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Shower baskets provide additional storage space for hygiene items, thus enhancing the appearance of the shower. A shower basket serves as a practical accessory that makes shower utensils within easy reach when collected. A matching shower basket is almost part of the basic equipment of every bathroom. The selection of different shapes and materials for shower baskets is huge.

With our shower basket guide, we would like to help you find the shower basket that fits your home. Among other things, we have tested the material and the mounting types of different shower baskets for advantages and disadvantages. We have then listed the most important aspects in a compact way. This will make your purchase decision easier and faster.


  • Shower baskets offer you the possibility of creating additional storage space in the shower or bathtub to place hygiene products.
  • Basically, shower baskets differ in the way they are mounted, whereby the main question is whether the basket is permanently attached by drilling a hole or whether it can be replaced by means of adhesives or suction cups.
  • Shower baskets are made of many different materials, and the choice depends entirely on the price budget and the ease of care of the material.

The Best Shower Basket: Our Choices

The market for shower baskets is incredibly diverse. However, there are also many products that do not stand out for quality or customer satisfaction. To ensure that your shower basket purchase is a complete success, we have picked out the best shower baskets for you below.

Shower Basket: Buying and Evaluation Criteria

To give you a better overview and make it easier for you to decide which shower basket to buy, we have listed six criteria that you can use to distinguish and evaluate shower baskets:

In the following paragraphs, we define exactly what is important in the individual criteria.


The size of a shower basket is usually calculated in terms of height, width and length. In addition, the height of the lateral border should be taken into account.

The right size is very important for sensible use.The basket must be large enough to store all the desired products, otherwise the orderly factor is lost. However, if it is too large, it restricts the freedom of movement in the shower.

Visually, the shower basket should match the volume of the shower. Points of reference here can also be the size of the fitting or the tiles.

Shower baskets are available in many different sizes, so that there is something suitable for every shower. The models listed on this page all have different sizes, so there is certainly a suitable shower basket for you.


Shower baskets are made of many different materials. Which one is right for you depends on your budget and taste.

If you would like to create a colourful contrast at a low cost, a shower basket made of plastic is an excellent choice. These are inexpensive and available in many different colours.

Shower baskets made of metal or stainless steel are simple and timeless. However, they are also more costly and require more maintenance. Metal shower baskets are usually chrome-plated to make them more corrosion-resistant and give them that silver look.

For a more unusual design, shower baskets made of wood or glass are suitable. These provide a visual eye-catcher. In terms of price, they are on a similar level to metal shower baskets, but require less maintenance.


The suitable shape of the shower basket depends largely on the cut of the shower or bathtub. There is no universal basket for every home.

Rectangular baskets often work best. These can be mounted in various ways and save space due to their elongated shape.

For showers that run across a corner, appropriate shower baskets can be a great solution. Corner shower baskets are mounted on the wall and thus often take up unused space.

Oval or round shower baskets, on the other hand, are eye-catchers. The prerequisite here is to have a sufficiently large shower, as they take up a lot of space due to their shape.


There are numerous ways of installing shower baskets. Careful consideration must be given beforehand in order to make the right decision.

The simplest variant is shower baskets for standing or hanging. These can be placed anywhere and are easy to change. However, they slip easily or fall over, which can be a nuisance.

A better option is to purchase shower baskets with suction cups or for sticking. These can be easily attached to tiles without damaging them. They have a medium-firm to firm hold.

The safest way to attach a shower basket is by drilling a hole. Here, the shower basket is screwed to the wall through the tiles and thus has a high load-bearing capacity. However, these baskets are difficult to change as there are no standardised drill holes for shower baskets.

Number of shelves

Many shower basket fixtures consist of different shelves. Thus, with one product there are several storage surfaces for hygiene products.

Multi-level shower baskets can be advantageous, especially for a multi-person household, as personal products can be stored separately. This saves you from having to buy a separate shower basket.

However, you must bear in mind that the shower baskets are considerably larger than a simple one. So if your shower is very small, a multi-level shower basket could take away too much freedom of movement.

Shower Basket: Frequently asked Questions and Answers

In the following, we have listed all the essential questions on the subject of shower baskets. We will answer them for you shortly. After reading this guide, you should know all the essential aspects of the shower basket topic.

Who is a shower basket suitable for?

In principle, a shower basket is suitable for everyone. Due to the many advantages, you can now find a shower basket in almost every household.

It makes particular sense to buy such a product if you want to bring order into your bathroom. A shower can quickly look untidy because of hygiene articles standing around. With a shower basket, you can quickly store these utensils and thus ensure a tidy appearance.


By attaching it to the wall, you create more storage space without restricting your freedom of movement. (Image source: Anne Nygård / unsplash)

An additional plus point is the organiser function. For example, if you live in a shared flat or with your partner and you want to clearly separate your products? Then simply buy a shower basket with several shelves and you can divide everything up clearly.

What types of shower baskets are there?

If you want to buy a shower basket, there are basically different types. To give you a better overview, we have compiled the most important advantages and disadvantages of the products:

Type Advantage Disadvantage
Shower basket made of metal/stainless steel very high-quality appearance, durable material very high-maintenance, more expensive to buy
Shower basket made of plastic very inexpensive to buy, diverse colours not very durable, no high-quality look
Shower basket made of wood often made ofenvironmentally friendly materials, lend cosy atmosphere very special look, regular oiling necessary
Shower basket made of glass very high-quality look, look compatible with almost every shower high-maintenance, must be screwed on often

The big advantage of a metal or stainless steel shower basket is definitely the durable material. If it is well maintained, it can look high-quality for years. However, shower baskets are often expensive to buy. In addition, they need to be decalcified regularly to maintain their shiny appearance.

Shower baskets made of plastic are very cheap to buy and are available in many different colours. However, their appearance is not very high-quality and the material is not very durable.

The strengths of wooden shower baskets are that they lend a cosy ambience and are often made of environmentally friendly materials. Nevertheless, they require more care and their style does not fit into every bathroom.

Shower baskets made of glass look high-quality and fit into almost every shower thanks to their simple colours. On the other hand, they often have to be drilled into the wall and are more maintenance-intensive due to the limescale residues that easily remain.

What does a shower basket cost?

The price range between the different products is above average. The composition of the price depends mainly on the size, the material and the type of installation. The cheap models start at 3 euros, the prices for the more expensive products are up to 430 euros.

Type Price range
Plastic shower basket approx. 3 to 80 euros
Glass shower basket approx. 25 to 75 euros
Wooden shower basket approx. 35 to 170 euros
Metal shower basket approx. 20 to 430 euros

As a rule, plastic shower baskets are the cheapest option. However, prices vary greatly depending on size and manufacturer. Here, the price range is between 3 and 80 euros.

Shower baskets made of glass are usually only partly made of glass, often elements made of metal are used at the same time. Due to the use of the more expensive materials, the price range is between 25 and 75 euros.

Shower baskets made of wood are in the medium price range. They are often made of more environmentally friendly material. The price range here is between 35 and 170 euros.

Shower baskets made of metal or stainless steel are on average the most expensive products. Prices depend greatly on the metal used and the coating. Depending on the model, the price range is between 20 and 430 euros.

What alternatives are there to a shower basket?

There are many ways to store your shower products. Each alternative has different advantages and disadvantages. Below we present your alternatives to a shower basket.

Type Description
Shower tray Shower trays are very delicate. They consist only of a shelf surface without an external boundary that prevents products from falling off.
Shower hooks These are hooks that can be mounted on the shower wall. They do not offer any shelf space, but products can be neatly caught on them.
Tile shelf These shelves are incorporated directly during the construction of the shower. Often a recess in the shower wall or a step in the wall, this provides natural storage space.

Tile shelves are aesthetically pleasing and practical. However, if they were not considered when the shower was built, they are very difficult to retrofit.


Tile shelves are in vogue. The recesses are often highlighted in colour or set with mosaic stones. (Image source: Christa Grover / unsplash)

Each product has strengths that speak for themselves. Nevertheless, the shower basket wins with its practical design and easy installation options.

How do I find out which type of shower basket is best suited for my shower?

With this point, the main thing to consider is the type of mounting. This refers especially to shower baskets that are mounted by drilling a hole in the wall, as this damages the shower tiles.


If you live in a rented flat, hanging shower baskets are a good idea, as they do not damage the tiles. (Image source: Jonny Caspari / unsplash)

Shower baskets that can be hung up or glued on are clearly easier to change, but they are also more unstable. If you opt for the safe option of drilling, you should choose a design that is as timeless as possible.

The choice of basket also depends on other factors. The design should match the tiles and the existing fitting. Of course, it all depends on your personal taste.

How do I determine the right size for my shower basket?

There are many things to consider when buying a shower basket, but above all the right size plays a role. We have compiled a list of factors for you to consider.

  • Number of people: The more people use the shower, the more products are needed. This also increases the volume of the basket.
  • Size of the shower: The shower basket must not be too big for your shower, otherwise it will take away your freedom of movement. If it is too small, it will look lost.
  • Number of shelves: If there are already shelves in the shower that will continue to be used, the size of your shower basket will be minimised.

At this point, you need to consider whether you would prefer a large basket or one with several levels. One product takes up more space in length, the other in height. Measure the shower to see which model fits better.

How do I clean a shower basket?

The cleaning of a shower basket depends on the material you choose. We have compiled the most important information on the different materials here:

  • Plastic: If possible, this basket can be removed and cleaned with normal soap or scouring powder. If it is very dirty, it can also be soaked in hot water.
  • Metal / stainless steel: Water residues quickly form limescale on shiny materials, so limescale remover should be used here regularly. Furthermore, no abrasive products should be used.
  • Glass: Simple soap or glass cleaner can be used for this type of shower basket. Limescale residues form quickly here, too, and must be removed regularly.
  • Wood: These shower baskets can be cleaned with simple soap. However, these products should be oiled regularly to maintain their natural protective barrier.

In general, it is important not to use aggressive cleaning agents, as otherwise both the material and the colour of the shower basket may suffer.


By installing a shower basket, you add a useful accessory to your shower. A shower basket not only keeps your hygiene utensils tidy, but also serves as an aesthetic addition to your bathroom. When buying a shower basket, you need to distinguish between the material used and the type of installation.

Shower baskets made of plastic are very inexpensive and available in a variety of colours. Shower baskets made of metal are durable and visually enhance the shower. When choosing the type of mounting, you should be clear about whether you prefer a flexible variant for hanging or a secure variant for drilling. After installation, nothing stands in the way of your new shower experience.

Image: unsplash / onne beauty

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