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With the shelf insert that you can use for your things at home, you can avoid clutter and create an orderly environment for your things. The shelf insert makes the place of use more usable. With the shelf insert you can arrange different items neatly. Depending on the area of use, you can choose shelf inserts made of different materials so that you have uniform design in the room.

We know it's hard for you to choose between shelf inserts; there are an almost unlimited number of shelf insert models and brands. When choosing a shelf insert, we can give you some suggestions to make your choice easier.


  • The variety of shelf inserts keeps things tidy and creates a stylish ambience both at home and in the office.
  • Shelf insert can be used for different purposes. Shelf inserts are ideal for organising plates on the counter or in the cupboard, tidying clothes in the wardrobe, displaying items on the wall more visibly.
  • Shelf insert is much preferred in the living area because of its practical installation and convenience.

The Best Shelf Insert: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for shelf inserts

To make it easier for you to choose your next shelf insert, we have summarised the most important criteria so that you can find the best shelf insert for you. These criteria are as follows:

Now we'll explain what to look for in these criteria so you can make a well-informed decision.


Since there are many different colours, it can sometimes be difficult to decide. Especially when it comes to shelf inserts that are to be used in private households.

When choosing shelf inserts, their colours are important both in terms of appearance and price. For some models, prices increase depending on the colour difference.


Shelf inserts are now available in many different materials. Here you should pay attention to the workmanship. When it comes to the material, it would also be advisable to pay attention to sustainability.

If this is an important criterion, then materials such as bamboo, Plexiglas, fabric, wood or metal would come into question for you. These are also robust. Of course, you should avoid plastic. Even with shelf inserts, there are still plenty of products on the market that are made of plastic.


The dimensions of the shelf inserts are one of the most important purchase criteria. Before buying, you should measure the dimensions of the place where you will place the shelf insert. It is also useful to pay attention to the dimensions of some extendable models.

You can also adjust the heights of the adjustable models of the shelf insert. This way, they can adapt to any appliance and make full use of the space you're using it in.


You don't have to do any extra work to place the shelf insert. You can install the shelf inserts without power tools such as drills or screws. This way, you can store the belongings you want to keep in a practical and cost-effective way, keeping them organised and effortless in a healthy way.

When it's done getting your hands on shelf insert, all you need to do is make sure that its dimensions are suitable for the space you want to use.


Some shelf inserts are supplied assembled by the manufacturer. In this case, you should only place it. If you bought your shelf insert disassembled, you should assemble it yourself.

The shelf inserts are practical and easy to assemble products. Some of them are assembled with a locking system. As some of them are sold with assembly material, it is sufficient to simply follow the assembly instructions.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about shelf inserts answered in detail

In this section, we explain the most frequently asked questions about shelf inserts so that you are sufficiently informed when you want to buy a shelf insert.

What is a shelf insert suitable for?

Shelf inserts are a practical and inexpensive solution for keeping your home or office tidy. They are often used to organise the inside of cupboards, drawers and worktops. With their extendable models, they can be easily placed in any location.


The practical, useful and decorative shelf inserts that keep your kitchen tidy ((Image source: Zainab Ghassemi / Pexels)

Why should you use a shelf insert in your cupboard?

While square metres of living space are decreasing today, the variety of our goods is increasing. We need storage solutions in every part of our home, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the living room to the bedroom. It is not always possible for us to fit very large cupboards in the space. To make the cupboards last and store more items in less space, it is necessary to evaluate the options for shelf organisers.

In living areas with large square metres, cabinet organisers this time make it easier to find what you're looking for. By grouping items together, we can easily access them when needed. This way, we can also avoid having to re-scatter the cupboard every time.

What types of shelf insert are there?

There are many types of shelf tops. These shelf inserts are also materially diverse. You can find shelf inserts made of plastic, wood and cardboard in the market. We have listed them for you below.

  • Shelf insert to save space in wardrobes: You can create much more new space in your wardrobe than you can imagine just by using shelf insert for wardrobe.
  • Shelf inserts to make kitchens relaxing: Convenient and quick access to many kitchen utensils that can be used in the kitchen while you are preparing food will shorten your time and make you feel at ease.
  • Shelf inserts that eliminate the space problem in the bathroom: You can use it in bathroom cabinets and directly in the bathroom; You can relax your movement area in your bathroom with shelf insert where you can place many products such as personal care products, cleaning products, napkins and towels.
  • Rule insert for drawers to avoid complexity in drawers: Drawers in any area of the house such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room are used in many ways. Due to the movable structure and low height of drawers, organisation inside can be difficult and it can quickly become complicated if the item you want is not accessible. You can avoid this complexity with shelf inserts for drawers that divide the drawers into sections.
  • Decorative shelf insert for walls: one of the delicate decorating details in the house is the details on the walls. You can use the wall shelves, which decoratively cover the empty space on the wall and are also versatile, in any area of your home.
  • Shelf insert for your favourite books: Wide and folded library models also find their place among the versatile organiser library models. Suitable for use in the bathroom or kitchen, these bookshelves with their decorative and modern look also serve as an organiser where you can place your books and many other items.
  • Shelf inserts that create more useful spaces in refrigerators: Shelf inserts include a lot of products from which you can conveniently organise the space in your refrigerator.
  • Avoid complexity with multi-purpose organiser boxes: You can store shoes, belts, cosmetics or personal items in these versatile baskets that come in a variety of colours.
  • Desktop organisers for a spacious workspace: Desktop organisers allow you to bring all your materials together and avoid clutter on your desk. These organisers, which usually have vertical and horizontal shelves together, have sections where you can store your items such as books, files or paper.

What to look for when buying shelf insert?

When buying shelf inserts, you should pay attention to the following;

  • Before you buy the products, you can make a better choice by checking the compatibility of the dimensions with your cabinets.
  • By choosing the kitchen organisers sold in sets, you can have more products at more economical conditions.

How much does a shelf insert cost?

In general, the price of shelf insert; It may vary depending on the brand, model, dimensions, design, usage features, functions and material quality of the product. As the specific features and material variety of shelf insert increases, a certain price increase can be seen.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (2,96 - 19,61 €) Shelf inserts made of bamboo, metal wire, iron, BPA-FREE and phthalate-free, fabric, plastic, simpler design
Medium-priced (51,06 - 99,99 €) Shelf inserts made of high quality material, stainless steel, sturdy
High-priced (from 100.- €) Shelf inserts made of pine wood, high-quality stainless steel, brand design, larger models


Shelf inserts make it possible to store and group your belongings in a practical way and keep your wardrobe tidy at all times. With a shelf insert, you can find what you're looking for more easily, save space and prevent your things from becoming untidy.

When buying a shelf insert, make sure you choose sensible models that are suitable for its purpose. To prolong the life of the shelf insert, you should also take care of its maintenance and read the instruction manuals before cleaning it. Of course, when buying, you should choose the best quality according to your budget.

(Cover photo: Pexels / Victoria Borodinova)