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Are you looking for an accessory to help you improve the lighting in your photos and videos? Invest in a selfie light. The accessory can be attached to your smartphone when you want to record a moment in a low-light environment.

The selfie light is compatible with both the front and rear camera - although it is more usual for selfies. When the accessory is not in use, simply switch it off and put it away. Interested in buying a selfie light? Follow along with us in this article!


  • The selfie light carries 36 LED bulbs (in white colour and with cool background) that provide uniform and non-bright illumination. The gadget has light intensity control.
  • The accessory can be battery or rechargeable battery powered. The battery-powered model lasts up to 8 hours of operation, while a recharge on the battery-powered model lasts about 45 minutes of continuous use.
  • The selfie light can be used for either shooting or filming. Although it is designed to provide illumination for the front camera, nothing prevents using the accessory on the smartphone's main camera.

The Best Selfie Light: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Have you invested in a good camera phone, but the device has no flash on the front camera or insufficient lighting? The solution may be to invest in a selfie light. This accessory provides additional lighting for taking photos or filming in low-light or no-light environments. Want to know more about this accessory? Keep reading this Buying Guide.

 Imagem de uma pessoa tirando uma foto de um grupo de pessoas na balada.

With the selfie light, you'll be able to take pictures even in the club. (Source: Disclosure Quner /

What is the selfie light and what are the advantages of this accessory?

The selfie light, also known as self ring light is an accessory that provides auxiliary lighting to photos and videos taken with the front camera of the smartphone, tablet or notebook. There are 36 LED bulbs, in white tones and with cold background, arranged in a circle with 8.5cm diameter.The accessory is a hollow half-circle (the camera fits in this space).

Did you know that white light is better for taking selfies? This lighting has a professional effect

The accessory optimises image quality, especially when the smartphone's camera is poor or does not have a front flash. To use the selfie light, you must attach the object to the mobile phone and choose the best lighting from three levels of intensity. Although the name of this accessory highlights the use in selfies, you can also use it to record videos with the front camera. The most interesting thing is that you can use the camera features and filters from Instagram and Snapchat.

The selfie light can also be used on the main camera.

The selfie light can also be used for shooting photos and videos with the main/rear camera. As the accessory is compact and lightweight, you can carry it in your bag or baggage case. Furthermore, the selfie light is compatible with any smartphone model.

Another advantage is that you can put on and remove the accessory whenever you want, without having to remove the mobile phone case. One of the downsides of this accessory is that it decreases sensitivity to touches on the screen. In this sense, before fitting the selfie light, set the camera ready to shoot or film. Get to know more advantages and disadvantages of this accessory in the table below:

  • It is a solution for those who have no flash on the front camera on the smartphone
  • It can be used in photos and videos
  • There are 36 LED bulbs that work in three levels of intensity
  • The lighting does not harm the vision
  • Models powered by battery or battery
  • Compatible with all models of smartphones and tablets
  • It is a cheap accessory
  • It does not present so much difference in illuminated environments
  • When fitted to a small mobile phone, this accessory may slip
  • The accessory is a little fragile, as it is made of plastic
  • It makes the mobile phone heavier
  • It reduces the touchscreen sensitivity

Is the selfie light compatible with any smartphone model?

The selfie light fits any model of smartphone.

You must be asking yourself if it is possible to use the selfie light on any mobile phone, right? The answer is yes. The accessory fits any smartphone model, just be careful with smaller devices as the accessory can slip a bit.

How should I use the selfie light?

To use the selfie light, fit the accessory on the top edge of the phone - or on the sides - then turn on the accessory and set the intensity of the lighting, according to the desired effect.

  • Intensity 1: Ideal for those who want a more natural selfie, which enhances skin tone.
  • Intensity 2: In environments with low light, use the lighting in medium intensity. The effect remains natural.
  • Intensity 3: In dark environments, use the selfie light at maximum intensity. The effect is a brightly lit photo.

Selfie light or flash selfie: Which is the best accessory for your smartphone?

In addition to the selfie light, you have as an option the selfie flash. This device has 16 LED points in white in three levels of intensity. This accessory is a little smaller than the selfie light, measures only 3.5cm in diameter. Despite being smaller, it is quite effective as it provides ample illumination, especially if used as an additional light source.

The device must be connected to the smartphone via the headphone jack. The accessory has an internal rechargeable battery, so your mobile phone battery will not be consumed. Are you still in doubt about which is the best option for you? Analyze the comparative table below:

Selfie light Selfie Flash
LED points 36 16
Operation Batteries or rechargeable battery Rechargeable battery
Diameter 8.5cm 3.5cm

Buying criteria: How to compare the types of selfie light

It is worth buying a selfie light, because this smartphone accessory is multifunctional, has excellent value for money and the price is low. When buying, evaluate the following features:

We will detail the criteria listed above throughout this section. If any questions arise, please leave a comment.

Illumination levels

Most models of selfie light offer illumination in three levels of intensity, adjusted by a button on the side of this accessory. You will also find models that in addition to the three levels of illumination, feature a pulsating light, ideal for recording selfies and stories for Instagram or Snapchat when you are at a party.


Usually, the selfie light is battery powered (two AAA batteries) but you can also find the battery-powered model - with an autonomy of 45 minutes of continuous use. The second model comes with a USB cable, used for recharging.

To recharge the selfie light, connect the device to your notebook via the USB cable - the process takes about an hour and a half.

Tip: You can also find the battery-powered selfie light that comes with a conventional charger, so you don't have to rely on recharging from your laptop

Stylish clip

The selfie light has a clip for attaching to your smartphone. The accessory should be attached to the top edge or the sides of the smartphone. The clip has a rubberized fit, so as not to scratch the screen of the mobile phone. The piece makes the accessory democratic, as it can be used on any smartphone model. However, you can find two models of clip, the traditional model is a single piece (as in the image below) and the other model is formed by two pieces.

Imagem de uma luz de selfie acoplada a um celular.

The accessory has an opening of up to 1.8cm. (Source: Divulgação AB Midia/

The difference between them is the width of the opening. While the traditional model has an opening of 1.5cm, the other has an opening of 1.8cm. Believe me, 0.3cm can make quite a difference for those who have the thickest mobile phone.


The selfie light is a plastic accessory, for this reason you will find options in different shades, from traditional white to other colours such as pink, blue and black. The accessory can also accompany a mini mirror, which does not have much practical use, because you can check the look through the smartphone's own camera.

(Featured image source: Dean Drobot / 123RF)