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It is no exaggeration to say that silicone is a "jack-of-all-trades" product. Among its many functions, it is used to seal surfaces and joints of boxes and bathtubs, join glass and aluminum, fix sinks and reinforce the structure between the paint and the wall. To apply the sealing product quickly and accurately, the silicone gun is used.

As it is an easy-to-handle tool, it can be used even by people who do not work in the construction business. So, those who make small repairs at home can use the gun quietly. Here you will learn about the advantages, prices, where to find it and all the important points that you should pay attention to before buying. Check it out!


  • Those who think that the silicone gun is only for professionals in the construction industry are wrong. Easy to handle, you can resort to the tool to make small repairs at home.
  • It is an excellent cost-benefit tool. Besides breaking the bank in several construction and reform situations, the silicone gun has a very accessible price: between $ 30 and $ 70.
  • Before buying your silicone gun, it is necessary to observe some important details. Here, we are talking about the material used in its manufacture, the capacity to store silicone and the type of refill.

The Best Silicone Gun: Our Picks

Buying Guide

This Buying Guide is recommended for you who are going to build or renovate, whether you are a construction professional or not. Here, we will show you what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a silicone gun and the details that should be observed before buying the tool. At the end of this Review, you will have all the information you need to complete your purchase, choosing of course, the best silicone gun for you.

Imagem de uma homem utilizando uma pistola de silicone para aplicar o produto em uma parede.

Versatile, the silicone gun is used in many different situations in renovation and construction. (Source: Andriy Popov / 123RF)

What is a silicone gun?

Those who work with construction or who usually do small repairs at home know how versatile silicone is. The product plays the role of additive, sealant, structural adhesive or water repellent. In order to apply the sealant quickly and accurately, the silicone gun comes into play. In addition to greater precision, the tool guarantees reaching hard-to-reach surfaces, such as bathroom box surrounds. When fixing sinks in the kitchen and bathroom, for example, it is worth using a silicone gun.

This is because the product offers a great finish and even allows the piece to be removed without great difficulties afterwards. When we talk about its water repellent function, silicone is widely used in civil construction, especially in bricks, ceramic blocks, tiles and exposed concrete. This is because it prevents the circulation of water, which provides greater durability to the construction materials and prevents the entry of humidity inside the houses.

Imagem de uma homem arrumando o vazamento de uma pia de banheiro.

It is important to apply silicone on surfaces near sinks and showers to prevent water from invading walls and floors. (Source: Freepik)

Want more? You can also use a spray gun when painting the walls of your house. Since silicone works as a paint additive, it increases adherence and longevity. In addition, it prevents the formation of bubbles during the application of the paint. In short, the silicone gun is an extremely versatile tool that can be used in various situations of renovation and construction.

To complete it, its handling is so simple that it does not even require practical experience. By means of the lever, you dimension the silicone tube. Then, just squeeze the trigger that, by pressure, pushes the silicone to the nozzle. In the video below, you learn how to use the applicator:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the silicone gun?

Although its handling is simple, some care is needed to reduce the risk of accident and preserve the good condition of the tool. First of all, try to clean both the gun and the application surface to improve the adhesion of the silicone.

For safety reasons, it is recommended to use gloves, goggles and other protective equipment according to the task to be performed.

In order for the tool to last a long time, try to store it in clean and dry places. Another tip is to let some of the remaining silicone drip on the nozzle to seal it. One advantage of silicone guns is their cost-benefit. In addition to not requiring experience to use it, the tool has a very affordable price. And depending on the repair that will be done at home, it pays more to buy a silicone gun than to spend with the service of a professional.

On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention two important things: the investment you must make from time to time to replace the silicone and the physical effort the tool requires, especially if it is an extensive surface. By the way, avoid taking breaks during the application to avoid leaving gaps in the seal.

  • Versatile tool that can be used in several construction and renovation situations
  • More precise silicone application
  • Easy handling, does not require experience
  • Affordable price, with great cost-benefit
  • Need for constant cleaning
  • Requires investment to replace silicone tube
  • Requires physical effort

How much does it cost?

A silicone gun is relatively inexpensive. The models presented in this Guide cost between $ 30 and $ 70. Although some models come with a silicone sachet, one day they run out of material. Then, it is important to remember the additional cost that you have to replace it.

Purchase criteria: Factors to evaluate in a silicone gun

Amidst so many silicone gun options, do you get a bit lost at the time of purchase? To choose the model best suited to your needs and not waste money, it is worth paying attention to the following details:

  • Storage capacity
  • Type of refill
  • Separate accessories
  • Material

Don't worry, now we will explain each of these points. Thus, you will understand the importance of considering these criteria and then you will be ready to finalize your purchase.

Storage capacity

There are several silicone gun models that vary in size. The larger the tool, of course, the greater its capacity to store the sealant product. While there are models that accept refills of only 280 ml, others support tubes of up to 400 ml of silicone. Consider your demand. If you want a silicone gun for home and sporadic use, a small capacity will suffice. Now if your goal is professional use, choose models with a larger capacity.

Imagem de pessoa aplicando silicone com pistola em pia.

Check your demand before choosing the capacity of your silicone gun. (Source: cuchina / 123RF)

Refill types

For doing in replacement, you need to know what type of refill the silicone gun accepts. Basically, there are two types of refill: silicone sachets and tubes (or cartridge). It is true that there are models that accept both types. Anyway, knowing which model the tool supports, you won't go wrong when buying the replacement.


It sounds silly, but it is very important to pay attention to the accessories that come with the silicone gun. This is because some people may think that when they buy the tool, a sachet or tube of silicone comes along. This is not always the case. Here, you need to buy the adhesive product separately.

Also check if the product comes with a plastic nozzle and other accessories. One example is the safety clip for attaching the tool to the belt. The more accessories are included in the offer, the better your purchase will be.

Pessoa aplicando silicone em janela.

It is important to check the accessories that are included when buying the gun, including whether silicone comes with it. (Source: Anastasia Smanyuk / 123RF)


Try to look at the material used to make the silicone gun. While models with carbon steel body give more mechanical strength, those made of aluminum ensure more protection against oxidation. The material also impacts the weight of the tool. Remember that a lighter silicone gun makes it easier to handle and requires less physical effort.

(Source of the highlighted image: Anastasia Smanyuk / 123RF)