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When carefully but practically decorating the bathroom, it is not only useful to give space to elements such as a shower shelf, but that they also contribute to the beautification of the environment. Shower shelves store all the products necessary for hair and body care. Shower shelves are therefore very practical for keeping the bathroom tidy, but they can also make this more pleasant by matching its design.

Our shower shelf guide will help you choose the ideal shower shelf for you. You'll find a detailed list of the best shower shelves currently available, with the pros and cons. We have especially considered the different types and how to install a shower shelf to avoid unnecessary damage to your shower walls. With this, we would like to give you some practical tips for choosing the right shower shelf for you.


  • By installing a shower shelf, you can create order and cleanliness in your shower, preventing the annoying accumulation of products in your shower tray.
  • The type of shower shelf preferred by many is the one that is installed without drilling holes in the shower wall. Examples of such alternatives are shower shelves for hanging, for sticking and with suction cups.
  • The wide range of materials used for shower shelves makes it possible to choose between plastic, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, bamboo and glass.

The Best Shower Shelf: Our Choices

The search for the perfect shower shelf can be long and tiring. That's why we've spared you this task and suggest the best shower shelves you can buy online below.

Shower Shelf: Buying and Evaluation Criteria

Below you will find additional information on how to choose the best shower shelf for you. Before buying the perfect shower shelf, you should consider these criteria:

Below you will find out what each category is all about.


As you have already learned from the above part, height plays a significant difference between the different types of shower shelves. With an expandable height, your shower shelf can accommodate several shelves. A shorter shelf, on the other hand, usually has a smaller capacity.

Before you decide on a particular shower shelf, you should be clear about your needs and the space you have available. Large families, couples or people living alone certainly have different needs when it comes to the layout of their shower. In this sense, the number of shelves plays an important role.

The longest shower shelves are those that have a telescopic structure. On average, they can be extended from 1 to 3 metres, depending on the height of the cubicle.

The average height of a shower shelf is between about 8 and 70 cm, depending on the number of shelves.

We recommend that you first measure the height of your shower cubicle or bathtub. Then you should take stock of your bath products and consider how many shelves are needed in your shower. This will tell you whether it is worth buying a telescopic shelf with 4 or 5 shelves, or whether a single shower shelf, perhaps in an alcove, is enough for you.


Another indicator when deciding on the size of your shower shelf is certainly the shape. Essentially, a distinction is made between straight shower shelves parallel to the wall and triangular shelves.

The first are probably the most popular, especially for those who have a spacious shower. In this case, it is preferable to place the shower shelf in the middle of the wall for quick access to it.

The second type is ideal to be installed in the niches and corners of a medium or small shower. A corner shower shelf is definitely the best way to take advantage of an otherwise unused space.

Familiarise yourself with your shower space to consider where you'll have better access to your hair and body care products.

Whether it's a corner model or a straight one, you'll find the solution in the previous part of our guide.


In your bathroom, you should generally watch out for rust and limescale deposits. This applies not only to the washbasin or the shower fitting, but also to accessories such as shower trays.

However, cleaning products are not enough to clean your bathroom optimally. The first choice you can make for the perfect bathroom is the material a shower tray is made of. The most common materials are steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Bamboo has also become very popular for more rustic and sustainable bathrooms.

Aluminium and steel are among the most common and affordable components for shower shelves. However, we recommend preferring a shower shelf made of real stainless steel. High quality stainless steel will ensure that your decision is successful if you are looking for a shelf that will last over time.

Stainless steel is the infallible material against the development of rust. The most sustainable materials are glass and bamboo.

In contrast, shower shelves made of bamboo and natural materials run the risk of the pieces rotting and deteriorating due to water and moisture. Certainly, however, a shower shelf made of bamboo is very beautiful to look at and fits in well with a more ecological style of bathroom.

Another solution is shelves made of plastic such as plastic. Inexpensive, lightweight and therefore easy to transport, plastic shower shelves are still chosen by many. However, if you find it difficult to clean your shower often and are concerned about the environment, a plastic shower shelf may not be right for you.

Type of mounting

Perhaps the most crucial criterion when choosing a good shower shelf is the method of installation. The main reason you can find a wide range of shelves for the shower is because there are so many alternatives to installing a shelf by drilling a wall. Drilling holes in the wall is often avoided so as not to permanently damage the shower.

If you want to keep your shower free from damage, you can opt for a shower basket that is attached to the wall with glue or suction cups. Suction cups are not very resistant, but there are several types available. The most modern ones guarantee a load-bearing capacity of up to several dozen kilograms. Both the suction cups and the double-sided adhesive tape have a special anti-humidity adhesive.

The most practical alternative for those who are planning a move or simply don't want to spend a lot is a hanging shower shelf. On the market, you can find hanging shower shelves made of both stainless steel and plastic. The uniqueness of a hanging shower shelf is that it can also be easily attached to the door or glass of the shower or bath.

Hanging shelves are usually versatile products because they can also be hung in the kitchen.

This is not always possible with shelves that can be glued with adhesive. Often the glue has to be applied to a smooth surface. In your kitchen, this would only be possible if there are tiles.

Shower Shelf: Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Other unanswered questions about shower shelves are answered below.

What types of shower shelves are there?

Do you need an even clearer overview of the differences between the various types of shower shelves? We have summarised the advantages and disadvantages of the most important models for you in a table:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Shower shelf for drilling Very stable, Durable, Usually made of strong materials Permanently attached to the shower wall, Cause holes in the wall, Installation requires drill and screws
Corner shower shelf Space-saving, Suitable for all shower types, Can be glued Dirt and limescale deposits in the corners, Difficult to clean if not removable
Shower shelf for hanging Versatile, Adjustable, Lightweight, Very easy to clean Unstable
Adhesive shower shelf Practical installation, Adjustable height in the shower, Space-saving Possible failure of adhesive, Not removable for cleaning
Shower shelf with suction cups Possible replacement of suction cups, Easy installation Possible failure of suction cups due to moisture

The types of shower shelves are, in short, numerous. The most stable, but also the most disadvantaged models are those that are drilled into the wall. These can be installed in a niche or parallel to the wall.


Shower shelves are suitable for both shower cubicles and bathtubs. Their design can be made of different materials. Here you can see a stylish wooden shelf. (Image source: ONNE Beauty / Unsplash)

Stability is a common problem with shower shelves that are installed with glue or suction cups. Nevertheless, these types of shelves have enough advantages to be among the most popular products among customers.

How can I fix a shower shelf?

Following the table above, we have listed below the best methods for fixing different types of shower shelves. Here are the installation methods of our two most popular shower shelves:

  • Shower shelf for drilling: First you should mark the drill hole before drilling. In order to achieve the desired drill hole depth, the corresponding spot on the drill should be marked with tape. After you have chosen a safe standing position, you can drill the required holes in the wall and insert a dowel into each one. Then pull the shower shelf onto the wall and screw it in with a screw and a screwdriver or drill. Your shower shelf is ready for use immediately.
  • Adhesive shower shelf: class="a-list-item">Clean and dry the wall of your shower or bathtub. Make sure there is no dust, grease or water on the surface. Mark the right spot on the wall. Apply the adhesive to the back of the shelf and remove the protective film from the double-sided tape. Press the back onto the marked position for at least 5 seconds and wait 24 to 48 hours before using. The shelf will be even more stable if you wait 3 to 5 days.

We have covered the two most challenging installation methods with detailed instructions. All other ways of fixing shower shelves are very intuitive.

How much does a shower shelf cost?

Shower shelves are usually not very expensive items, but obviously there are price differences depending on the type and quality. The range goes from about 7 to 200 euros. In order to be able to make a meaningful classification, we have divided the price categories according to materials. In this sense, it would not make sense to divide products by shape or height, for example.

Type price range
Shower shelf made of plastic approx. 7 to 25 euros
Shower shelf made of aluminium approx. 13 to 90 euros
Shower shelf made of bamboo approx. 15 to 80 euros
Shower shelf made of glass approx. 20 to 150 euros
Shower shelf made of stainless steel approx. 20 to 200 euros

The cheapest shower shelves turn out to be the plastic ones, which should not cost more than 25 euros. Aluminium and bamboo bathroom baskets can be very similarly priced at between 18 and 90 euros. The most expensive products are, of course, the glass and stainless steel shelves, which cost up to around 200 euros for the best-known brands.


Shower shelves are essential for keeping personal hygiene products in order. They should not be missing from a neat, well-equipped bathroom. (Image source: Steve Buissinne / Pixabay)

We advise you to check which price category suits your needs thanks to our complete guide. If you attach great importance to the quality and durability of your shower shelf, a shower shelf from 40 to 70 euros is definitely right for you.


A shower shelf is an essential item in the shower for people who want to tidy up the bathroom. When differentiated by material, shape, height and corresponding number of shelves and type of fixing, the choice of shower shelves is particularly wide. Corner shelves made of stainless steel are the most suitable for all shower types and are more resistant to rust. Telescopic shelves are perfect for those who have many products and need a lot of space in the shower for them.

In general, all shower shelves made of rust-resistant materials such as stainless steel are the ideal compromise between quality, sustainability and design. For those for whom appearance is most important, the choice may fall on a shower shelf made of bamboo or glass. If, on the other hand, the main purchase criterion is ease of attachment, hanging shelves and shower shelves for gluing are the ideal solution.