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From classic or modern to retro. From an elegant tea trolley or bar to a practical place setting . A serving trolley can take on a number of functions and be as diverse as can be. Serving trolleys come in a seemingly infinite number of variations and each variation is designed for different needs. We have looked at the most important criteria and questions for you in the large serving trolley test.


  • A serving trolley must be stable and resilient in order to be able to bring objects safely to their destination. Attention is paid to the material and the type of construction.
  • Many different types from many different manufacturers. There is a suitable serving trolley for every preference.
  • For the kitchen, in the garden, as a bar, as a tea trolley, for storage. A serving trolley is multifunctional.

The Best Serving Trolleys: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for serving trolleys

Every need and every area of use wants a different serving trolley. Nevertheless, they have the following buying and assessment criteria in common, which should definitely be taken into account when making a decision:

  • Stability
  • Weight and transport
  • Functionality
  • Load capacity

Together, let's now take a closer look at the individual criteria:


Before buying and comparing the different serving trolleys, it is advisable to pay attention to the material they are made of. It is also important to know what you mainly want to use the serving trolley for. In this case, stability can also be ensured if the serving trolley does not consist of an infinite number of parts, but of several large parts. This means that there is less risk of it jolting or the serving trolley becoming unstable.


There are several serving trolleys and trays. Depending on your needs, something else will fit (Image source: Kadarius Seegars / unsplash)

If you want to be able to remove individual compartments of the serving trolley, the stability should not suffer here either. Simple but stable devices include plug-in and screw-in assemblies that ensure stability.

Weight and transport

The heavier the serving trolley, the more difficult it is to transport, even with castors. Therefore, we recommend checking the weight before buying. Depending on the material, the weight may increase. A serving trolley made of wood is heavier, but more stable, so a serving trolley made of plastic or aluminium.

Therefore, it is also important here what the serving trolley is to be used for. If you want to transport objects, a lighter serving trolley is recommended. If the serving trolley is mainly used in one place, for example in the kitchen, bathroom or garden, the serving trolley can also be heavier. For easy transport, castors that can turn 360 degrees are definitely an advantage.


A serving trolley should of course be what is needed and wanted. Therefore, it is important to check whether the serving trolley is suitable for what you need it for. Differences here are in the material, if the serving trolley is to be used outdoors, for example, or also in the bathroom, as additional storage space next to the bathroom cabinet. For this purpose, the material should be robust and rustproof. However, there are also serving trolleys that are multifunctional and can therefore be used in any way.

Load-bearing capacity

A beautiful serving trolley is of no use if it cannot carry what needs to be carried. We therefore strongly recommend that you check the load-bearing capacity according to your individual requirements. Bath, kitchen and tea utensils do not need as much weight as tools or plants, for example. The load-bearing capacity varies greatly between products and should in any case suit one's own needs. Since a serving trolley can be used in different places, we recommend taking these criteria into account. This way, nothing can go wrong when making a decision.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about serving trolleys answered in detail

Many different products and needs can naturally raise a lot of questions. In the following, we will answer the most important questions for you.

What is a serving trolley?

A serving trolley can be a bar or storage space, but also an elegant way to serve your food, tea or drinks to your guests. A classic serving trolley is thus an aid to bring items to the desired place without having to go back and forth frequently. A serving trolley is also an additional storage space for the kitchen, bathroom or garden.

But also in the tool cupboard, a serving trolley is ideal to simplify the transport of heavy objects. But a serving trolley can also be a decoration. An elegant serving trolley for plants or your favourite objects. A serving trolley can therefore be anything you need or want. There are no strict instructions on how to use it. The functionality and the place of use is up to you.

For whom is a serving trolley suitable?

Depending on your needs and preferences, the serving trolley is suitable for almost everything and thus for almost everyone. For all those who like to barbecue outside or want to have or serve drinks, a serving trolley is well suited to have everything you need close at hand.


For the kitchen, garden, as a bar or as decoration. Always an eye-catcher. (Image source: Benjamin Manley / unsplash)

For all those who would like to set up a bar as a decorative element, a classic serving trolley looks elegant and modern at the same time. For those who need storage space, no matter the room, and for those who need heavy items in different places and want to transport them easily. A serving trolley is no longer just a serving trolley, but what you make of it.

What types of serving trolleys are there?

Serving trolleys come in almost infinite types and variations, as the needs are also almost infinite. Serving trolleys differ in colours, shape and appearance. In addition, there are differences in materials, height, depth. A small overview of the design differences:

  • Retro
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Antique
  • Vintage

The different types of serving trolleys can be clearly summarised according to their place of use:

Type feature
Bar and tea trolley equipment for glasses and bottles mostly Elegant in appearance, often with handle for transport
Kitchen trolley robust and several sticks, smaller and larger compartments, stainless
Gastro trolley large and robust, with handle, stable and made for optimal transport
Garden trolley suitable for outdoor use and therefore rust-free, very stable

You can choose the right serving trolley depending on the area of application. For example, you can upgrade your house bar with a bar trolley and easily transport the glasses of your candy bar. A brief overview of the materials in which serving trolleys can be found:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Brass

The selection is very large, which of course does not make the decision any easier. However, there is a serving trolley for every taste.

What does a serving trolley cost?

The price of a serving trolley is strongly dependent on the material, the stability and the load capacity. The serving trolley should therefore be selected according to need.

Price features price differences depending on
20 - 50 euros usually smaller, in many different materials manufacturer, material, load-bearing capacity
50 - 100 euros usually more stable ,more features such as drawer or glass holder etc manufacturer and features
100 - 200 euros very stable, private and for gastronomy, high-quality material manufacturer, stability, material

Prices can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. It is therefore advisable to browse through different sites.

Are there folding serving trolleys?

Some serving trolleys are equipped with a folding function. This can be very practical, especially when space is limited. Folding serving trolleys are usually only used when they are really needed. The load-bearing capacity and stability of folding serving trolleys should be taken into account. The stability should not be compromised by the function.

Is the tray of a serving trolley removable?

Serving trolleys that have the option of removing individual trays are of course very practical. This allows the tea, drink or food to be served and placed directly at the table. Some serving trolleys also have the option of adjusting the shelves as desired.

It is important to make sure that stable screws or folding mechanisms are used here so that the shelves do not become independent. If you are looking for a serving trolley with a removable tray, this should also be easy to remove. Usually the top tray is placed in a kind of tub. This makes it stable and at the same time easy to handle.


A serving trolley has many functions. Deco, bar, transport, storage space or all of them together. Therefore, it is important to know which function your own serving trolley should fulfil. There are now many suppliers who offer a wide variety of serving trolleys in different price ranges. A multifunctional serving trolley for outdoor and indoor use must be stable and robust. A bar can be elegant and equipped with a practical handle. The right serving trolley for everyone can also be found on the market in terms of size and equipment.

Photo source: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / 123rf

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