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At Monederosmart we couldn't leave out a product that we know is vital for a woman: silver earrings. We have prepared a complete buying guide so that you don't miss any detail when buying earrings, even the smallest ones require a lot of attention.

Every woman should have at least one pair of silver earrings in her accessory collection as they are versatile and have the advantage of combining with many styles. Some models will look more favourable than others, at Monederosmart we tell you which one is best for you and what you should know before you buy.

First the most important thing

  • Silver earrings are a clothing accessory; a piece of jewellery made from the elegant precious metal we know as silver and designed especially to enhance the face by adorning the ears, thus complementing the outfit.
  • If you look for earrings in any shop you will see hundreds of models, and it is such a popular and versatile item that the options abound. There are so many and so diverse that we have decided to classify them according to their shape: Hoops, Candelabra, Button and Climbers.
  • As well as the shape, there are many other factors that are important when choosing the perfect silver earrings, of course the first is the type of silver, then you need to consider the type of hook, your face type and of course the style they create.

The Best Silver Earrings: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Before you get overwhelmed with the huge offer of silver earrings that you will find in any shop, we invite you to enjoy the tips and advice you will find in this buying guide where we have gathered the best information you should know before choosing your earrings.

Did you know that your face can tell you which are the best earrings for you?...(Photo: Sofiahuravets/

What are silver earrings and what are their advantages?

They are small items made of silver that are part of jewellery. Their purpose is to enrich a person's face and style by enhancing their outfit. Being such a common accessory and rich in design possibilities, there is a proliferation of models and options to buy.

Since ancient times, earrings have been a symbol of power and social status. As time went by, their use became more and more popular until they became an everyday accessory in society, especially among women.

  • They enrich the outfit
  • They are cheap
  • There are models for all tastes
  • They do not cause allergies
  • There are so many models that you could choose the wrong one
  • There are imitations or fake silver
  • They are easily misplaced
  • The best quality ones are expensive

Silver hoop, chandelier, button or drop earrings - what should you look out for?

There are thousands and thousands of models of silver earrings, but although there are countless variations, there are some characteristics that remain common and allow us to classify them, for example, their shape.

Hoops. Although they are essentially simple, they are often used because they are both elegant and eye-catching. Some designers add beads or rhinestones to distinguish them, and they are the only model that suits any face.

Candelabra. They have a basic triangle shape. The best-known models are identified by their filigree ornaments at the bottom, but you can get incredible new models. They are perfect if you have a heart-shaped, oval or square face.

Button. They are used attached to the earlobe, that is to say that they do not hang like the hoop or chandelier earrings. Pearl earrings are the classic button earrings par excellence, but there are also earrings with other stones. They are ideal for discreet styles and if your face is elongated.

Drop. These are dangling earrings in the shape of a drop or teardrop. They are part of the most classic models and bring a very elegant and delicate style to the outfit. They are recommended for elongated, heart-shaped or square faces.

Hoops Candelabra Button Drop
Type of silver All All All All
Type of hook Pin Pin or hook Pin or pressure Pin, pressure or hook
Type of face All Heart and square Elongated and square Elongated, square or circular
Style All All All All

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate silver earring styles

Don't be fooled by how small silver earrings can be. As simple as they may seem, they hide many mysteries. Besides the shape, there are other aspects you should know before choosing silver earrings because a good choice is the secret of your beauty. The most important factors are:

  • Type of silver
  • Hook type
  • Your face type
  • Style

Type of silver

Silver is a white precious metal, it is harder than gold but its price is lower, although it is still expensive. Pure silver is not used for jewellery but is used in alloy with copper and, according to the percentage of silver, its value varies. There are two basic classifications.

Sterling silver. Sterling silver is the measure that defines the level of purity of silver combined with copper. There is 999, 925, 950 and 800 sterling silver. The most recommended is 925 silver or Sterling silver, which is affordable and of high quality (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper). And if you can, the best is 999 silver, used in fine jewellery.

Silver plating. This is a procedure in which earrings made of materials other than silver are subjected to a uniform silver plating. This option is usually cheaper and what you must take into account is the thickness of the plating, because if it is of few microns it will fall off soon. It is a good option if you are on a tight budget.

Silver earrings have precious stones (Photo: Dmitrii Shipilov /

Type of hook

How you hold the silver earrings in your ear is not of less importance. Besides the fact that the type of hook is determined by the shape of the earring, it is important to know which one is the most suitable for your ear.

Pin. This hook consists of a stick that you stick through the piercing in your earlobe. If you have pierced ears, this is perhaps the best option because they tend to get lost less, but it is also the one that produces the most allergies because it has contact with internal parts of the skin.

Hook. Similar in shape to the hook, it is a hook that also needs to be pierced but has the disadvantage that they tend to get lost easily. If you choose this hook, we suggest you look for a model that includes a way of securing them so that they do not fall off.

Pressure. Pressure hooks do not require your ears to be pierced as they are designed to be held in place like an earlobe press. Usually this hook is used with models such as buttons or teardrops. If you are allergic to pins or do not have a piercing, they are ideal for you.

Face type

Earrings create balance and harmonise the shape of the face

Earrings in general are also used to create balance and harmonise the shape of the face. It is as if by choosing the perfect silver earrings, you help your face to compensate for its shape. We explain which earring shape matches your face type.

Heart. Characterised by wide cheekbones but a sharp chin. If this is your face type, choose models that concentrate volume at the bottom, such as chandeliers, teardrops or hoops. Avoid at all costs silver earrings that end in a point.

Oval. Oval faces are the most matchy-matchy, in fact they are the only ones that look good with all the different shapes of silver earrings. So if your face is oval, you're in luck and have license to buy the earrings you like best.

Square. These are faces with wide or very pronounced foreheads and jawlines. If your face has these characteristics, it is best to use all rounded models: hoops, balls, teardrops, chandeliers. Always avoid using square shapes as they will exacerbate the straight lines of your face.

Circular. These are the well-known round faces, in which the forehead, cheekbones and chin are wide. In addition, the width and length of the face are similar. The ideal way to give a sense of stylization to the face is to use elongated silver earrings or earrings that end in a point.

Elongated. To balance a very long face, the recommendation is to use short silver earrings. They can be arons, buttons or teardrops, but preferably short. Large hoops can be an advantageous exception if your face is elongated.


Although this is our last factor, it does not mean that it is any less important. Style will always be a major factor when choosing your silver earrings. Creating your own style depends on the creative and harmonious (or not) combination of elements.

Classic. A classic, understated and more traditional style is marked by delicate and subtle garments. Striking in their beauty but not in their extravagance. The great thing about classic is that you are always on trend and you can combine it with other styles. You should always have some classic silver earrings in your collection.

Formal. Unlike classic, formal plays a more rigid role when it comes to the possibilities of style combinations. Formal style doesn't allow much to go outside the norm or break some canons. Even if your style is not so formal, it's still a good idea to be prepared and have a pair of elegant and eye-catching silver earrings

Casual. If your style is more casual, sporty or bohemian, you will have many options to combine since this style is free and allows you to make combinations that for many may seem strange but that well created will give harmony despite the informality.

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