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Welcome to our big shower tent test 2022. Here we present all the shower tents we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best shower tent for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a shower tent.

The Best Shower Tent: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a shower tent

How does a shower tent work?

You can set up your shower tent at the beach, at the campsite or in your garden and take a relaxing shower. The shower tent looks like a narrow, high tent and offers you privacy from strangers, so you can relax and take a shower.

The campsite is the perfect place to set up your shower tent. (Image source: / Alexandra Mirghe)

Once you've set up your shower tent, the first thing you need to do is attach your showering equipment. There are few shower tents that are sturdy enough for you to hang a water canister or solar shower bag on.

Therefore, electric camping showers, which pump the water from a canister upwards from the power support, are usually the best option.

However, you can also set up your shower tent near a tree or a similarly stable object and hang your solar shower on it so that you can shower undisturbed and relaxed.

In addition to using your shower tent as a shower, you can also use it as a changing room or camping toilet. For the latter, you need special accessories, but you don't have to convert your shower tent for this.

A shower tent not only has advantages in terms of its various uses. If you consider a few things when buying, your shower tent will be quick to set up and take down, easy to transport and can be used for many years.

Are there pop up shower tents and throw up shower tents?

Yes, there are pop-up shower tents and throw-in shower tents. These shower tents are particularly easy and quick to set up and also to take down again.

There are some suppliers of so-called pop up or throw away shower tents, sometimes also called throw away changing cabins.

These shower tents are usually delivered to you in a round transport bag and after loosening the fixing loops, your shower tent usually unfolds almost by itself. You should then secure it with pegs in the ground and brace it.

This will prevent it from falling over or blowing away in windy conditions and save you from nasty surprises.

Make sure to secure and tension your shower tent with pegs and cords after erection!

Dismantling your pop-up shower tent should be as easy as erecting it - in just a few steps. There are sometimes major differences depending on the model and manufacturer.

However, you will always find detailed dismantling instructions included with your pop up shower tent, so this should not be too much of a challenge. If you research on the internet, you will usually find more information and advice.

What are the differences between shower tents?

Depending on the model and manufacturer, shower tents have different shapes, construction methods, stability, equipment and accessories. It is worthwhile to find out in advance exactly what you need and which model meets your requirements.

An important criterion is how you can set up and take down your shower tent. Pop-up or throw-in shower tents are particularly easy and quick to set up and take down, but they take up a lot of space due to their round shape and are more difficult to transport.

A regular tent design is easier and smaller to transport, but takes more time to set up.

Another distinction in shower tents is whether they are freestanding - you can set them up anywhere - or whether you attach them to the tailgate of your vehicle.

This usually makes it easier to attach the shower and change clothes.

In this picture you can see a tailgate shower tent on a T3 VW bus. This shower tent is available for various vehicle models such as VW T4, VW T5, Ford Nugget or other models.

This table gives you an overview of the different features of the different types of shower tents.

Designation Properties
Pop-up or throw-in shower tents Are very easy to set up and take down, but more cumbersome to transport.
Free-standing and portable shower tents These shower tents are smaller and easier to transport but they take more time to set up and take down. However, they are usually also more sturdily built.
Tailgate shower tents As the name suggests, these shower tents are attached to the tailgate of your vehicle. This makes them very stable, you can easily attach the water canister or bag but the inside of your vehicle can get wet.

Another difference is the size. You can buy double shower tents where you and one other person can shower.

There are slightly smaller versions or larger diameter shower tents, depending on your build and whether you want to use your shower tent for other things.

If you invest a little more money, you can also buy a sturdy shower tent in which you can hang the bag of a solar shower. This is particularly practical as you don't need an electric camping shower or pump system.

What should I look for when buying a shower tent?

When buying a shower tent, you should make sure that it meets the requirements you have for a shower tent, such as size, construction, features or stability. You should also pay attention to a stable construction.

Especially when camping or at the beach and with regular use, your shower tent is exposed to great stress. Therefore, you should pay attention to good workmanship and high-quality materials when buying.

These should be opaque, UV-resistant and of course water-repellent.

A shower tent gives you a lot of privacy. You should make sure the material is opaque. (Image source: / giselaatje)

You should also make sure that a bag for storing your shower tent and the corresponding fastening material are included in the delivery.

When buying a shower tent, you should also look at how customers who have already bought it are satisfied with it. There is now a wide variety of shower tents and some models do not deliver what they promise.

Therefore, inform yourself well and in detail about which model you are buying.

Can I build a shower tent myself?

Yes, you can build a shower tent yourself. For this, you should have some manual skills and possess the appropriate tools and know how to use them.

It is generally possible to build a shower tent yourself. However, the materials are usually as expensive or even more expensive than if you buy a ready-made shower tent.

It is also not easy to build a stable and free-standing shower tent that is also easy to erect and dismantle and easy to transport.

In many camping and outdoor forums you will find more useful ideas and tips if you want to build a shower tent yourself.

However, you should note that in many cases it is cheaper and more practical in terms of materials and time to buy a shower tent.

Can I rent a shower tent?

In principle, you can rent a shower tent. You just have to find a suitable provider, which is usually not so easy.

If you want to rent a shower tent, you first have to find a provider for this service. This is generally possible for large events, but for private use it is only offered very occasionally.

You should also bear in mind that the purchase price of a new shower tent is usually not as high as the rental fee for a shower tent and that the hygienic aspect should not be neglected.

What are Bundeswehr or fire brigade shower tents?

Shower tents of the German Armed Forces or fire brigade are clearly different from camping and leisure shower tents.

The shower tents of the German armed forces and fire brigade are significantly larger, more difficult to erect, more expensive and they fulfil a different purpose than the camping variants.

The shower tents of the German Armed Forces are used as crew showers in mobile camps or during Bundeswehr missions. There are also models called NBC tents that are used as decontamination tents.

Fire brigade shower tents are used solely for this purpose.

Shower tents of the German Armed Forces or fire brigade can be bought second-hand from time to time. They are usually very large and not easy to erect or dismantle.

You should think about the purpose for which you can use it and whether the purchase is worthwhile.

What does a shower tent cost?

If you buy a shower tent, the purchase costs range from €20 to €200, depending on the model and design. The big differences come from the different designs, sizes and models.

Price What do I get for a model?
20€-50€ For this price you get a simple shower tent with few features. There are also pop-up or throw-in shower tents for this price, usually in a very simple and cheap design.
50€-100€ If you choose a shower tent in this segment, you usually get decent equipment and high-quality products. The shower tents are usually sturdy and you can also find more spacious shower tents (such as couples' shower tents) in this price segment.
100€-200€ Here you are in the top price range of shower tents and find the highest quality products from renowned manufacturers. They convince with very good equipment, workmanship and durable products.

An inexpensive shower tent in the lower price segment is attractive because of its low purchase costs, although you will usually only have fun with it for a short time.

It is worth investing a little more - around 60 € - and getting a high-quality product that you can use for many years. If you want to buy a double shower tent for two people, you will have to pay around 100 €.

High-quality shower tents starting at around 120 € also allow you to hang the bag of a solar shower, as they are much more stable than cheaper models.

What are the alternatives to shower tents?

There is no real alternative to a shower tent.

As an alternative to a shower tent, you can shower under a waterfall - if you can find one near you. However, be careful not to use shampoo or soap unless they are biodegradable. (Image source: Seth Doyle)

You can, of course, use the public showers at your campsite or find a secluded spot in a forest that is out of sight. Otherwise, you can use the showers built into most caravans.

Decision: What types of shower tents are there and which one is right for me?

If you want to buy a shower tent, you need to decide on one of these sub-types of shower tents before you buy:

  • Pop Up/Toss Up Shower Tent
  • Freestanding and portable shower tent
  • Tailgate shower tent

Each of these shower tents has some advantages and disadvantages which result from their specific characteristics. Depending on what you prefer and for what purpose you want to use your shower tent, a different type is suitable for you.

What are the characteristics of a pop-up or throw-in shower tent and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A pop-up or throw-in shower tent can be set up and taken down very quickly. This is probably the biggest advantage of this type of shower tent.

  • Quick set-up
  • Uncomplicated folding
  • Bulky transport
  • Lower carrying capacity

The disadvantages of a pop up or throw up shower tent are the somewhat bulky transport and usually they are not sturdy enough to carry a solar shower or water bag respectively.

What distinguishes a freestanding and portable shower tent and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The advantages of a freestanding and portable shower tent are its comparatively high stability (if you buy a high-quality model) and the relatively small pack size compared to a pop-up or throw-in shower tent.

  • High stability
  • Smaller pack size
  • Longer to set up and take down
  • More complicated to pitch

One disadvantage of a freestanding shower tent is the comparatively longer set up and folding the shower tent takes a little longer than a pop up/throw down shower tent.

What are the features of a tailgate shower tent and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A tailgate shower tent offers some advantages such as a stable attachment to the vehicle (like a VW Bus, Ford Nugget or similar) and therefore it takes up very little space.

So you don't have to shower far away from your vehicle but can comfortably shower right next to it.

Another advantage is that you can attach your solar shower or water canister directly to the vehicle.

  • Very stable
  • requires little space
  • Simple attachment of the water bag
  • vehicle must be within reach

The disadvantages of a tailgate shower tent are the possible contamination of soap and shampoo on your vehicle and also your vehicle must be within reach.

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate shower tents based on these factors

In the following we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate shower tents. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular shower tent is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Assembly/Disassembly
  • Stability
  • Features
  • Size


A very important purchase criterion is the assembly and disassembly of the shower tent. You should make sure that your shower tent is easy to set up and also foldable again.

Easy and uncomplicated assembly and disassembly of a shower tent saves a lot of trouble and frustration

So-called pop-up or throw-in shower tents fulfil this function particularly well and easily. But even with ordinary shower tents you can choose between different models, some are very easy to set up, while others are a little more complicated.

Easy assembly is important for a mobile shower tent. (Image source: / Andrew Hunt)


Another important purchase criterion is the stability of your shower tent. You should make sure that especially the poles and also the materials are of high quality and can withstand a lot. After all, you will be using the shower tent outdoors and you don't want it to break down in strong winds.

When buying a shower tent, you should make sure that you can hang your solar shower inside. The bag for this usually weighs 15 kg or more and if you buy a shower tent that is suitable for hanging up a camping shower, then you have chosen a particularly stable and high-quality model.


The features of your shower tent are another criterion you should consider when buying your shower tent.

You should check whether the inside of the shower tent has pockets (e.g. for care products, soap and shampoo), holders for clothes, fastening options for the shower head and ventilation.

There should also be a floor that drains water to the outside through openings, as well as fastening options for cords for bracing.

When buying, make sure that your shower tent has a floor and that the water can drain away!

When buying, also make sure that a transport bag and the necessary pegs and fastening cords are included in the delivery.


The right size of your shower tent depends on the area of use for which you want to use your shower tent and your body size.

If you are not particularly tall and/or strong and are just looking for a simple shower tent, you will be happy with the basic models.

If, on the other hand, you also want to use your shower tent as a changing room or toilet, have a larger build and/or simply want more space and comfort when showering, then make sure that your shower tent is large enough.

There are also shower tents for couples, so that you can both shower at the same time. Some larger models also have an anteroom for changing and a separate shower area.

Facts worth knowing about shower tents

What accessories are available for a shower tent?

There are various accessories for your shower tent, the most important of which is a camping shower. You can choose between different types such as solar showers, manual or electric pump showers.

Solar showers consist of a sturdy black plastic bag and heat the water inside by the warmth of the sun. You hang them up in your shower tent - make sure it's designed for the weight - and you're ready to shower.

Electric or manual pump showers are filled with warm water, then you only have to attach the shower head and nothing stands in the way of a pleasant shower.

Lighter and smaller shower tents are also suitable for this purpose, as they do not have to carry the weight of a water canister or bag.

You can also use your shower tent as a camping toilet. To do this, you need to buy a camping toilet, which you can simply place in your shower tent and do your business there in peace.

If you choose a spacious shower tent, you can also use it as a spacious camping toilet.

How do I fold or collapse a shower tent?

Folding and collapsing your shower tent is in most cases as easy as setting it up. In the instruction manual of your shower tent you will usually find detailed instructions on how best to pack your shower tent.

If you have a pop up or throw away shower tent, you must be careful when folding it so that you do not break any poles or damage your shower tent.

Caution Never store your shower tent damp or wet, as dangerous mould can form!

If you have further questions about dismantling and folding your shower tent, you can usually find some useful tips or videos by googling your model.

How do I clean a shower tent?

You should clean your shower tent regularly and after showering so that no deposits can form. It is best to use clear water after showering to remove soap residue.

Before packing, it is very important that your shower tent is completely dry. If this is not possible, you should dry it as soon as possible in a shady, airy place and only then store it for longer, otherwise it may start to mould!

If it is more heavily soiled, you can clean your shower tent with a sponge and mild detergent.

Image source: / jorge fernandez