity at defining moments, and raised their voice through the pages of a book addressing a personal or social issue. In either case, it is an inspirational story that provides solutions.

Experts. The approach of these works is conceptualised by psychologists, writers, entrepreneurs, coaches, among other professionals. All with the aim of instructing the target population through techniques, methods and procedures. For example, they could show a guide to form new habits in a short time.

Before it goes on the market, the content of the book is revised several times, it has the backing of a renowned publisher and the necessary media promotion for advertising purposes. In addition, the subject matter is associated with the author's profile according to his or her speciality.

Amateurs Experts
Focus Real life story Pedagogical
Resources Narrative, solutions Guides, tasks
Promotion Particular Media
Objective Motivate, teach Inspire, instruct
Time of writing 6 months At least 1 year

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Buying criteria

To make a good choice you should have comparative aspects in mind. For this reason, we have compiled the most important factors when it comes to choosing a self-improvement book. Stay and read this last segment dedicated to the buying criteria and you will see how useful they are.


This refers to the way in which the book is packaged for retail sale, according to the tastes of each reader. That said, what format do you like to read in? Answering this question is the first step to getting the right one, but if you are still not sure, here you will find out what the alternatives are.

Paperback: Do you love the smell of paper, grab each page with the edge of your fingers, and keep the copy in your library? If your answer is yes, we recommend you buy a paperback book with flaps that extend on each side. Take advantage of them because they usually contain additional information.

Audio CD. This is a perfect suggestion for those who enjoy the teachings of self-improvement while riding the bus, underground or driving in their car. Enjoying its benefits is easy because it allows you to have your hands free, while listening to the author's lessons.

Kindle. It suits those who prefer digital reading. However, make sure you check which version of the e-book the book you want to buy comes in. It will be essential for you to see the content adapted to your device. Also, consider that it is usually a cheaper option.

Bound: Are you a collector? Then you'll want to have your favourite author's material in your library in a sturdy hardcover format. As well as extending its lifespan, it will also keep it protected from dust. On the other hand, it makes for an elegant edition worth admiring.

PDF. Designed for those who enjoy reading digitally on laptops, tablets and mobiles. We advise you to download your book in this format if you use any of the aforementioned devices for reading. It works as a portable document ideal for those who are passionate about this art.


We know that the central theme is self-improvement. However, the authors address different perspectives related to other aspects of life in general. Do you want to know what they are? We invite you to take a look at this factor, you will surely find arguments with which you feel identified.

Forgiveness. These are writings focused on the release of guilt, resentment and resentment towards another person or themselves through individual growth. Do you think you need to work on it? Check out works by psychologists or coaches with experience in the field that explain techniques for doing so.

Finance: Do you think you could do better financially? You may want to choose an amateur or expert title that not only inspires you, but also offers some methodologies for optimising the financial world. Remember to apply the suggestions in your material environment.

Coaching. Before clicking the buy button, find out about the experience of the coach who wrote it. The next step would be to analyse the writer's approach, as there are many on the market. For example, among the most common is how to eliminate beliefs that limit you in achieving your goals.

NLP. This is known as neuro-linguistic programming. If you believe that you can train your brain with daily exercises to achieve success, this type of self-improvement book is for you. Add a title that contains NLP practices used in everyday life to your favourites list.


how much are you willing to read?

Let's say the answer to this factor is found by answering yourself, how much are you willing to read? Some people prefer to start at short lengths. However, it is worth contemplating long material, whose authentic content will really help you to overcome what ails you.

Short. These are editions ranging from 7,000 - 10,000 words. They are books written by professionals, published by a reputable publisher and promoted in the media. If you are looking for a book that specialises in sub-themes such as coaching, NLP and finance, this option is ideal.

Average. Equivalent to 10,000 - 20,000 words. Obviously, it requires full attention and study, and is further subdivided into pocket-sized versions suited to avid reading. Buy a copy with these characteristics if you like to go beyond the story, as it usually combines testimonial narrative with assertive solutions.

Long. Ranges from 20,000 - 40,000 words. It is a good recommendation for those who are attracted to a particular area of self-improvement. For example, the development of the individual during parenthood. In addition, it sometimes comes with supporting explanatory material in CD or DVD format.

Focus on reading that deserves your attention. (Photo: Kaboompics/


It's great that your motivation increases as you go along

It's great that your motivation increases as you go along. But what else does the title you added to the collection offer you. Although this is the last point in our criteria, it is not something to be taken lightly. It is precisely the self-improvement books that present solutions in the face of certain circumstances.

Exercises. If you want to create new habits, eliminate beliefs or achieve a specific goal, don't hesitate to buy books whose content goes beyond the story itself. Having a list of daily exercises will bring you closer to your goal. Especially if they have already been tried and tested by an expert like the author.

Guides. These are designed to simplify in a step-by-step manner the actions you can take in order to achieve something. For example, do you need a guide to get up before dawn? Opt for a work with these qualities, which also shows you what the benefits and experience of the writer are.

Notes. There are certain models that come with a special area where you can put your doubts, comments and progress. Will you use your book as study material? Don't hesitate to buy an amateur or professional presentation of this style. It will be useful when taking notes related to your topics of interest.

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