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Everyone knows the problem: you're in the shower and then you need shower gel. But where is the best place to put it? Small showers in particular do not offer much space for the daily care products. That's where a shower caddy comes in handy.

So that you have the most important information at a glance before buying a shower caddy, we have put together a guide with buying criteria and the most important questions for you. As banal as it may sound, not all shower organisers are the same. Accordingly, it is important that you read up on the different versions. This is the only way to find the perfect shower caddy for your individual needs.


  • Small showers don't offer much floor space for shower utensils. A shower caddy is the optimal helper for storage and order in your bathroom.
  • Shower caddies come in different materials. You can choose between metal, plastic and wood. All three materials have their advantages and disadvantages.
  • If a simple shelf is not enough, you can also get a double- or even three-tiered shower caddy. Depending on the size of your family or the amount of shower utensils you need, you can individually choose the best shower shelf for you.

The Best Shower Caddy: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for shower caddies

When buying a shower caddy, you should pay attention to a few things. Below we have listed the most important buying and evaluation criteria.

To give you a better overview of the individual criteria, we have explained them further. This way you are well informed and come closer to buying the shower caddy.


When it comes to the material of the shower caddy, you have three different options, each of which offers different advantages. The two most popular materials are plastic or metal. There are also some shower caddies made of wood, but these are not as popular. Wood is therefore a difficult material to use as a shower shelf in the shower, as it dries slowly and quickly becomes unattractive.

In addition, damp wood can also quickly smell unpleasant. Metal, on the other hand, is a very resistant material that will last for a long time if cleaned and cared for properly. The same applies to plastic. In general, this material is not quite as stubborn as metal, as it can quickly become brittle. But it has a much longer life expectancy than wood when used as a shower caddy.


As with many things, a shower caddy also comes in different sizes. So you can choose the right one for your shower. You can choose between large and small shower caddies, multi-tiered or single-tiered. The dimensions vary depending on the shape of the shower caddy.

We will tell you more about this in the next section. In general, however, the shower shelves range from 15x5x37 centimetres to 45x7x24 centimetres (LxWxH). You should therefore measure how much space you have in your shower beforehand.


The shape is always important. You can choose between two different shapes. The first is a simple rectangular shape, which is quite narrow, but still long enough to provide plenty of space for shower utensils. And if one tier is not enough for you, you can often buy these shower shelves with two or even three tiers. Another popular shape is the triangular shape.

The advantage that this shower shelf offers is that it fits perfectly into any corner in the shower. Again, depending on how much storage space you need, you can choose between several tiers. Generally, the triangular shower cady has a little more surface area than the rectangular shower caddy. Depending on the size of your shower.


Even if you are not a craftsman, you can still buy a shower shelf. In addition to the classic installation with a drill and screws, there is also a simple method. However, you should keep in mind that this is the most effective mounting method for a shower shelf.

You can either buy a shower caddy with adhesive or with suction cups. Both are ready to use straight out of the box. However, the moisture in the shower may cause the adhesive properties to deteriorate quickly. Also, suction cups can only hold a certain amount of weight. So you should not overload your shower caddy.


You also have a certain choice of colour, depending on the material you have in mind. Metal shower caddies usually come in grey or silver as standard. Generally, there are more muted colours. You should be aware that metal shower shelves in other colours are often painted.

This can also be attacked by moisture in the shower. With plastic, the choice of colours can vary more than with metal shower caddies. This is because plastic is easier to colour in production. Accordingly, you can choose the colours of the rainbow and you are less limited.

Shopping Guide

Now that we have given you an understanding of the most important criteria for buying and evaluating shower shelves, we would like to answer the last important questions on the subject.

What is a shower caddy?

A shower caddy is a shelf that you can conveniently install in the shower. If you have little space in your shower for storing your shower utensils, a shower shelf is a perfect solution. With its relatively small dimensions but efficient design, a shower caddy offers a lot of storage space for shower gels, shampoos or whatever else you need for the shower.

For whom is a shower caddy suitable?

A shower caddy is suitable for anyone who needs more storage space in the shower. It does not depend on the size of the shower, because in the end there is a shower caddy for every shower cubicle.


Shower shelves are particularly suitable for showers with little space. This also avoids the annoying chaos of shower gel bottles. (Image source: Francesca Tosolini / Unsplash)

Shower caddies are not only limited to installation in the shower. You can also use them as general shelves in the bathroom. Or to have more space next to the bathtub. So they are a practical utensil that no bathroom should be without.

What types of shower caddies are there?

As already mentioned, there are different shapes, materials and colours. The most popular are shower shelves made of metal. You can choose between triangular and rectangular shapes. There are also shower shelves with several shelves, so that each family member can use their own shelf.

  • Rectangular metal shower caddy
  • Triangular shower caddy made of metal
  • Rectangular shower caddy made of plastic
  • Rectangular shower caddy made of plastic
  • Shower caddy made of wood

The only difference between shower caddies made of plastic and those made of metal is the material. The bottom line is that you can get the same versions in both materials. It just depends on your preference. Wooden shower caddies exist, but are not nearly as common as the other two materials.

Is it difficult to install a shower caddy?

Depending on which method of installation you choose, this question can be answered differently. As already mentioned, you can attach the shower caddy to the wall with screws. This method requires a bit of dexterity and you will need a drill. It is easier to simply glue the shower caddy to the tiles.

This option is also available. In your search, you must make sure that the shower caddy is for gluing. But it always says so. It is even easier to attach the shower tray with suction cups. You simply stick them to the tiles and can always move them to a different place, depending on your needs. This is an advantage over other methods.

How do I clean a shower caddy?

When you dry your shower after showering and remove any traces, we advise you to dry the shower shelf as well. This keeps the material nice and supple for longer. Plastic in particular can quickly become unsightly due to moisture. But water stains can also be seen on metal, which simply doesn't look nice.

You should also clean the shower caddy more often to remove limescale stains, which can occur in the shower. Or remove the old soap residues that can occur when you put shower gels and shampoos on the floor. But all in all, it is very easy to keep a shower caddy clean.


A shower shelf is a perfect addition to any shower. Since showers generally offer little space for storing shower utensils, you should think about this addition. This way you don't have the shower shelf full of bottles and they can't always fall into the water during the shower.

Since shower caddies come in many different sizes and shapes, you can adapt them to your individual needs. You have a small shower? No problem, there is also a shower organiser that offers storage space but doesn't take up so much room. So you can fully enjoy showering again without constantly stepping on shower gel bottles.

Image source: unsplash / Andrea Davis