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Silk scarves are stylish accessories for well-dressed men in summer and winter. The fine, soft silk fabric offers an incomparable feeling when worn. Hardly any other material is as luxurious and sought-after. Whether worn as a pocket square, for a formal occasion or as a trendy eye-catcher for a stylish leisure look: you will always cut a fine figure with a silk scarf.

For the fashion-conscious, the silk scarf for men is even considered the new tie. In our buying guide, you can find out everything you need to know about silk scarves for men. We tell you what you should look out for when buying and how to combine your fashion accessory correctly. We also answer frequently asked questions about silk scarves for men.

The Best Silk Scarves For Men: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men's silk scarves

There are several criteria that play a role when buying a new silk scarf. We have summarised the essential points for you below:

  • Silk quality
  • Silk type
  • Colour and pattern
  • Size
  • Occasion

In the following sections, we will tell you what these criteria are all about.

Silk quality

Although silk is no longer produced exclusively by hand, it is still a luxury good. Due to its desirability and high price, there are many imitations on the market. For laymen, it is not at all easy to distinguish real silk from imitations. You can recognise high-quality silk by its label. In Germany, textiles must be correctly labelled by law.

So look for indications such as "real silk" or "100 % silk". Be sceptical of descriptions such as "silky soft", "silky-like" or "like silk"! Since silk is considered an absolute luxury good worldwide, you can also recognise high-quality real silk by the price label. Trust well-known manufacturers and do not use offers that are too good to be true.

Silk type

Silk fabrics can be differentiated according to the type of spinning, the silk production and the type of fabric. Below we present all categories and give examples of the most popular subtypes. The silk spinning type includes mulberry silk, wild silk as well as fagar silk. Mulberry silk is obtained from the complete cocoons of the silkworm even before hatching.

Wild silk is only used after hatching. The special fagar silk is obtained from the cocoon of the giant Atlas moth. If you differentiate according to the silk production, there is reel silk, schappe silk, dupioni silk and noil silk. The reel silk is particularly popular here.

Silk scarves made of reel silk have a particularly smooth and shiny surface. The silk is obtained exclusively from the middle part of the cocoon. The effective shimmer of reel silk makes the fabric a coveted luxury good, which belongs to the price-intensive silk fabrics. Differentiated by fabric types, there are chiffon, crepe de chine, crepe georgette, honan silk and organza. Honan silk, which belongs to the group of wild silks, is particularly popular.

It has irregularities in the threads because the cocoon is only processed after the butterfly has hatched. Although the fabric surface looks rather rough, honan silk stands out because of its wonderful skin feel.

Colour and pattern

There are silk scarves for men in every conceivable colour and design. Whether brightly coloured or classically muted, there is something to suit every outfit and taste!

As for the combination with other garments, you can choose the tone-on-tone variant or go for contrasts. The first option is suitable for elegant, clean looks. Here, the silk scarf blends discreetly into the men's outfit. If the styling is subtle, the silk scarf can also serve as an extravagant eye-catcher. For this, choose a scarf in contrasting colours to the outfit.


Classic silk scarves for men are square. If the shape is rectangular, the textile is called a silk scarf. Standard sizes include the so-called nicki scarf, which measures 50 by 50 cm. The next size is the 70 by 70 cm silk scarf, which offers men many wearing options. The silk scarf measuring 90 by 90 cm is suitable as a scarf. Oversizes from 110 by 110 cm are mainly worn under coats.


Men can wear silk scarves for various occasions. Often the silk scarf is combined with evening wear to give the outfit an extravagant style. In everyday life, men wear their silk scarf casually with jeans and a jumper. The silk scarf is not only a chic accessory for men's winter wardrobe. The right silk scarf can add a nautical touch to your summer outfit.

Silk scarves for men: The most important questions answered

Below we answer the most important questions about silk scarves for men.

In which styles are silk scarves for men available?

Silk scarves for men are available in many colours and patterns. They enrich the wardrobe like hardly any other accessory. Silk scarves are available in different styles:

  • Plain silk scarves: Plain scarves are the easiest to combine with other garments and are therefore particularly suitable for beginners. You should also go for simplicity for clean looks.
  • Patterned silk scarves: Patterned silk scarves come in many styles and colour combinations. It pays to be brave! Colours and patterns can be combined according to your mood. A discreet pattern goes well with traditional costumes as well as suits.
  • Printed silk scarves: Silk scarves with art prints are very popular and a real fashion statement for men. Depending on the style, the rest of the clothing should be kept very simple so that the printed men's scarf becomes the star of the outfit. Otherwise, make sure that at least one colour of the neckerchief is reflected in the clothing.

Fashion-conscious men style the scarves just as they like, as long as the colours of the scarf harmonise with the rest of the outfit.

How do I wear my silk scarf for men correctly?

Men wear silk scarves as pocket squares, neckerchiefs or scarves.

  • Pocketkerchief: A pocketkerchief is worn with a suit on particularly formal occasions. For this, gentlemen put the folded silk scarf in the left breast pocket. The pocket square can be bought together with the tie as a set. It is important that the colours and designs are not identical, but still match. The pocket square should never protrude more than one to one and a half centimetres from the breast pocket.
  • Neckerchief: The silk neckerchief is worn by men under their coat, with a suit or even with a jumper. It adds an elegant touch to any outfit. For an everyday look that is not too tight-fitting, you can simply knot your scarf loosely. It then lies relaxed on your chest.
  • Scarf: Men wear silk scarves under their coats in winter. Here you have plenty of scope for tying it. With a dinner jacket or suit, silk scarves for men can simply be placed around the neck in a U-shape. Alternatively, you can fold the silk scarf in the middle, form a loop and pull the ends through.

Square silk scarves can be worn as a neckerchief or as a pocket square. Larger, rectangular silk scarves are called silk shawls and are worn as such.

How do I care for and clean my silk scarf for men?

Silk is an animal fibre that is processed into a supple fabric. Since the material is very sensitive, there are some important points to consider when caring for it. To get rid of annoying odours, air out the cloth overnight. If washing is necessary, be sure to follow the care label.

You are on the safe side if you take the silk scarf to the professional dry cleaner or give it a cold hand wash. For hand washing, use cold or lukewarm water and a special silk detergent. Commercially available detergents for all fabrics, delicates or colours contain strong surfactants that can damage the delicate silk fabric too much.

Do not leave the silk scarf in the water for too long, a short wash is sufficient in most cases. Untreated silk fabric can be washed at 30 degrees. Use a laundry bag to protect the fine fabric from too much friction. For this reason, also avoid the spin cycle!

Styling tips for men's silk scarves: How to achieve the perfect silk scarf look

Silk scarves are a classy accessory and can add that certain something to any men's outfit. Find out how to combine the luxurious scarf for different occasions here:

  • As a pocket square with a suit: Men wear a pocket square with an elegant suit or dinner jacket. It should match the colour of the tie and be folded and worn in the left breast pocket. A popular folding technique is the triangular fold. To do this, place the silk scarf on a smooth surface. Then fold it twice in the middle to make a small square. Now fold the sides over each other.
  • As an alternative to a tie: The silk scarf for men is a noble alternative to the classic tie. For a classic ascot knot, place your silk scarf around your neck so that one end is longer than the other. Now wrap the long end around the short one close to your neck and then tie a knot. Tuck the ends of the scarf into the shirt . Finally, drape your men's silk scarf.
  • For summer outfits: Fine and light silk is perfect for summer outfits, for example as a casual throw for a man's shirt. Maritime silk scarves also go with sailing clothes like a glove.
  • For a winter outfit: a silk scarf is a particularly beautiful accessory in the cold season. It feels incomparably soft on bare skin and keeps you warm. Under a coat or with a jumper, men cut a good figure with winter silk scarves.

Men who wear silk scarves make real statements. That's why the rest of the outfit should be understated, but definitely not boring!


A silk scarf adds a distinguished touch to your appearance. It sets accents and reveals a lot about the personality of the wearer. Silk scarves for men should therefore not be reduced to the role of luxurious winter accessories or as an alternative to a tie. They are a great opportunity to make statements and show taste.

Those who decide to buy a new silk scarf for men are literally spoilt for choice. There are many beautiful variations, so it certainly won't stop at just one scarf! When buying, look for good workmanship and high-quality fabric. Careful handling and gentle care will prolong the life of your silk scarf.

Image source: Dane Deaner / unsplash

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