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All-rounders are real lifesavers and therefore worth their money. A silicone spray can also be counted in this category. With this spray, you can treat all kinds of materials from metal to textiles. Whether a door squeaks or creaks, rubber needs to be prevented from freezing or materials need to be impregnated. Silicone spray can solve all these problems.

Since this all-rounder is available in a wide range, we want to help you find the right silicone spray in this article. For this reason, we have compared different models with each other and recorded everything you should know before making a purchase. We also answer some important questions about silicone spray in this article.


  • The silicone spray is a good investment because it can be used in many ways. However, there is also a diverse selection. For example, silicone sprays are available in different filling quantities.
  • The most salient feature is that it is a multi-purpose product. No matter whether metal, wood, plastic, rubber, leather, glass or textile. You can treat all these materials with the silicone spray.
  • The silicone is also heat-resistant. However, you should be careful not to store the spray can in a warm place, otherwise you risk it bursting. The silicone spray is also flammable.

The Best Silicone Spray: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for silicone sprays

To help you make the right purchase decision, we present the most important purchase and evaluation criteria. These criteria will help you find the best silicone spray for you:

Now that we have presented the individual criteria, we would like to go into more detail about them. Here are brief explanations of the criteria mentioned above.


As is the case with most products, silicone sprays are also available in different sizes or, in this case, volumes. However, the volume is not limited to 500 ml or 1 L. Silicone sprays are not only available in cans, but also in canisters. This means that you can also buy 5 L, 20 L or 25 L silicone sprays.

Temperature resistance

As a rule, the temperature resistance of silicone sprays is between -50 °C and +200 °C. They are therefore suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. This makes them suitable for both outdoors and indoors. However, some silicone sprays can vary in their temperature resistance, i.e. they have different values than those given above.


If you are particularly keen on environmentally friendly products, you should definitely pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications regarding the ingredients. In this case, it is especially important to find out whether mineral oil is contained or not.

If you want to be environmentally friendly, don't use mineral oil as an ingredient. Otherwise, silicone sprays are environmentally friendly alternatives to oils or greases. Moreover, silicone sprays are usually based on silicone oils.


In general, silicone sprays are known to be odourless. However, you may notice a chemical smell at the beginning of use. This usually disappears after a short time.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should again pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications. If the characteristic "odourless" is noted separately, you can be sure that your spray is also odourless. If this information is not given, a chemical odour may be the result.

Spray head / spray tube

All cans contain a spray head, but not all contain a spray tube. With a tube, it is easier to spray the desired target. This means that the spraying is more precise. Here, too, there are different versions that allow you to spray even more precisely.


The question of whether or not silicone sprays are water-repellent is similar to the question of odour. As a rule, silicone sprays are water-repellent and thus offer protection against moisture. This makes them suitable for impregnation.

However, you need to know that not all silicone sprays have the same water-repellent properties. This means that you have to pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications when buying. If the spray of your choice protects against moisture, you will be able to tell that from the product description or the manufacturer's specifications.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about silicone spray answered in detail

When you are interested in a topic, you often want to gather more information to get a complete picture. Because of this, we have summarised and answered frequently asked questions about silicone spray for you in this part of the article.

What is a silicone spray?

A silicone spray is a lubricant, a release agent, an insulating spray and a care spray in one and can therefore be used in many ways. Silicone spray can lubricate rubber, wood, plastic, leather, metal, glass, textiles and much more effectively and spotlessly.

Heimwerkstatt mit verschiedenen Werkzeugen und Materialien.

A silicone spray is a useful addition to the home workshop. After all, all kinds of materials and objects need to be cared for and protected every now and then. (Image source: Kelvyn Ornette / Unsplash)

The silicone spray is colourless and does not stick. Since it is a spray, even small areas are easy to reach. Whether for garden, industry, car, motorbike or in the household. Silicone spray is suitable for many areas and is a great alternative to oils and greases.

What types of silicone sprays are there?

There are not really different types of silicone sprays, but rather different areas of application. This is because silicone spray is a multi-purpose product. But there are also silicone sprays that have been specially optimised for one purpose.

For example, you can buy silicone sprays that are more suitable for treadmills or plastics, for tyre care, for zips or door locks. But they are still multi-purpose products, just slightly optimised for a specific area.

What does a silicone spray cost?

The price of silicone sprays depends more on the volume than on the manufacturer. The following table should show you the price range you can expect:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (up to 3€) Volume 100 ml
Medium-priced (3 - 10€) Volume up to 500 ml
High-priced (from 10€) Volume from 500 ml upwards

This table is based on spray cans. This means that if you want a canister, you have to expect much higher prices. As far as spray cans are concerned, you may also find 500 ml cans at a lower price than indicated in the table. In this case, the price depends on the manufacturer.


As you can see, silicone sprays are true all-rounders. They can be used in many different areas and are suitable for many materials. They are also available in different volumes. For the fact that they can be used for many purposes, they offer a good price-performance ratio.

The application is not difficult either. First shake and then you can get started. Note, however, that the silicone spray is flammable. So keep away from flames and smoke. The spray can should also not be stored warm, as it could burst explosively due to the pressure inside the spray.

(Cover photo: Dylan McLeod / Unsplash)

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