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Washing machines accompany a household for many years in the best case. To prepare you optimally for the selection of your new washing machine from one of the leading manufacturers Siemens, we introduce you to the world of washing machines. Brilliant results are guaranteed. If you want to know what a washing machine needs Wi-Fi for and what the advantages and disadvantages of a top loader or front loader are, you've come to the right place.

In our Siemens washing machine test 2021 we want to introduce you to the washing machines in more detail. You will receive important information about the different types, as well as the factors you should consider before buying. With the help of our test article, you should be able to find the right Siemens washing machine for you.


The most important facts

  • Siemens washing machines convince with innovative technologies and pioneering spirit. As one of the market leaders in many different countries, Siemens is one of the most popular electronics manufacturers, which also includes the well-known washing machines.
  • When buying a Siemens washing machine, you can choose between a top loader and a front loader. The models differ in the way they are loaded: from the top or from the front. Top loaders are narrower and have a smaller capacity. The most common washing machine is a front loader.
  • When buying a washing machine, you can choose between different features, such as a display, drum lighting or the number of washing programmes.

The Best Siemens Washing Machine: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Siemens washing machine

Before buying a Siemens washing machine, you should acquire some background information. We have summarised this information in the following paragraphs.

What distinguishes Siemens washing machines from other manufacturers?

Siemens is one of the leading manufacturers of washing machines and other electrical appliances that simplify the work in many households. Through innovation and further development, Siemens regularly expands the washing machine market. Siemens has a presence in over 190 countries, making it one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronics.


A good washing machine can make life easier if you don't want to go to the public laundrette. With Siemens, you have a manufacturer on your side that promises long-lasting washing machines.
(Image source: / Jack Lyons)

Siemens appliances are modern and timeless. Through constant further development, the electronics and the appearance are adapted. Features are also adapted to the respective zeitgeist, which can be seen, for example, in the coupling of the appliances with smart home applications.

What are the advantages of Siemens washing machines with Home Connect function?

Going on a day trip and being able to unload the finished load of laundry when you arrive home is no longer a thing of the future. Siemens enables innovative coupling and remote control of the washing machine with the smartphone through Home Connection. Not only is switching on and off made easier by the associated app, but timers or programmes can also be easily controlled while on the move. You can also check the status of your wash cycle and switch to energy-saving mode if necessary.


With the Home Connect connection, washing on the go is child's play. Plan your wash cycle and start the machine without having to be in the house.
(Image source: / Gerd Altmann)

After you have created an account in the Home Connect app, the operation can begin. To make it even easier for you, it is even possible to connect your WLAN-enabled washing machine to a corresponding dryer. The dryer then adjusts its settings to the previously used washing programme and ensures optimal conditions for drying your laundry.

Are the washing machines from Siemens suitable for underfloor installation?

Yes, Siemens offers washing machines that can be installed underneath. In some cases, an additional underlay plate may be required for installation under a worktop. Under-mount washing machines have the advantage that they are free-standing and can be integrated under a kitchen unit if required. All that is needed is to remove the lid of the appliance or an additional panel. This varies depending on the model.

What distinguishes the iQdrive motor in Siemens washing machines?

In 2009, Siemens introduced the new iQdrive motor concept. The motor is supposed to be able to fulfil the two most important user needs: Saving time or energy efficiency. Therefore, Siemens lets the user choose what should be the focus for the respective wash cycle. In extra speed mode, the machines can save up to 60 percent time. In addition, the energy efficiency class A can be undercut by about 30 per cent.

The Siemens CEO reports that the iQdrive motor is quieter, more economical and longer-lasting than any motor before it.

The iQdrive mode is characterised by the fact that carbon brushes are no longer used, but a permanent magnet ensures full power. The replaced carbon brushes ensure increased longevity as there is less wear and tear.

What spare parts are available for Siemens washing machines and where can I buy them?

You can buy spare parts for Siemens washing machines from Siemens shops and online shops or search for spare parts on portals such as Ebay Kleinanzeigen. Siemens offers a wide range of spare parts so that you can use your washing machine for many years. In addition, the company also sells care products to keep the products in good condition.

You can also take your washing machine to Siemens for repair if you are not very experienced with the technology. However, this will also involve a cost. Like every manufacturer, Siemens only recommends spare parts from its own production that are perfectly adapted to your product range. In the case of important components, you should always stick to this recommendation and possibly have the parts fitted by an expert.

What are the alternatives to Siemens washing machines?

Siemens is known for its high-quality products and higher prices. Of course, other brands are cheaper in comparison. However, not all other manufacturers can offer innovative smart products and powerful motors. Alternative brands, which are also established on the market, are the following:

  • Bosch
  • AEG
  • Miele
  • Samsung
  • Beko
  • Bauknecht
  • Gorenje

These brands include both higher and lower priced washing machines. However, depending on how long you plan to use the machine, the price should be secondary.


With a washer-dryer, Siemens sells twice the power in one appliance. Washing and drying are no longer done in two separate appliances, but simultaneously in one washer-dryer. This has the disadvantage that the machine is occupied for a longer period of time.

After the wash cycle, the laundry is dried by a heat pump. Without having to be removed from the machine. Since the machines are usually available as front loaders, they can also be optimally integrated under a worktop. However, it becomes quite expensive when a washer-dryer has to be repaired.

Mini washing machine

Die-hard campers will certainly already be familiar with mini washing machines. If you have little space available, a small washing machine will be ideal. In addition, the small machines are available at a much lower price. Mini washing machines are available for a capacity of 1 to 5 litres. That's not the only trade-off you have to make with a small washing machine. Because the plastic machines are often not very easy and intuitive to use and can't hold a candle to the big washing machines. That's why Siemens doesn't sell mini washing machines.

Decision: What types of Siemens washing machines are there and which one is right for you?

When looking for a Siemens washing machine, you will come across two basic product categories to decide between. These are the way the washing machine is filled:

  • Front loader
  • Top loader

To make your decision easier, we'll explain the advantages and disadvantages of these two product types in more detail below.

What are Siemens front loaders and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Front-loaders are among the classic washing machines that are sold the most worldwide. Siemens also offers a wide range of front loaders. The door of the machine is on the front and has a glass panel. This means you can easily remove your laundry from the drum after the wash cycle and reach the last items of clothing. Front loaders have a variety of programmes and usually a practical display.


Front loaders are filled with laundry from the front. This makes them suitable for installation under a worktop.
(Image source: Gratisography)

By removing the cover on the front loader, you can easily integrate the appliance into a kitchen unit. In addition, the integrated porthole on the front is very practical for keeping an eye on things during the wash cycle.

  • Glass window available
  • Under-mountable in most cases
  • Offer more programmes
  • Takes up more space

What are Siemens top-loaders and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Top loaders are the ideal washing option in a small space. The narrow machines do not take up much space. Moreover, it is easy on the back if the laundry can simply be thrown into the washing machine from above and you don't have to bend down. Accordingly, a flap is opened on the top of the washing machine, which opens the laundry drum. The advantage and disadvantage is that top loaders take up less space because they are narrower.

This means they fit into many rooms, but they also have a smaller capacity as a result. In addition, Siemens top-loaders often have castors, which makes the washing machine even more practical. Here you can see a direct comparison of a front-loader and a top-loader: Siemens also provides its top loaders with load detection and the option to select the start time. Modern top loaders have a display that shows the programme and the remaining time.

  • Space-saving
  • can be loaded standing up
  • usually have practical castors
  • No viewing window included
  • Cannot be used as an underbench machine
  • Have a smaller capacity

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Siemens washing machines

Siemens washing machines are available in a wide range of models. The individual product variants can be distinguished with regard to the brand on the basis of the following criteria:

The following paragraphs explain what is important in the individual criteria.

Model range

Siemens offers various washing machines from different model series in different price segments. The first abbreviation of the model number stands for the type of appliance. Depending on how often you use a washing machine and how large your household is, you should choose a different model series.

Model series Description
avantgarde (design series) In the "avantgarde" series, Siemens combines the latest innovations, such as smart technologies, with high-quality design - which is reflected in a high price range. You can recognise the machines by a blue light strip.
iQ The iQ series offers you the latest technologies (iQdrive motor, detergent dosing, anti-stain system...) and energy efficiency at a high price. The machines can be controlled via app.
WM WM is the name for the popular front loaders from Siemens. Different models have different levels of functions.
WP WT refers to washer-dryers. A condensation dryer or heat pump allows the laundry to be dried directly in the same drum after washing.
WD Just like WT, it refers to a washer-dryer.
WI WI is usually a fully integrated fully automatic washing machine that is built in.

Dimensions and weight

The biggest difference is that front loaders are much wider than top loaders. Front loaders usually have the following dimensions: 84.8 - 85.8 cm x 60 x 59 - 62 cm. Top loaders are 40 cm wide and 90 cm high.

Since the installation of a washing machine is usually a millimetre act, individual centimetres matter. You should therefore pay close attention to the dimensions before buying.

The weight of a Siemens washing machine (front loader) ranges from 50 to 80 kilos.

Volume during the wash cycle

To be able to wash at particularly early or late times of day, the volume of the washing machine is crucial.

The normal noise range for washing machines is 40 dB. In the spin cycle, the limit is 70 dB.

Siemens washing machines can vary in volume depending on the model. In our research, however, we mainly found a noise level of 46-48 dB in normal use to 71-73 dB in the spin cycle.


It should be obvious that a single-person household usually produces a smaller amount of laundry than a large family.

The capacity of a washing machine determines how many kilos of laundry can go into the drum.

Therefore, you can save electricity and energy by choosing the right size of drum. In addition, it is not good for washing machines if they are switched on with too little capacity for a long time. It is very important to consider the dry weight of the laundry. During the wash cycle, the clothes run full of water and become heavier, but this is already included in the calculation. The capacity of Siemens washing machines is between 6 and 10 kilos. We have summarised which drum size is suitable for which conditions in a table.

Number of persons Capacity
Single-person household 6 kg
From 2 persons 8 kg
Family of several 9-10 kg

Washing programmes

There are several programmes that make Siemens washing machines real all-rounders. We have found an overview of the most popular Siemens programmes for you:

  • Standard programmes:
    • Cooking-coloureds
    • Cotton (up to 90 °C)
    • Delicates
    • Easy care (up to 60°C)
    • Hand wash / wool
  • Additional programmes:
    • super15 (short wash programme)
    • super30 (short wash programme)
    • Curtains
    • Crease protection
    • Shirts
    • Jeans
    • Mix
    • Outdoor programme (with impregnation)
    • Programme for quilts
    • extra rinse
    • sensoFresh (with active oxygen)


When buying a Siemens washing machine, you should always bear in mind that not every machine has all programmes. Newer models in particular are increasingly being supplemented with new features.

Energy efficiency

When buying a Siemens washing machine, you can always choose at least energy efficiency class A or, even better, A+++/++. The cost of a wash cycle depends on individual aspects. As a rule, it is said that a load of laundry costs about 30 cents. However, this can vary depending on the washing programme. With regard to Siemens washing machines, we have found that a wash cycle costs around 21 - 30 cents, which corresponds to 0.74 to 1.05 kWh.


Not every Siemens model has a display. Inexpensive washing machines usually skimp on the display. However, such displays are very practical for checking the remaining washing time at a glance. A display is also more informative for error messages than just a beep.

Drum lighting

Siemens has installed a drum light in some washing machines. The purpose? No socks will be able to hide from you when you unload the laundry. It also looks pretty.

In an adequately lit washroom, however, drum lighting is not a must.

Siemens installs LEDs that do not need to be maintained and therefore do not entail any additional expense.

Facts worth knowing about Siemens washing machines

Now that you've gathered enough information about the variety of Siemens washing machines, we'd like to give you some additional information. If you already own a Siemens washing machine, you may find valuable tips for its use here.

Where does Siemens produce washing machines?

Siemens and Bosch, as well as other subsidiaries, produce their washing machines together in Nauen (Havelland).

In 2014, Siemens sold its shares to Bosch.

In 1967, Siemens and Bosch started their cooperation regarding production, which led to the development of plants for BSH production. The BSH Group produces in various countries around the world. Washing machines, for example, are also produced in Chennai, Nanjing, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the German site in Brandenburg.

What detergent can I use in Siemens washing machines and where do I put it?

Siemens always recommends sticking to the prescribed dosage amount so that the detergent's care formula can develop its optimum effect. However, the amount of detergent also varies depending on the degree of soiling, the amount of laundry and the water hardness. By sorting your laundry by colour or texture before the wash cycle, you can also more easily dose the appropriate detergent.

If your Siemens washing machine has i-Dos, you no longer have to add detergent on your own. Depending on the wash cycle, the system determines the perfect dosage of fabric softener and detergent for your laundry and fills it in automatically. With an i-Dos system, once you have filled the designated compartment with detergent, the system will do the dosing for the next 20 washes by itself. We have listed the detergents you can use in Siemens washing machines here:

  • Heavy-duty & all-purpose detergent: Especially for white laundry or very dirty laundry, as it contains bleach.
  • Colour detergent: For coloured laundry that should not fade.
  • Delicates detergent: For gentle cleaning of sensitive textiles.
  • Special detergents: Designed for particularly sensitive or special fibres and textiles.
  • Washing additives: These include: Fabric softener, fragrance additive, stain remover, hygiene cleaner.


Siemens washing machines will have three compartments for detergents. Since the order of the compartments may vary, we will explain the labels and not go into the order of the symbols. A flower-like symbol (or an Arabic/Roman three) represents the addition of laundry additives, such as fabric softener or sanitiser.

The compartment with a 1 (or in Roman notation I) stands for the detergent intended for the prewash. The 2 (or II) refers to the main wash, i.e. the classic heavy-duty or colour detergent. However, the compartment for the prewash in particular is not always needed.

How can I clean the lint filter in the Siemens washing machine?

Problems with the Siemens washing machine can often be solved by cleaning the lint filter. Disturbing noises, vibrations or longer washing cycles than usual are indicators of a full lint filter. Siemens provides the following instructions for cleaning the lint filter:

  1. Turn off the water tap, switch off the appliance and unplug it.
  2. Open the service door and put it aside.
  3. Line the floor under the spot with a towel, as residual water will run out of the machine.
  4. Loosen the pump cover.
  5. When the water has run out, the plug can be put back on the drain hose.
  6. Open the pump cover and remove the strainer cover. You can simply unscrew it.
  7. Clean the inside - you can often find small change or clips here.
  8. Screw the strainer cover back on tightly.
  9. Replace the service door/cover.


What error codes are there in Siemens washing machines and what do they mean?

A flashing or illuminated number is generally not good news. How serious the error is and whether you can easily solve it yourself depends on the error message. These are the typical error messages for Siemens washing machines:

Error codes/symbols Meaning
Key Active child lock. Can be unlocked easily.
Water tap Low water pressure or kinked hose for water supply.
E:00 or E:10 Switch off the appliance, switch on after 5 seconds - if this does not help, you must call customer service.
E16 or F16 Door is not completely closed. There may be laundry hanging in between.
E17 or F17 Water supply is not working properly. Check the strainer, the water supply connection or call customer service if necessary.
E18 or F18 Dirty sieve or kinked drain hose.
E19 or F19 "Heating time exceeded". You can't fix the problem yourself and you have to call the customer service.
E20 or F19 Switch the machine off and on again to stop the unexpected heating.
E23 Leaking washing machine.
E25 or F25 Faulty turbidity sensor. You can't fix the problem yourself and you have to call customer service.
E26 or F26 Faulty (analogue) pressure sensor. The problem cannot be solved by yourself and you have to call the customer service.
E27 or F27 Faulty pressure sensor. The problem cannot be solved by yourself and you have to call the customer service.
E29 The water supply is faulty - check the sieve and the hose.
E32 Not a real fault - distribute the laundry evenly in the drum as the balance detector reports.
E24 Contents column 2
E:xxx or F:xxx Switch off the machine and switch it on again after 5 seconds.


How can I reset Siemens washing machines to factory settings?

In forums about resetting Siemens washing machines to factory settings, we found the following instructions:

  1. Close the washing machine door.
  2. Turn the programme switch to 0 ("Off").
  3. Wait 2 seconds.
  4. Turn the programme switch to 8.
  5. Wait 2 seconds until the LED flashes.
  6. Press and hold the speed selection button (until step 9).
  7. Wait 2 seconds.
  8. Turn the programme switch to 9.
  9. Release the speed selection button.


When resetting Siemens washing machines, experience has shown that it takes money, as it doesn't always work on the first try.

Does Siemens offer a warranty for washing machines?

Siemens appliances have a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. If you would like to have additional insurance, you can contact the partner "Wertgarantie". Newer models with an iqDrive motor now have a 10-year warranty. The avantgarde design series comes with a five-year warranty.

What other products does Siemens offer?

Even though Siemens is very well known for washing machines, the company also offers other electrical appliances. These include:

  • Washing machines, dryers, washer-dryers
  • Hoovers
  • Kitchen appliances: hobs, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, coffee makers, blenders (hand blenders), toasters, food choppers
  • Telephone, smartphones


Apart from washing machines, Siemens also offers other electrical appliances. Such as telephones, for example.
(Image source: / Breakingpic)

Siemens AG is also represented in the production of power plants, generators, gearboxes or medical technology.

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