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In this article we have the opportunity to let you know which are the best shoe racks that are currently available on the market.

This is a device whose function is to store shoes, either in a series of drawers, platforms or iron bars. There are, as you can see, many different types and the way to store them varies according to their nature. They are indispensable not only to make room for this clothing, but also to take care of it.

We are here to offer you the best information, compiled and tabulated in a convenient and organised manner. It will help you to soak enough about the product you will buy so that, having finished this reading, you will be an expert in what you want to buy, opting for the best option for you.


  • A shoe rack is a piece of household furniture preferably used in bedrooms. It consists of a tiered staircase where shoes are stored, keeping the area tidy and allowing them to be looked after.
  • There are basically 4 types: hanging, metal, cupboard and pull-out. The last two are made of wood, while the first ones are made of metal and/or plastic. Their efficiency does not depend on their variant, but on the needs of the user.
  • Height, width and volume have nothing to do with the number of shoes it can hold. This quantity also depends on the size of the clothes. The colour of the object helps it to blend in with its surroundings and to look better.

The Best Shoe Rack: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Some might assume that choosing a shoe rack is a simple thing to do, when the exact opposite is true. This assumption has to do with the fact that, being a household staple, many opt for simple, stereotypical outlets. However, those who take this initiative often end up paying back or being disappointed.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, in the following sections we offer you the most important gathering of information so that you can inform yourself correctly. In this way you will choose wisely.

Because of their great usefulness they are also used to display products in shoe shops (Photo: Iakov Filimonov /

What is a shoe rack and what are its advantages?

It is a staircase of platforms that stratify different floors where shoes are placed. They can be arranged either vertically or horizontally. The latter are usually the lowest in height, but compensate for this with a greater width which allows them to hold many pairs of shoes.

By their very nature, they are a favourite fixture in rooms where shoes are kept. Because of this, and knowing how intimate this area of the home can be, manufacturers have taken on the task of creating a wide variety of types of the same product. There are even those that can be hung on the wall.

The main advantage they have is that they are absolutely necessary to keep order in the place where they are placed. Without them, the footwear is either scattered on the floor or in a neutral place in the room. One of the most common consequences is the loss of some under the bed.

  • High durability
  • Keeps the area organised
  • Allows an aesthetic relationship with the environment
  • Prevents shoes from getting lost
  • There are many types for each user
  • They are available in many places
  • They can be expensive
  • If you have many shoes they can be insufficient
  • They are difficult to combine with other furniture
  • They take up additional space
  • Not very resistant to knocks and scratches

Hanging shoe rack, cupboard, metal or pull-out - What should you pay attention to?

Many people already have an idea of what this device is when they hear the name, but few people realise what a variety of alternatives there are for it. There are variants of all kinds, especially in relation to the physiognomy of the device. This affects where it can be placed.

Hanging shoe rack

This is probably the most straightforward variable of all, as this type is not only arranged in a different way to the others, but is made of a specific material: plastic with some metal alloys. It is designed to depend on another body for its location, either a cupboard or a door.

Shoe cupboard

This is one of the most typical forms and probably the one that comes to mind for most people. It is a kind of library, with or without a door, designed to house shoes. Although there are all kinds, most of them are made of wood or similar or derived materials.

Metal shoe rack

Not all of them are made of metal, although this material is usually always incorporated. Some even make their bars out of aluminium. They are cylinders or platforms that fit together to make grids where the clothes are placed. They can be assembled, so they often have an instruction book for the user.

Pull-out shoe rack

This is a series of fairly large drawers into which shoes fit. It makes use of a large width at the front, so that it holds its contents as if it were a large "mouth". They are made of wood or derivatives thereof.

Hanging Cabinet Metal
Mobile No Yes Yes
Tallla Large Large Small
Material Plastic and Metal Aluminium, Plastic or Metal Metal

They allow to keep the places properly tidy (Photo: ahirao /

Buying Criteria: Factors that allow you to compare and rate different Shoe Racks

There are a few things that should be on every consumer's agenda when it comes to buying something. Certain details, however insignificant they may seem, directly affect the profile of what you want to buy. Although this does not always have to do with quality, it may or may not satisfy the buyer in question.
As this is an object whose function is storage, some of the vital points that should be taken as a priority by the person concerned will be reported below. These are the points to keep a close eye on:


Height does not necessarily have to be taken as a guarantor of more strata. Its importance derives not from this, but from the space between one layer and another. This should be of relevance because depending on this, certain types of shoes can be worn. High-top shoes, e.g. firemen's shoes, do not fit.

These shoes need more space between one layer and another, otherwise they will be bent, damaged or worse. Consider what the height of the furniture is, and especially what the distance from piece to piece is, it has to be observed.


The volume affects two aspects: how deep it is and how spacious it is horizontally. The latter improves or deteriorates the user's experience interacting with this artefact, because the amount of garments that fit is relative to it. Some are very long and seem to be able to accommodate a good number, but their width changes everything.

As far as depth is concerned, this is particularly important in the case of pull-outs. This type of shoe rack uses precisely this factor to support more. In other shoe racks, you don't notice much difference in this area, because it doesn't help you to have more inside.


Although it is related, it does not always have to do with how high the piece of furniture is. Some of these appliances can hold a lot of shoes when they are rather short. This is because, despite their size, they have more sections to put them in. The number of layers of the object will depend on what the user's need is.

If you tend to wear sports shoes, and you have a large number of them, the number of tiers, rather than the space between them, is the most important thing. If the size of your garments is large, the latter should be more important.

The removable ones make use of the depth to support more quantity (Photo: belchonock /


There is nothing better to talk about products like this than that they are harmoniously arranged. A room that looks good goes beyond the order it may have, because it is also important that the elements that compose it combine.

This is determined to a large extent by the colour. If the room is white, a wide variety of colours can be used depending on the colour of the surrounding furniture. Opaque shades can also be easily used for these fabrications. If it is metallic, its arrangement will depend on personal taste.

(Featured image photo : pzaxe /

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